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Bdsm story

Bdsm story
The first time it happened I don’t know whether I should say I was dominated or that I submitted. I would usually say that the latter, that I gave myself and my control away, that I willfully handed the keys to my body and mind to her, to let her do with them what she willed. With her though, that first time I did not submit, I didn’t even realise that I was giving something away till it was gone. She held me spellbound and in full knowledge of this she took what she wanted and changed me forever.

The location was Vancouver, I was 22 and fresh off the back of a horrible year spent picking up the pieces of my life. Sporting a dark tan from my recent travels in Spain and a misjudged goatee. I had traveled with my mother and some of the aunties to visit a cousin of mine who had rebelled and moved to the west coast. During the days he took time showing us around the sites, in the evenings he worked leaving me in the company of a couple of joints and my own devices.

It was dusk; I met her on the steps outside the art gallery as people below us danced in Robson Square. I had observed her finishing her own joint. I asked her for a light, her eyes flashed at me when she heard my accent.

"You’re from London, I love your accent!"

I was a rabbit trapped in her headlights, I blushed, I averted my gaze and mumbled something in acknowledgement. She pulled out her lighter and stared back down at me from the step above.

"Only if you share"

I handed her the joint. The flicker of the flame momentarily lit up her face, her eyes emerald green and her lips devil red. She inhaled and held her breath for a few seconds before slowly exhaling. She paused for a moment then sat down on the steps, I followed suit and sat one step below as we had been standing. We sat in relative silence passing the joint back and forth as we watched a dance event in the square below. Our hands brushed with every exchange sending shivers and jolts up and down me each time. I relaxed with every acrid puff trying not to cough and keep my cool. The sparse conversation grew less as the cotton mouth slowly set in. My stomach growled as we neared the end of the joint, the familiar stoned hunger starting to build.

"I’m starving, know somewhere good to get a quick bite?"

"I’ll take you to a place if you like, I have the munchies too."

A slow stoned pause as I mumbled back my simultaneous agreement and gratitude, she giggled.

"Let me tell my friends"

I watched as she walked down the steps over to a group who were observing the dancing. Even when stoned she moved so gracefully. Everything about her seemed so effortless. She spoke a few words to her friends and made her way back up the steps, my eyes never left her for one moment.

"You ready?"

"Your friends aren’t joining us?"

"They’ve eaten, besides I can’t stay out anyway. You going to get up off your ass I’m starving?"

I didn’t need a second invitation to dinner; I stood up in a flash. Standing in front of her I instantly noticed that she towered over me, she was wearing heels but even then I was sure without them she would be good couple of inches taller than me. My stare lingered on her face, she looked like a young Sigourney Weaver with that kind expressive face, though fuller and with a set of bright emerald green eyes made even more piercing by her pale soft skin. Her curly dark hair cascaded down the sides of her face to just above her shoulders and lightly bounced with each step she took. My stare lingered a little too long and she gave a knowing smirk. I looked back ahead at the ground in front of me as I walked, she walked on my left hand side which made me nervous, I’d always felt clumsier walking on someone’s right.

She walked, I followed, stealing glances whenever I could, she had a Rubenesque figure but carried herself well with a confidence that was so sexy. We walked making a little slow small talk, my mouth was dry and my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth as I spoke. She was 28 and doing a doctorate in Art History, I knew nothing about art. I was 26 (I lied) and had recently quit dental school (that was the truth) and was looking for something new to do. It struck me that she was over dressed to have just been hanging with friends for an evening whilst getting stoned. I was nervous, had she changed her plans for me, she was stunning; she was out of my league. I kept on following.

"You like burritos? There’s a cool place up by here but we might need to wait a bit there’s usually a line outside."

"Burritos sound good"

In truth I was starving and the idea of waiting around longer than necessary wasn’t appealing. In truth I would have agreed to anything she said. We turned the corner to find a small takeout place with queue of people outside the door. I leaned against the wall, she pulled me away.

"Stand up straight, your jacket will get dirty!"

I whined and pulled a face, she glared back and I stood up straight. She smirked back at me, I could feel my heartbeat. The queue in front was moving, albeit slowly.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"


"Why not?"

"Well I tried long distance after leaving uni but it didn’t work out (I lied again). How about you?"

"God I’m starving, what are you going to have?"

"What’s good?"

"Well I’m a veggie so the choice is easy, their bean and cheese is delicious, I’m going to have two, just don’t be around me in the morning, the farts will be obscene!!"

She let out a cheeky self-assured laugh and mischief danced across her face. I nearly blushed, my knees were weak, my heart was drumming away in my chest, I steadied myself.

"Two? Those things look huge"

"Hey, a girl’s gotta eat, besides I have to pull a late night reading and I have nothing to eat at my place"

At the counter I had a quick glance at the menu, I was still lightly stoned and my stomach was growling so I ordered the fish burrito and a bottle of water to kill the cotton mouth. To be a gentleman I tried to pay for her food but she gave me that glare again and I backed off.

We stepped back out onto the pavement food in hand; I pulled out the water and started audibly gulping on it trying to quench that awful post joint thirst. She laughed at me as she took slow sips from her bottle. We started walking again, I didn’t ask where to. We were both engrossed in eating our burritos and I was so hungry I didn’t care to ask. I was grateful that the burrito was huge, by that point I was starving and I was so nervous that I wasn’t sure if I could even handle anymore small talk.

I didn’t notice how long we walked for as we ate, but she stopped outside a small apartment building.

"Well this is me..........you want to come up?"

I stared back dumbstruck.

Her keys jangled about as she searched for the right one in the dimly lit corridor. She was shuffling a little from side to side and was obviously agitated.

"Damn it I really got to pee!"

And as if to emphasise the point she shuffled and jiggled a little more in an exaggerated manner. With a quick click she unlocked the door and flung it open, she hurried in and I heard as she kicked off her heels and disappeared inside. A flick of a switch and the bathroom light momentarily framed her body as the door swiftly closed behind her. I turned on the lights as I closed the apartment door behind me, she had a cosy L-shaped studio apartment, her heels lay flung in the middle of the floor and I picked them up and neatly positioned them with the rest of her shoes. They were suede in a lovely shade of dark ivy green with a four inch heel. I slipped off my own shoes and neatly positioned them close to the door but not too close and I stood aimlessly in the middle of the room not taking off my jacket as I really didn’t know where to hang it up and not knowing whether I was going to be there long enough to warrant taking it off.

Then I detected the noise and it was quite audible and unmistakable, a strong torrent of pee hitting the water, her walls must have been paper thin and she can’t have been oblivious to that fact. The sound tapered and was quickly followed by short sharp farts that lead into a low rumbly sonorous one that reverberated round the bowl. She giggled in what must have been a knowing way and I stood more tensely whilst I blushed lightly. My heart was racing, my skin dancing with warmth and I was all too consumed by the anxiety of what may follow. I heard the flush and I turned to look around the room instead of intently towards the bathroom door.

Her place bared the hallmarks of hurried tidiness, no obvious clutter but the corners of drawers bulged and clothes poked out at the edges. The place was cosy, comfortable and space was at a premium but it wasn’t claustrophobic and felt vaguely homely. One end of the room was taken up a large bed raised up on a platform, in fact you had to go up a couple of steps to climb up onto it. I just pottered about aimlessly looking at books on shelves, music and movie collections, not taking much in but doing just enough to keep myself occupied. I heard the bathroom lock click as she opened the door but pretended to be preoccupied perusing through her stuff, my back was to her and I blushed again and bit my lower lip to steady my racing mind.

"You want a beer? I got cola as well?"

"A beer sounds good"

"You know you can take your jacket off, just relax"

Alcohol sounded like a good idea I needed something to calm the nerves and if there was going to be a performance on my part I needed something to take the edge off the excitement that was buzzing through every ounce of my body. I turned around as she was pottering around the kitchen and slipped off my jacket and folded it neatly over the back of a chair. She came back holding a couple of bottles, she was taller than I had anticipated with her heels off and up close she stood a good four inches or so taller than me. She wore a patterned knee length pencil skirt that stretched out over her broad hips and her large bust filled her top. Her broad rubensque frame coupled with her height made me feel small against her despite my own strong stocky frame. My eyes probably lingered a little longer than I meant them to and she laughed as I finally made eye contact, by this point my cock was straining in my pants and I was thankful my shirt hung low enough to cover my excitement. She passed me the bottle and my body jolted as her fingers brushed mine and the cold glass slipped against my skin.

She lead me over to the sofa and I sat down sinking in, my quivering body trying to relax as I folded my legs trying to hide my excitement. As she sat her skirt rode up a little exposing her knees and the lower portion of her pantyhose covered full thighs. I sank down a little more and relaxed bringing the bottle to my lips and took a long audible gulp.

"Steady now or I’ll have to start charging for those"

"Sorry, drink too fast and think too slow"

I laughed, seemingly for the first time that evening and I felt more at ease as the coolness of the beer washed over me and stemmed my excitement. She put on some light background music, a smooth slow swaying jazz that carried on as we chatted away. I finished one beer and two more as we talked like old friends and soon I felt myself completely relaxed and slouched with a smile on my face.

"I got to piss this beer is running through me, mind if I use your bathroom?"

"You got to pee you got to pee, knock yourself out"

I made a mental note to put some toilet paper down first; I didn’t want to be so audible. I finished up and helped myself to some mouthwash. As I left the bathroom the apartment was noticeably darker, she’d turned the lights down with one bright lamp shining from behind the sofa. She was no longer slumped back into the sofa and was sat more upright sipping away on a glass of red wine.

"Am I going to get one of those too?"

"Stand here"

Her tone was stricter as she pointed to a spot a few feet in front of the sofa; I was confused and pondered for a moment.

"Stand there, now!"

Her tone was firmer this time and her words hissed at me, my stomach knotted but I moved swiftly to the spot standing with my arms at my side. The lamp shone directly in my face and my eyes cast down on the floor and I blushed.

"Now be a good boy and take off your clothes"

My hands moved in slow motion and with trepidation my fingers started fumbling at the top button of my shirt.

"Look me in the eyes"

My gaze moved up to meet hers, her dazzling green eyes transfixed on me. Her piercing look hardened by the harsh light that framed her face, blurring her outline. The room felt colder and I lightly quivered as I slowly undid each button, until finally the sides of my shirt fell away and my chest and abdomen were exposed.

I let my shirt fall off my broad shoulders and clumsily wriggled my arms out, letting it fall, a tangled mess at my feet. The corners of her mouth curled and she smirked at me.

"Be a good boy and fold it neatly"

I got down on my knees and carefully folded the shirt and placed it squarely in front of me. Her gaze softened as she nodded approvingly. I stood and with a bit more grace I unclasped my belt and slowly slid it out, then rolled it tight and placed it next to my shirt.

"You learn fast, let’s see if you can keep that up"

My fingers lingered at the button on my jeans but I remembered my socks and removed them with same care as my other vestments. I slowly peeled my jeans away and then stood to attention once again, my stare returning hers, my clothes in a neat pile before me. Both my hands were lightly clasped at my front hiding my semi-erect state within my underwear. Goose pimples ran up and down the length of my body and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end.

"All of your clothes"

I blushed deeply and lightly gulped. My fingers hooked either side of my elasticated briefs and slowly stretched them over my now erect cock which lewdly sprung free and lightly twitched as it met the cooler air. I pulled the briefs down over my thighs and let them fall down. Not once did I break eye contact, nor did I stoop down to fold them.

She beckoned me and stepped forward over the clothes as she stood to tower over me. She peered down, her eyes slowly wandering over me. She stepped forward as she raised her hands and lightly gripped my shoulders. Her skirt lightly brushed the head of my cock and I stifled a moan and gently bit my lower lip. The corners of her mouth showed simultaneous approval and admonishment of my reaction. She kept her grip and slowly turned me round to face away from her.

I felt the air move as she stepped away and I could palpate the beams of her gaze as once again she scanned my body. She came closer again, inches separated us and burning heat radiated from my core to my skin. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"You’ve been stealing glances all night and your eyes have lingered at times. You like what you see, don’t you?"

I nodded slowly in approval like a little child. Her hands gripped my shoulders again only this time more tightly and she spun me round vigorously, leaving my head to spin momentarily.

"Speak up, I can’t hear you!"

"Yes miss, I adore what I see"

The harshness in her gaze softened momentarily to show some warmth and her hands fell from my shoulders. She turned in an effortless motion and sauntered back towards the sofa. Her hands moved to her hips and she lightly leant forward pushing her derriere out towards me. She gently extended her hand out towards me and I instinctively stepped forward to take her grasp, interlocking the fingers of my smaller hand in hers.

"You have soft girlish hands"

The embarrassment spread across my face but her kindly tone showed no sign of dissatisfaction. She lead me by the hand and over to the bed, where she lay me down and pulled a blindfold from under the pillow. She lightly placed it over my eyes and I raised my head to allow her to secure it. She expertly tied it so as to obscure any traces of light without it being too tight.

"No peeking now, you’ve been such a good boy so far"

I lay motionless as I listened to her unzipping her skirt and slowly disrobing. No doubt she didn’t take the same care to fold her clothes as she had made me. I felt the bed slowly give towards my side as she knelt down on it. I lay there in anticipation of her touch. She pushed my legs together and straddled me; her knees either side as she pushed her bum and weight back onto my thighs.

Her skin was cool, soft and luxurious and my cock twitched at her touch. I felt the heat of her sex burning like a furnace at the tops of my thighs and I reached out to touch her. She caught my hands mid-air, wrapping her hands tightly around my wrists. She leant forward and pinned them down either side of my head her weight firmly anchoring me down.

"I didn’t say you could touch!"

I didn’t struggle or panic, I just lay there, my head spinning as her perfume filled the air. My senses overwhelmed as her heavy breasts pushed up against my chest, her erect nipples burrowing into me. She must have sensed that I was close.

"Not yet, you’re not allowed to"

And so we lay there motionless my heart pounding in my chest, I was certain she could feel it.

"Just breath"

Gradually I relaxed and let my chest rise and fall rhythmically. I grew accustomed to her atop me and all the tension left me and my wrists slackened in her grip.

She slowly let go and pulled away from me, she ran her fingers through my hair and lightly pulled on it. Then down her fingers went ever so softly on my face, either side of my neck and over my shoulders. I groaned as I drew my shoulder blades together but her hands continued to roam across my chest and down my naval towards my pelvis. Her fingers stroked along the creases where my legs met my torso and her finger tips traced a circle around my groin without ever touching my cock. Her hands retreated and I felt her weight lift ever so slightly off my thighs.

"I’m going to take this off but you have to keep your eyes closed until I say you can open them, do you understand?"

She untied the blindfold and my eyes stayed firmly shut. I felt as she lifted off me and stood, her feet either side of my waist. She gave me permission for me to open my eyes, I hesitated momentarily and then let them open.

There she stood proudly astride me, a self-assured smile on her face. She loomed above me in the dim light, her hands stretched up above her head touching the ceiling. I gazed up at perfection and she gazed down at me.

My eyes could not help but stray over her body. My hands ached to touch her soft unblemished skin, ached to follow the gentle undulating curves of her outline and hold her full pendulous breasts that lightly sagged under their weight. She had lovely dark areolae that juxtaposed nicely against her pale skin. Her belly was full, but not too full and was rounded and I could ascertain the light appearance of stretch marks past. Her hips were broad and enticing, her thighs thick and luscious. I could only lie there and dream of the full ample derriere hidden from my view. And there in plain sight I could see a full dark neatly kept bush between her legs, the hairs matted by her wetness and her full pink lips salaciously poking out, glistening in the light. My hands wanted to explore every inch of her but with every ounce of determination I kept them pinned to the bed either side of my head.

I peered down my body, my cock was pulsing and erect and to my surprise the head was glistening with pre-cum which had started to trickle down the side of my shaft. Surprised even more so because I rarely ever produce pre-cum, let alone to such a level. My hands may have stayed firmly put, but my body arched up uncontrollably towards her, my cock piloting me to where it wanted to be. She put on a sly grin as she raised her foot and placed it flat on my stomach. Slowly and deliberately she pushed me back down till I was flat against the bed once again, with no doubt as to who was in charge.

She stepped forward over me and my gaze fell directly between her legs, my eyes tracing up her calves and thighs to her nether regions. She knelt down, her hands slowly stepping down the wall to steady herself. Soon she was crouched above me her legs akimbo either side of my head. She was inches from my face and I could feel her heat, my nostrils flared as her musky scent permeated the air. I was overwhelmed by her and all my senses were working overtime to keep up. I wanted to stick my tongue out and taste her, but the voice in my head warned me not to.

I looked up, her arms outstretched, her palms against the wall. She peered down between her arms, her rich dark curls curtaining her face. Her eyes flickered with pure lust and she reached one hand under my head and lightly held it up, her fingers gripping onto the base of my hair.

She brought me closer as she slowly pushed her hips forward. I could feel the searing heat as she pressed herself down over my face. A light pressure at first which intensified as she bore down until my nose was squashed against her flesh. I made a mental note to be thankful that I had worn my contact lenses that day instead of my glasses. She held me there as her body lightly tensed and we stayed still.

The heat, the softness of her skin, the tickle of her muff and the silky wetness. It all coalesced as a heady sensual cocktail, leaving me captured and intoxicated. It was then I then I knew I had surrendered completely, as I lay serenely in the sweet embrace of her cunt.

She slowly started to rock her hips and slide up and down on my nose, my lips and chin. She mewled and groaned as she sated herself on me. She built a rhythm and her fingers played more with my hair. Her body tensed and relaxed in waves.

Gradually she let go of her perch until she was half straddling my face and chest. The pressure increased and her divine form pressed into mine, skin on skin, yearning to become one. Her hand gripped my head harder as she went faster and her thighs gradually closing around my head.

I tried to look up at her but all I saw was a blur of hair and skin. Her motions became less controlled and culminated in a frenzied crescendo of grinding on my face. She froze, her thighs clamped tightly round my head and she let go a deep guttural moan as her body gave way to waves of orgasmic pleasure. I felt every ripple and relaxation of her body as if she were part of me and I gently parted my lips to savour her taste.

All went still. Her soft thighs gently cradling my head as I lay there listening to her sign and breath deeply. She lifted off me and languidly lay herself down next to me. She looked over towards me her previously pale cheeks flushing a rosy red and I stared back gingerly my facial hair matted and glistening. I rolled a little to my side and lay with my body twisted, just watching her. Her eyes were closed and the corners of her mouth formed a contented smile. I watched the rise and fall of her chest as she regained her breath. I so wanted to cradle her in my arms, to feel her chest pressed against mine to rest my hands on the small of my back and for my fingers to roam all over her soft skin. We lay and I could feel my erection pressed between my stomach and the bed lightly throbbing.

"You’ve seen how I do it, I want to see what you can do"

With those words she intimated for me to move down the bed and I slowly clambered to my knees with her hand gently guiding my head. Her hands clasped the back of my head as I lay between her warm thighs and she brought her knees to rest over my shoulders. Now she was prone I could admire the full glory of her sex and my eyes traced the outline of her bush as it spread lightly down her perineum, over her dark inviting anus and then back up around her full wet lips and fleshy mons.

I pulled back as much as her hands would allow and spread her legs a little more. I leaned forward and planted soft slow kisses up her left thigh. As I drew closer my mouth lingered on each spot gently sucking on her flesh with the lightest of pressure. Eventually I was poised dead centre, I could palpate her body readying for my touch and I gently blew a soft exhale over her and felt her quiver ever so gently. My head moved away and I repeated my kissing ritual on her right thigh and she groaned in frustration and delight.

"You’re such a tease"

Her voice hissed back slow and breathless. I let her hands draw me in and I nuzzled my nose at the base of her swollen lips and I slowly trailed up. The tip of my nose stuck to her as if by magnetic force, gently parting her lips as they passed and all the way I drew in every last ounce of her scent. I paused for a moment, steadied my mind and resisted the urge to lick away with wild abandon. I let my tongue hang out of my mouth and gently lapped along her full length. She muttered something under her breath and I felt her nails lightly raking on my scalp. I licked again, only this time with a little more pressure. I gently sucked her lips into my mouth and my head was spinning from the heat and humidity. My hips gently grinding and the head of my cock brushing against her sheets.

I pulled away a little and parted her lips with my fingers. My tongue swirled, traced and tapped all over and with each of its movements I elicited a different response from her body. I didn’t want to settle into a rhythm so quickly, I wanted her to keep guessing, I wanted to tantalise and tease her. My tongue went flat, it went pointed, each stroke of it harnessing a different pressure and slowly but surely working its way to her engorged clit.

By now her hands were almost pressing my head down and her hips were gyrating so that she could sneak more swipes of my tongue. Her thighs had drawn closer around me and the first time my lips brushed over her clit they clamped down tighter encapsulating my head and muffling the sounds of her moans, her sharp inhales and slow exhales. The tip of my tongue traced the alphabet, minding my P’s and Q’s which swirled all around it. My restraint gave way as my tongue took on a mind of its own swirling, flicking as she pushed back harder against me.

I could sense she was close as her hips became all the more uncontrollable but I want to tease her one last time. My tongue came to a pinpoint, standing still right on her little button and I brought my lips down as I slowly inhaled it between them. Her hips refused to stay still and I brought my hands onto the outsides of them to keep them steady. She settled to the only command I ever gave her and I slowly hummed, my lips gently vibrating over her clit. I could feel the slow oscillation of her contracting muscles.

As her clit lay between my lips I slowly started to drum on it, tapping out a slow rhythm on it with my tongue that got faster and firmer with each passing moment. Her hips could not restrain themselves any longer and she pushed back into my face harder than before. I couldn’t hold back and my tongue lead a frenzied oral assault. Her thighs locked like a vice around my head and through my muffled ears I heard her curse and groan. She bucked and thrashed and the pressure around my head became tighter as her whole body contracted and her hips raised up off the bed. The flow of my blood to my head was slowly being cut off and I felt light, dizzy and utterly aroused.

Then all of a sudden her thighs fell away as her body limply collapsed onto the bed and I fell with her collapsed in a heap. My breaths were short and shallow as I felt the crimson rush of blood flowing back to my head. My eyes closed and I could feel her pulse through her thigh against my face, her heart was pounding and I felt of wave of satisfaction.

The room fell silent except for the sound of breathing and the ticking of the clock as time passed and I gazed in the dim light, watching the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest.

"At least you’re confident at something, maybe you deserve a treat, hand me the blindfold"

I slowly clambered off the bed to retrieve the blindfold off the floor. I stood at the side of the bed as she crawled over to the edge and knelt to look me in the eyes. Her hand softly grazed my shoulder and then ran along my chest through the hair and slowly down my torso. Her hand lightly wrapped around my shaft and she gave it a little squeeze. The backs of my legs tensed as I came onto my tip toes and a soft moan escaped my lips.

"You’ve been very good so far, you nearly came earlier didn’t you?"

"Yes miss"

My voice a barely audible whisper as she smirked back at me.

"Well you can only cum when I let you, I don’t want you you letting go like a hapless teen because that really wouldn’t be fun and if you do get too close too quick you will be punished and by that I mean..."

With those words she gave my balls a noticeable squeeze, not so firmly but enough to make me wince and send a dull aching sensation through my groin and take the edge off my excitement. The pain dissipated in slow waves but I didn’t make any protest. I just let her instruct me to lie down on the bed. She held me firmly as I climbed on to the bed and there was a tangle of limbs and a gentle slap on my bum as chastisement for the entangling.

I lay there in anticipation my breathing a little more heavy, my cock lightly twitched in her hand and she loosened her grip as she palpated my excitement. The finger tips of her free hand lightly traced lines on the back of my knee and graduated to little circles on my inner thighs. Her touch was electric on my body, every tap, every light scratch and every whisper like caress were unanticipated and each more surprising than the next. I was slowly being driven out of my mind and all I could do was moan and lightly squirm.

"I know you really want to see my ass, you’ve been trying to steal glances all night and I’ve been careful so that you do not see my glorious naked behind. But you will be getting very intimate with it in a moment"

The words swam around me and only served to turn me on more, it was true I was dying to see her big bum but her words just swam around my head and my cock twitched and got harder.

"What did I say about getting too close? I was just holding you, not even playing with you, such an amateur!"

I felt a slight sting as she lightly dug her nails into the side of my shaft. It was a pain, but a pain unlike any other I felt, it simultaneously dulled and inflamed my desires in the same instant. I was shaking lightly and my skin felt flushed in the most wonderful way. I thought to myself how fantastic it felt to have the smooth edges of her nails lightly dig in and where else I would love her to use them. I felt her move, she was shifting her weight but her hand didn’t relinquish its grasp. Soon I could sense that she was positioned with her legs either side of me, her feet lightly nuzzled against my armpits her calves pressing lightly into my sides as she stood on her knees.

"Reach out and take hold of my hips but hold me lightly"

I let my hands come to her knees and slowly ran them up the outsides of her thighs, I resisted the urge to have a good squeeze as my hands ran over the sides of her ass and I brought them to rest just below her waist.

"I love your soft girly hands they feel so lovely against my delicate skin"

I let my arms relax a little as I felt her slowly sit back, I held her gently as she brought herself back and even with my blindfold on I could detect her nearness. She whispered for me to relax and with that lowered herself from her hovered seat and my elbows came to rest either side of my head as she slowly sat her ass on my face. Her knees lifted off the bed and her feet planted flatly either side of me. I didn’t panic, she hadn’t sat down with all her weight but my face was enveloped between her full cheeks and she had left the slightest of space so I could still breath.

She slowly rocked her hips and my nosed rub up and down between her bum. The musk was familiar but different; it wasn’t dirty just earthier with the faint notes of what you’d expect an ass to smell like. I loved every ounce of her aroma. There was the familiar wetness and heat on my chin and my grip on her hips grew stronger with my desire. I gently guided more of her weight back on to my face and she obliged pushing back and I savoured the feeling as she smothered me and her skin melted into mine.

I let go of my obedience in the most obedient way I could and let my lips loosen as I stuck my tongue out. She didn’t protest or chastise as it touched her skin, she just paused momentarily and let my tongue press up against her more and flatten out. She started to rock again letting my tongue slide up over her anus and down over her perineum. I started to rock my head a little to add to the motion and I could feel her feet dig in more either side of me. Her grip tightened around my shaft but her hand remained motionless, I try to grind my hips to elicit more but she slapped the top of my thigh hard to stop me.

I guided my tongue to her anus and let it rest there and kept my head moving so it wouldn’t move away from that point. I gently swirled it over and over again making it slick and wet and as I did her rocking slowed and slowed till she just hovered, allowing my tongue to do as it wished. Then she was absolutely still and I open my mouth wide and tensed my tongue and slowly French kissed her arse, snaking my tongue in till my lips were pressed against her skin and my tongue was buried deep.

"God, I’ve never had a tongue up there, let alone so deep"

Her voice was a lovely whimper and I brought my hands down more onto her cheeks and pushed them ever so slightly to take some of her weight onto them, my fingers dug deep into her flesh and I pulled my head back extracting my tongue slowly till only the tip rested against her ring. Then like a lightning bolt I frenetically started to fuck her ass with my tongue. With each stroke trying to push deeper, my face pressing into her with wild abandon. Through all the motion I heard her grunt and groan, the rocking motion meant even with her hand staying perfectly still I was being pushed further and with everything else I just ignored it and focused on keeping my tongue tense. Her ass lewdly slapped against my face as my tongue darted in and out. My neck was strained and the muscles along the back were on fire but I couldn’t care less. I swirled and wriggled my tongue deep inside her. My head and neck twisted and torqued to elicit as much motion as possible. I could feel her juices drizzle down her perineum onto my tongue as it pistoned in and out of her, creating the most sensual blend, catapulting me towards delirium.

My arms wrapped around her hips as I hugged her to my face and her knees hit the bed as I pulled her as close as possible. My tongue pushed in as far as it would go and I felt her hand playing with herself and her thighs clamping down on my upper body. Her hand started to stroke my shaft and her grip tightened, her orgasm was close and she knew I didn’t have far to go. Her fingers rubbed the slick pre-cum all over the head as my cock pushed between them and I felt the familiar tightening at the backs of my thighs. My tongue slipped out of her as my breathing grew shallower and she kept rhythmically grinding away atop of me. I felt her warm juices flowing down my chin and her hand working me faster and faster, my thighs getting tighter as my hips lifted off the bed.

Then all of a sudden I howled into her ass as she wrenched an orgasm from me, my head was spinning and I could sense she was cumming too but everything was lost as I came. Her hand continued to pump my shaft as I jetted stream after stream of cum that showered my thighs and belly. Every muscle in me was tensed in agonising pleasure her hand still playing and me making unintelligible sounds every time it passed over the oversensitive head. My body fell back to the bed and I was half blacked out as she too fell on me, her hand still wrapped around my shaft, sandwiched between us.

She unclasped me slowly as she clambered up to make herself more comfortable. She peeled away my blindfold before she lay on top of me her full body against mine, skin on skin, a light sheen of sweat and juices stuck us together and she gently sunk down on me as we both relaxed. Time passed and not a word was said and I’d never felt so comfortable in my life. She suddenly let go a lovely giggle and said in the worst imitation of an English accent

"Well that was simply marvelous, we really should do this more often"

And all I could reply back was

"I love you"

She recoiled away from me, a little too fast at first but then she stopped. She perched herself on her outstretched hands and stared deep in my eyes, I could sense she wanted to say something but she was hesitant, I couldn’t keep eye contact under the examination of her gaze, I’m not sure if she was angry with me, bemused or just taking pity. And as I lay staring at the ceiling, my vision started to blur as tears started to well up at the corners of my eyes and softly trickled down the sides of my face, she wiped away my tears as I sobbed quietly.

"My sweet dear boy, be careful with your words"

And with that she kissed me for the first and last time. A kiss that will be forever etched onto my memory.

Chubby with 38DD boobs, sex story

Chubby with 38DD boobs, sex story
I am living at my brother’s place right now, and he and his wife love to drink. I admit I love to drink as well, but they drink to get wasted. My brother left town for business and when he leaves, he’s away for a while. My sister-in-law is a short BBW with long, wavy, brunette hair, glasses, and big 38DD tits. (I know that from looking at her bra on the towel rack after she took a shower.) She has thick muscular legs and calves that she loves to show off by wearing short shorts. One night my sister-in-law was out drinking heavily all night she started early in the afternoon at home and went to the bar later that night. I was laying in bed after having some drinks to myself when I heard the door open and slam shut. It was my sister-in-law and she was wasted drunk I could tell cause I heard her stumbling all over the place being very loud. Half hour had passed and I didn’t realize that everything went quiet about 15 minutes before. I decided to go see if everything was alright and turn off the lights and TV because the TV was cranked right up, I entered the living room and was immediately stunned and surprised to find my sister in law Passed out spread nude on the couch in nothing but cute little blue ankle socks, I instantly became hard. I walked over to her quietly and shook her to wake her and as I shook her, her big 38DD tits bounced around as I shook her and she didn’t move or make a sound, it looked very hot so decided to shake her again but harder and longer as I watched her tits bounce around all over my heart raced as I shook her knowing she could wake up at any moment but nothing she never made a sound. I walked over to the curtains because they were wide open and closed them, I went back over to her laying motionless on the couch spread eagle her clothes were all over the floor her panties were at the foot of the couch and had a big wet spot in the crotch area, I picked them up and smelt the crotch and it smelt so delicious I looked over at her spread nude and my Dick was rock hard and dripping pre cum my heart was still racing as I held her panties in my hand I wanted to taste her pussy juices so I licked the crotch of her panties and it tasted so sweet!

I wanted more, I walked over to her and shook her again to be sure she wasn’t gonna wake up, her tits bounced as I shook her and It was making me horny I then leaned in towards her big breasts and stuck my tongue out to lick her tit and felt very nervous thinking she might wake up, I didn’t take my eyes off her face as I leaned in further I then licked her tit and she didn’t move, I was very ******d, I then leaned in again and licked her tit again and nothing so I licked her tit and started doing circles around her tit. I looked up at her and she didn’t move or make a sound, so I put my mouth over her tit and began to suck on her big breast as I sucked her tit I looked up at her and she was snoring lightly, my cock was throbbing, I stood up and looked at her snoring lightly and legs spread open wide I then remembered how her panties smelt and tasted and wanted a real taste. I looked down at her hairy bush and wondered if she would wake up if I went in for a taste, my heart was racing so fast with ******ment that I was shaking, I shook her very hard one last time and called her name as I watched her tits bounce and she started to snore a little louder, she didn’t stir at all. I then climbed on the couch and touched her knee and ran my hand down her leg touching her muscular calve, I looked at her hairy pussy and touched it to see if she would wake up and she didn’t move , I then laid on my stomach and slowly moved in towards her pussy until my face was an inch away from her pussy, I was very nervous being between her thick legs knowing she could wake up at any moment but leaned in further anyway and took a big sniff of her hairy cunt, my nose was touching her pussy lips I was so close the aroma of her hairy pussy was magnificent, and she was also wet because when I moved my face back my nose was wet. Still between her legs I decided I wanted go further I then stuck my tongue out and licked her all the way up her gape, I then looked up to make she didn’t wake up and she was still snoring , the taste of her pussy was delicious and it was very wet, so I stuck my tongue all the way up her love hole and buried my face in her pussy and began eating and sucking her pussy. About 5 min into eating I felt warm wet tasty cum squirt me in the face lips and mouth, my head shot up and I looked at her freaked out that she woke up but she was still snoring, feeling a bit scared I waited for a minute and then buried my face in her cunt again and rubbed my face all over her cum licking it up as I rubbed my face all over her wet delicious pussy, I pulled my tongue out of her love hole And her pussy hole was still open, so I got up and got off the couch and went for my phone ,I walked back into the living room and stood at the end of the couch snapped a picture of her, my cock was hard as a rock as I took more pictures of her, I wanted to see if I can slip my rock hard cock in her.

I decided to try it out, was wearing a t shirt and shorts and decided to strip down to my boxers, I got on the couch again slowly and knelt down between her legs I was still shaky but still hard as a rock she didn’t budge, my cock was bulging through my boxers and was lined up with her wet hairy pussy, I pulled out my cock out of my shorts and pre cum started oozing from the tip of my cock and on to the couch, I then put my hand on her knee and slowly pushed her leg up towards her chest and held it there in a half deck chair position, as my heart raced with ******ment I then put my hand on her other knee and slowly pushed it up towards her chest and held it there, she was now in a full Deckchair position and was still snoring, her legs where heavy but I didn’t mind holding her there in that position it was very hot seeing in that position my cock just inches away from her wet love hole. With my hands on her knees holding her legs up in the deckchair position I slowly moved my pelvis forward not taking my eyes off her face in case she woke up and felt my cock slip right in her wet pussy making a loud sloppy gushy sound upon entry, she was So wet I just slipped right in balls deep, It felt amazing I didn’t move I just kept still with my cock balls deep in my sister in laws hot wet pussy and she didn’t move, my heart raced as I felt the lovely sensation of her warm love hole around my cock, I then pulled back and thrust in again this time a little faster feeling my balls lightly smack her ass and her tits bounced from the thrust and made me so hot I started slowly thrusting in and out and her snoring became a little louder but I didn’t stop, I was pretty curtain she wasn’t gonna wake up, I began to move faster and harder I was enjoying pumping her and watching her 38 DD tits bounce all over the place, I then grabbed her ankles and pushed her knees higher toward her chest giving full deep thrusts into her hairy wet love hole then started licking her thick muscular calve as I thrust deeper and harder putting her sweaty feet in my face and smelling her sweet sweaty Odor coming from her feet and blue ankle socks that were damp with her warm sweat, about 35 min into fucking her she stopped snoring and let out a quiet moan "mmmmmmmmmmm!" Is the sound she made and her pussy soaked my cock balls and pubes I got scared and pulled out and jumped off the couch.

I looked at her and she was still out cold and snoring, I waited a minute and then I dropped my boxers and climbed back on the couch and wasted no time and put her legs back up in the Deckchair position and slid my cock back in her and stated pumping her again, I went another 15 minutes pumping her watching her tits bounce all around and shot the biggest load of hot cum deep inside her and kept pumping her sloppy pussy until I went limp, I pulled my cock out and watched my load ooze out of her warm pussy and in between her ass crack, I put one of her legs down and held the other leg up in the half deckchair position, her pussy hole was still wide open and leaking cum from my cock reaming her love hole, I then buried my face in her cunt and started from her asshole and licked all the way up her pussy licking up all my spunk from her cream filled hole sticking my tongue up her cunt trying not to miss a drop. I finished licking up All my cum from her gape and grabbed my phone and snapped a few more pics of her hairy spread hole while I held her leg up, she looked stunning, I was sweaty and hot looking at her laying there with her leg up staring at her freshly fucked pussy hole, the living room was hot and muggy and smelled like hot sweaty sex, I became instantly hard again, I grabbed her other leg and put it up in the Deckchair position and pushed my cock back up for a sloppy fuck, round 2 I started pumping her and her pussy was so wet and sloppy it was soaking my pubes and running down the inside if my leg at this point she was snoring pretty loud and I knew she wouldn’t wake up from this, I continued to thrust harder and deeper watching her tits bounce to the rhythm I looked down at her pussy and watched my cock penetrating her hairy love hole, my cock was sliding in and out and my first load turned to a white buttery texture and was Turning my cock white, I loved the feeling of it , I started going faster and I felt her cum again but she didn’t make a sound this time I just felt her pussy get very warm wet and very slick and was splashing cum on the inside of my leg with every thrust, I loved hearing her snore while I pumped her hairy pussy and watched her tits bounce to the rhythm, I propped her leg on the back of the couch and grabbed my phone as I thrust in and out of her and snapped a few picks of my ass as I pumped her hoping to catch a picture or two of my cock penetrating her, I threw my phone down and grabbed her leg of the back of the couch and pounded her! It started feeling so good that I was letting out small moans I couldn’t hold it anymore, I exploded inside her again, I was dripping with sweat and was out of breath looking at her cum filled pussy thinking "I can’t believe I did it and she didn’t wake up!"

I then Grabbed her leg and my phone In the other hand and snapped a few pictures of her gaping hairy pussy, her hole was still wide open after being reamed by me and oozing hot cum. I moved up and kissed her on her lips slipped her the tongue moved down kissed her tits, licked them and sucked them one last time, then moved down and kissed her sloppy pussy and tasted a bit of my cum. I got up off the couch and put my clothes back on, my cock was so wet it soaked my boxers I turned the heat up so she wouldn’t catch cold and looked over at her and her legs were straight and not spread open so I grabbed her legs and opened them back up the way I found her, I didn’t even wipe up my mess from her pussy, I turned down the lights and went in my room and laid there with a satisfied smile and a good memory. The next morning I woke up and went in the living room and she was sitting on the couch watching TV in her short shorts a t shirt and the same blue little ankle socks she was wearing the night before, the same socks I fucked her in, the living room was all muggy and was still wreaking of sex ,my heart began to race she looked at me and said "did you come out here last night after I got back home? I was completely wasted!" I said "no I didn’t even hear u come in" and she said " oh well you missed out on me being drunk and stupid, I didn’t even make it to my room I stripped down naked and passed out on the couch!" I laughed and went along with it thinking I didn’t miss out I got to see all and do all! maybe she wanted me to fuck her why she passed out nude on the couch, that I will never know but what I do know is that next time I find her passed out like that I’ll be able to fuck her again! I can’t wait!

Fat girl fucking

Fat girl fucking
I’ve always had a thing for bigger girls. In my teens I kept my crushes secret from my friends, because nobody went for the girls I liked, the plumper, curvier girls at school. The slim, conventionally pretty girls were fine but I liked a girl who was thicker.

As I got older I got more confident about my love of voluptuous women. I lost my virginity to a curvier girl and most of my sexual partners were thick girls.

So when my editor asked me if I knew who Whitney Thore was, the answer was of course "yes". I’d liked her video and appreciated the confidence she had, I even watched some of her show. She was a little bigger than the normal girl I went for, but she was fun, cute and quite pretty.

Interviewing her was a big deal and it was arranged that I’d meet her at a dance class she was taking. This seemed cool but the day before I flew out it was dropped on me that I had to take part myself. This was not something I was happy about, most of my dancing is done in private or when I’m too drunk to care, dancing with other people, sober, was not my idea of fun. However, the boss felt it would be a good angle for the story.

I threw a pair of shorts and a vest into my bag, my only exercise clothes which I used to jog as part of my attempts to lose weight myself.

Telling my friends about the dancing part was met with howls of laughter and this echoed in my mind as I flew out to North Carolina to meet her. Due to a prior engagement I wasn’t getting any prep time with Thore and the lesson would be the first time I met her.

The following morning I caught a cab to the centre that hosted her lessons and nervously entered the building. Asking at reception I was told where to go and on arrival found four women waiting, all of them on the plumper side and all wearing exercise clothing.

"Hi, um, I’m here to for the Big Girl’s dance class?" I asked sheepishly.

"Well, y’all is in the right place!" Said a curvacious black woman with big, melon like breasts which strained against a spandex top.

"Um, okay, is Whitney here yet?" I tried to avoid ogling the bodies of the four voluptuous women around me, their workout clothes clinging to every curve of their bodies. I was in big girl lover heaven.

"She out the back, getting ready."

I thanked the black girl, let my eyes take one last glance at those barely contained breasts and headed the way she had indicated. I knocked on the door and received a "Yes?"

Misinterpreting this I pushed the door open and was confronted with a barely dressed reality star.

"OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL?!" Whitney screeched but I didn’t react.

I was far too busy gawping at her half naked body, clearly getting changed, she was just in her underwear. A pair of pink, heart covered knickers were stretched across her large, wide arse and a matching bra kept her surprisingly small breasts covered. Between the two was a large white belly which I just wanted to kiss and squeeze.

"He-llo?!" She said in a sing song voice.

"I’m hear to cover you." I blurted. "Sorry, I mean, I’m the journalist covering the lesson."

"Chris, right?" She asked, smiling.

"Uh, yeah."

"Well it’s nice meeting you, Chris," before adding, with a giggle "You’re cuter in person!"

I blushed a little.

"So are you" I added without thinking.

"I did get the impression that you liked the view, but if you don’t mind stepping out so I can change? Or is this going to be a very in depth interview?"

"Oh, sorry. I’ll leave you to it." And with that I ducked out of the room.

* * * * *

A few minutes later my cheeks had just about stopped burning as Whitney emerged in tight leggings and an exercise top that clung snuggly to her curves. To me, she looked pretty damn good.

"I am so sorry, I thought when you said ’yes’ you meant come in, not asking a question." I was babbling a little, but she understood what I meant.

"It’s fine, sweetie." She said with a big smile. "Just a misunderstanding."

I smiled, hoping we could put this behind us.

"So, I thought I’d join you for a session and then we could go grab a bite after, then do the interview?"

"That sounds good. I’m always hungry after a good workout!" She nodded to the room she’d just left. "This is the only real changing room, so why don’t you hop in and change? I’ll talk to the girls and get stuff ready to go!"

With that she bounded off, I was impressed by the energy she had and the grace of her movements. Despite her size she bounced across the room and I watched that mammoth arse jiggle with every move.

Inside the changing room my mood took a turn. It had been a while since I’d last worn this stuff and since then I’d somehow shrunk them, or else I’d never noticed how snug they were. The waistline was fine, but the crotch was ridiculously tight and looking at myself in the mirror I was all too aware of the bulge in the front of my shorts.

The vest was a little too tight too, clinging to my beer belly and cut low enough to show a small patch of chest hair. My arms were far from toned and staring at myself I felt ugly and fat. I was petrified of embarrassing myself and imagined the girls laughing at me as I huffed and puffed my way through the session. I jogged, but this was a whole other thing. I was miles out of my comfort zone.

I couldn’t put it off anymore though and joined the session. As I walked out the girls were warming up, Whitney was stretching, bent forward her wide arse aimed right at me, it made for an appealing sight and I took the chance to enjoy it. Obviously the other girls noticed as there was quite a bit of giggling.

"Ladies, this is Chris." Whitney said straightening and turning to me. Her eyes dropped over my body, lingering on my crotch for a few seconds. "He’s gonna join us, so make sure you make him welcome. Chris, allow me to introduce the girls-"

She took my arm and lead me to each girl in turn, starting with the black girl I’d spoken to before.

"This is Tywanda." I smiled and found my eyes drawn, irresistibly, to Tywanda’s cleavage. Her large dark tits looked so inviting and I found myself picturing them free of the tight, restricting clothes.

"Nice to meet you."

Next was Ashley, a chubby blonde and the smallest of the group. She had rather large arse and a bit of a belly, but like Tywanda her major asset were her gigantic, heavy breasts. Maria was a hispanic girl with wide hips, small and rather perky tits, and a gorgeous arse that seemed to be crying out to be squeezed.

Last of the group was Gabrielle, who was easily the most attractive. She was taller than the others, and apart from Ashley the smallest. She had wide hips and a fat, juicy arse and while her tits were smaller than Tywanda’s she still boasted an impressive set and I used her chest tattoo as an excuse to take a longer look.

I would have felt guilty, but I was all too aware that as every girl was introduced they all took a long look at my crotch, and everyone appeared to like what they saw.

After this we started warming up, doing stretches and getting loosened up. The wall at the front was mirrored and this allowed me new angles to watch the girls. As we leant forward my eyes found Tywanda’s canyon like cleavage but then Whitney’s arse, a few feet in front of me stole my attention.

God, it was huge! I wondered if she could even fuck doggystyle due to how much it stuck out, and knew I wouldn’t mind testing it out to see if it was possible. I could imagine that when bare and infront of you that arse was even better and I yearned to squeeze, slap and kiss that fat arse.


The sound of my name woke me from my reverie. It was Whitney talking, I looked away from her arse to her reflected face. She was smiling at me, amused by my distraction and obvious perving.

"Sorry?" I managed.

"I was just asking if you were ready?"

"Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess."

"Awesome. Let’s start with me showing you the moves."

What followed was a long, difficult forty five minutes. There were two water breaks but aside from that it was all dancing.

Whitney would show us the steps, then we’d all try them and then again with music. Over and over. I was aware that it wasn’t long before I was sweating, red faced and breathless, but I kept going and it was actually kinda fun. I found myself laughing and smiling throughout and only part of that was watching the girls bounce and jiggle.

Throughout Whitney remained upbeat and cheerful, and her energy was incredible to behold. She got hot and sweaty but her passion for dance continued and she moved with the energy of a woman half her size.

I felt self conscious to begin with and feared I’d not keep up, but this passed although I did catch the girls looking at me frequently, the most awkward point came at the end when I just couldn’t get one move down. Whitney came behind me and reached her arms around me, guiding my body. With arms and even legs this was fine but when she had to show me how to wriggle my hips her hands were very close to my crotch and my cock got semi hard.

I’d thought she was cute before but after forty five minutes of dancing I wanted Whitney as badly as I’ve ever wanted anyone, and was it my imagination or was she smiling at me a lot?

The session ended and slightly out of breath I watched as the girls all said goodbye to Whitney and there were only the two of us left. As she approached she undid her ponytail letting her hair fall.

"Wow! That was knackering!"


"Tiring." I clarified, smiling. "Lots of fun though."

"You’re pretty good."

"Yeah?" I asked in surprise.

"Okay, maybe not" She laughed loudly and heartily and I joined in.

"Sorry." She said, smiling and flicking a stray hair out of her face.

"No, it’s fine, I kinda knew I wasn’t much of a dancer."

"But you tried, that’s the main thing. And you showed some impressive stamina."

"Oh, I can go all night." I chuckled, but it died as I realised how dirty that sounded. I looked at Whitney in a panic, but she just exploded with laughter.

"Yeah, that sounded dirty!"

I could feel myself blushing.

"Aww, now you’re embarrassed!"

"Yeah, just a bit."



"Do you want to take a shower?" Her big smile was infectious and made her look absolutely gorgeous.

"I do need one."

"I’ll say!"

"We can’t all stay as fresh as a daisy like you Whitney!"

She smiled at this.

"There’s a shower in there, so why don’t you hop in and then I’ll go after." She offered.

"What about ladies first?"

"I have to sort some stuff out first, so go ahead."

"Okay, I’ll see you in a bit."

I re-entered the room and stripped off, the showers were a large communal affair with three heads on the walls. I hit the furthest away and allowed the warm water to rinse off the sweat from the workout. The water felt great and I stayed in long enough to feel totally refreshed.

The warmth and the memory of the jiggling flesh meant that soon my cock was stiffening and I stood there looking down at my throbbing erection, tempted to wank I decided not to as getting caught would be hugely embarrassing and unprofessional, I’d just have to wait until I got back to my hotel room this evening.

Finally I stepped out and started drying off, and by shifting my focus managed to get my cock softening. It was still semi-hard but now drooped, dangling between my legs. I was walking towards my stuff when the door burst open.

"PAYBACK TIME!" Whitney cried and froze, mouth open.

I was so stunned I didn’t even cover up for a few seconds, when I did my cock was a little harder and Whitney had already had a good, long look. Her eyes had gone wide and she’d bit her lip a little,

"What the hell?!" I managed as I finally covered myself with both hands.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry..." Whitney was blushing and giggling nervously. "I just- you caught me, so I-"

"And you thought, you’d shown yours, so you’d see mine?" I smiled.

"Well, yeah..." She answered, returning my smile.

I smiled back. I figured that she’d started this off, I may as well chance my arm. It’s not every day you could maybe seduce a television star.

"But the thing is, I only saw you in your underwear..." I began and then moved my hands, revealing my semi-hard, swinging cock. "But you’ve seen everything."

My cock is a decent length but nothing special, my major strength is that it’s always been extremely thick. The impressive girth has gotten good reviews so to speak, and so I wasn’t surprised that Whitney appeared to be enjoying the show.

"Yeah, I definitely got an eyeful!" She laughed.

I put my hands on my hips, letting her enjoy my exposed body.

"Well, I think it’s only fair that I see everything too. We’ll consider it a laid bare interview!"

She hesitated and I feared I’d pushed it too far, but it passed quickly and she stepped into the room, locking the door. When she turned back to me her eyes were filled with excitement and the unmistakable look of lustful hunger, and her smile was now even more wicked.

"Fair’s fair!" She shrugged and then peeled off the top, revealing her belly once more. The leggings went next, revealing a pair of damp, sweaty panties. The sports bra was tossed aside and despite not being massively endowed the sight of her small, rather perky tits caused my cock to stiffen in response. This didn’t go unnoticed and Whitney ran her hands across her chest, tweaking her nipples.

My breath sounded heavier in my ears and my cock throbbed now, fully hard. Her eyes were locked on it as her hands moved down to the waistband of her knickers. At this juncture she hesitated for the first time.

"What’s wrong?"

"It’s just...well...I wasn’t expecting any action, so I haven’t shaved for a bit, it’s kind of a mess down there?" The confidence that had impressed me so much was wavering, and I reassured her instantly.

"That’s not a problem, I quite like a bit of bush!"

This prompted some nervous giggling and a muttered "Perv!" but seemed to do the trick as she bent forward pulling the underwear down her thick thighs before letting them drop to the floor. When she straightened I was treated to Whitney’s body in all it’s glory.

Her small, pert tits sat high above her large, soft belly and beneath this was visible a small, curly mass of dark pubes in the v between her thighs. I thought my cock couldn’t get any harder, but I was wrong and the old boy pulsed with desire at the sight of the voluptuous form before me.

"Fuck, you’re hot!" Was all I could manage and then I crossed the room, my lips finding hers as I kissed her deeply. My hands groped for her, one circling to grab a handful of her large, juicy arse, the other running up her belly to cup a breast.

She returned the kiss with intensity, her hands pulling me in, one grasping for my hard cock, stroking it slowly but firmly. I dropped my hand from her breast and ran it through the tangle of pubes until I reached her warm sex. I slipped a finger inside and found her cunt already wet and ready for me.

I didn’t need any more encouragement and pulled back. "How do you want to do this?" I whispered.

"Get on your back!" She commanded, and I was eager to comply.

Lying down looking up at her gorgeous, plump body was an amazing experience and she proceeded to stand over me and then lower herself into a squat. She gripped my cock in hand and guided it towards her wet, eager hole and lowered herself onto my shaft.

I let out a moan as her tight, moist cunt enveloped me and she slid down my rock hard shaft. She let out a whimpering moan and breathed heavily.

"Oh, fuck! You’re so damn big!"

Whitney then began fucking me. There’s no other way to put it, I just lay there as she bounced on my cock, enjoying the sight of her jiggling curves. The bouncing was fast and I gripped her hips to help her balance.

I could hear the wet noise of my cock pounding her cunt as she sped up, her juices running onto my balls, and her huge arse slapping onto my thighs. Every low meant my sticky balls slapped her full cheeks and splashed her juices onto her massive cheeks. I’d never been ridden so well.

"This...is...so...fucking...good!" She panted. "But...getting tired...can we switch?"

"Yeah, get on all fours!" She hopped off and got down on all fours, and I eagerly got behind that big fat arse that had distracted me so much during the session. It looked even better with her pussy juices splattered across it, and I couldn’t help but give it a hard slap followed by a squeeze. I’m not an arse man usually, but I couldn’t resist one that big! I gripped her hips and got behind her.

Alas, my thought earlier was right and she was far too big to fuck from behind, her arse just got in the way.

"Damnit!" I said, after several attempts. "Roll over!"

She rolled onto her back and I spread her legs, lifting them to guide my cock into her tight cunt. I lifted her legs higher and thrust in, balls deep. She squealed and then moaned loudly.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Right there."

I began fucking her with long hard strokes, withdrawing almost entirely before thrusting back in hard. Each was received with a moan or gasping curse.

"You’re fucking my G-spot!" She panted and I sped up, jackhammering into her pussy and feeling her juices splash onto my shaft and loving the sounds of our fucking, the wet, sticky squelch of her cunt as it welcomed me and her panting, trembling breaths.

"OOOOH! I’m gonna cum!" She almost wailed and I felt her body tremble, her cunt pulsed around my cock and I groaned in delight, her body quivered for a few moments, tensed as the pleasure coursed through her and then she relaxed.

"Jesus that was good!"

"My turn!" I pushed her legs higher and sped up my thrusts, it didn’t take long, just a few big pumps into that soaking pussy and my own orgasm built. "Ohhh, fuckk!"

I exploded inside her, my cock pulsing as it pumped what felt like a massive load of cum into her pussy, I held it there, waiting for it to subside and then pulled out, spent.

I slumped onto the floor next to her, both of us trying to catch our breath.

"That was fucking amazing!" She exclaimed, turning to smile at me.

"I’ll say!"

"How long are you in town for?"

"Three days."

"Good, because I definitely want more of that cock!" She giggled, reaching over to squeeze my softening dick.

"Don’t forget I need to interview you at some point!"

"All in good time." She began stroking me and unbelievably my cock started to stiffen again...

Fat girl on college party

Fat girl on college party
The first time Jacinto Irving saw Elizabeth Smith was at the incline. The incline was a paved path that curved to the hilltop. A lot of students studied and sunbathed on the grassy side of the hill. Elizabeth was trying to get off her bike because the incline was too steep for her. As she swung her leg across the bike, the ankle cuff of her pants got caught on the petal. Because Elizabeth had a rather fat ass, the workout pant was rather large. There was a strong stretch around her thigh, yet ample of fabric flapping around the ankle, waiting to be caught on something.

She was rather uncoordinated. The fabric wrapped tightly around the petal. She jerked back and force. She was very much lost in her own world, like she didn’t pay attention to anyone else on the busy college campus. There was a group of three coeds walking past her. The freshmen students were small of stature. They wore mini-skirts, showed lots of leg and had perky breasts that pointed vertically. There was an air of flirt around those girls. The guys stole glances at them. Elizabeth was invisible to that world, and she didn’t look for that world.

Jacinto’s day was slow. He was eating broccoli, raisin, and brown rice from a Styrofoam cup under the shade of trees. He wore leather shoes from Shoes For Less. He was wearing a checkered shirt that was a number too small and tucked into his pants. He had round glasses that gave him away as a mechanical engineering student.

For some reason, he enjoyed watching Elizabeth struggle. Her workout pants were so overstretched over the butt that they turned to a color three shades lighter than the rest of the pants. The fat on her hips and her boobs was so ample that it was grotesque, yet he was curious to imagine it naked for the sheer museum-horror factor. She was holding onto a biology book. They later shared a basic math class together. There was word about her that she wrote a very well written article for her old high school’s paper. It was about matching student personalities with the personalities of pets.

Nobody liked her either. Both Jacinto and Elizabeth were loners. Jacinto studied hard. He was afraid of the chiding of other students and avoided social situations. Elizabeth for her body, obviously got lots of sneers and frowns. Nobody said anything directly to her. Already at that first glimpse of Elizabeth, he suspected that she was angry with the world. He was angry with the world that he go to hear about hookup culture on college campuses across the nation. Yet, he hadn’t even gotten a single flirt from a girl. He stubbed the broccoli in his cup and tried to catch a raisin to have at least something sweet. His parents had told him that school is about learning and not partying. It was easy for them to say because they were both high school teachers.

Three weeks into the first semester, he was sitting in the basic math class. He mainly took the class to pad his grades with an easy grade. He heard the cool guys whispering behind him. There was Jason. He is a tall guy with a blond mane. He surfs. He completely adopted the surfer stance. He hangs a little low in his knees when he stands and lets his arms rest back, behind the natural fall line of gravity. The other guy was Herb. He was liked among the class for all the humor and sniping that he injected into the class.

"Pound cake is handing it out to every guy who asks her. We’ve sent her eight guys already. They’ve all pounded her mercilessly. She simply takes," said Jason with exasperation and excitement.

"How do you know that those guys aren’t lying?" asked Herb skeptically.

"She has a birthmark next to her clit. We ask the guys for the shape of it. It’s pretty unique," explained Jason.

"Pound cake is gnarly. You really tap that, dog?" asked Herb.

"She takes any pounding. Before class, I fucked her mouth. I pinched her nose, so that she couldn’t breathe. She didn’t complain. She kept sucking. I slapped her tits hard. She didn’t complain. It’s like she isn’t even human. She takes any pounding. That’s why we call her pound cake. Just pound her and walk away when you are done," Jason expanded the topic with glee.

Jacinto was listening keenly. The teacher was inaudible to him. His parents never told him about sex or how to talk to girls. His hands were sweaty. The idea of sex filled his mind with mad imaginations. So, he took all the courage that his little stature had to turn his head over his shoulder, cup his mouth with a hand, and ask, "Who is cupcake?"

Jason and Herb started laughing. "Oh, little weasel wants to get his bone into cupcake. Someone write him a blueprint to find his own wiener."

Jacinto had expected that he wouldn’t be taken seriously. Though, the idea of pussy seemed like an enigma to him. The girls in class wouldn’t talk with him. He didn’t know what to say. This pound cake girl seemed like a chance for him. If she let herself be fucked by anyone, he could be anyone. "Guys, if she provides a socialist service, it should be open to everyone.

Jason and Herb giggled harder. "I’ll tell you what. You take a swing at Jason after class, if you can muster that much balls, we’ll tell you who pound cake is."

"Deal," said Jacinto and turned back to face the teacher. He rocked his chair onto the back legs to relish his success and good future. He pictured seeing the pussy that he had seen in porn mags in person, that pink slit and the bulges of pussy lips. He wondered if the blond Russian girl in the first row, who always wore mini-skirts and makeup, was pound cake.

After class, he stopped Jason and Herb in the hallway. They had already forgotten the conversation. "Where do I punch you," asked Jacinto. Jason’s long flowing blond surfer hair waved back as Jason broke into a surprised laughter, biting his fist. Jason and Herb looked at each other. Jacinto went straight for Jason’s chest. The tight, nerdy fist was more like a knock on the door than a boxer’s bunch. Jason’s face grew dim. He grabbed Jacinto by the hips, flipped him around and stuffed him into the nearest metal trashcan.

"Starbucks and a bag of half eaten Cheetos," called Jacinto out in exasperation. His feet were dangling in the air. "Okay, fair. I punched you. You have to tell me who pound cake is."

Herb paused Jason from walking away. The footsteps stopped. "That would be so gnarly if weasel pounds her as well. We should pimp her out to the entire school just for fun. We could turn her into the first cum dumpster outside of a porn stage. I kind of like sending all the weirdos to her. What is the name of the bully who punched a kid because fall had started?"

"Oh my god, do you remember that jock from the hockey team? He never showers. He only rubs his body in cinnamon. We should send him to her as well," said Jason with his voice getting excited.

"Weasel, it’s Elizabeth Smith. Tell her that Herb sent you," said Herb and started walking away.

"Should I buy her flowers or chocolate?" yelled Jacinto after the guys walking away.

"Nah, just tell her, ’Drop to her knees, bitch’," called Jason.

That night, Jacinto was very excited about getting sex for the first time in his life. He kept beating his meat with wild memories. The next morning, he got up half hour early. He waited at the bottom of the incline. Elizabeth Smith rode her bike leisurely to the bottom of the incline, where she swung off her saddle to push the bike uphill.

Jacinto stepped in her path, "Herb and Jason told me that you might make me feel happy?" His voice vibrated from nervousness. He was ready to run away. He looked cautiously at her.

Her face looked tired. There was a little moment of recognition, like when one gets told by the parents to bring out the trash. Then, she grabbed his hand and pulled him behind the shed with garden tools. She leaned her bike against the shed. She got on her knees facing him and pulled her workout pants down to her knees.

Her big fat butt was looking at her. He could see her cunt between her thighs. He was nervous. He felt like reality had burst. Getting pussy was that easy. All his life, it had felt impossible. He pulled his pants down and ripped a condom package open. She turned around, swatted the condom out of his hand, and said, "The rubber chafes my skin. I’m on the pill. If you don’t trust me, he can go with me to the pharmacy, buy Plan B, and have me eat it in front of you." With that, she resumed her position on her hands and knees.

Jacinto had a boner all along. He felt her pussy. He thought that her hole should be farther at the front than it really was. His boner kept feeling the slit between her pussy lips. Pound cake lost interest, reached between her legs, and grabbed his boner. "Which hole do you want?" she asked.

"Oh, there is an option," asked Jacinto surprised.

Without another word, pound cake plunged his dick into her pussy. The sensation of feeling his penis engulfed by female flesh was overwhelming. She shook him out of the daze by ordering him, "Spit on your dick. I’m not turned on and dry." As ordered, Jacinto spat on his half entered dick. The spit landed on her bum, his dick, her pussy. He rubbed it around as best as he could.

"Pound me," she ordered him sternly.

He started pounding her as hard as he could. Her butt flesh was wobbling around. He held onto her hips to get more leverage. He could feel that she wasn’t into it and only impatiently waiting to go to class. He was masturbating inside of her, as if she were a flesh sock. His eyes grew dreamy as he got more stimulated. He could see the flowers growing over the wall behind the garden tool shed. He stared at the pavement. He got into a trance gazing at the sand particles in the pavement. With a pussy, he was chasing towards orgasm so much faster than with his own hand. The pussy was a lot softer, so that he didn’t get as much physical friction, yet his mind was so much quicker ready to spurt his semen.

And so he shot his semen into her belly. There were three big spurts that he couldn’t control. He felt like he was filling her up with a spoonful of semen with each squirt. He could smell her pussy in the air because it had been rubbed warm. He wanted to collapse on top of her. Tender feelings overcame him. She shrugged him off and let him fall to the ground. She got up, pulled, the workout pants up, and left with her bike.

Jacinto interrupted her, "Why do you like being pounded?"

Pound cake stopped for a moment and thought, "I don’t like fucking. I’m a shy girl. No guy pays attention to me. Though, when the pound me hard, I can feel how excited they are about me. That’s what I like. I don’t need to get off. I need to feel the masculine heat pounding away at my body. It makes me feel less alone."

That’s how Jacinto lost his virginity.

In the afternoon was the track class. Every freshman had to take one physical education class. The shower at the end of the practice was an uncomfortable place for Erwin. He usually tried to look at the ground when he was rubbing the soap onto his body to a nice lather. His mom had educated him on carefully washing all the parts of his body as a little kid. He couldn’t help but listen to the words of the other kids. He tried shutting out the sounds, yet sounds kept intruding into his head.

"By now, everyone has fucked pound cake. By show of hands, who’s tapped the bitch?" Jason addressed the congregation in the shower who was in different states of taking the shower, some half soaped, some almost done, and some barely wet.

Jacinto peeked away from his focus point on the ground. One guy after the next raised his hand. Jacinto looked at all the guys facing the center of the shower room to talk with each other. Jason’s schlong was rather large and garden hose like. Will was a fat black dude with bad acne. Herb had a tiny penis and lots of dirty looking pubic hair. Nelson’s penis was disfigured and pointed to the right. Roger was a punk with tattoos all over his body, violent tattoos of weapons, injuries, and threatening words.

Jacinto’s eyes peeked from one guy to the next. He had rubbed his penis in the jizz of all these guys. When he thought he was smelling her pussy, he was really smelling the warmed up jizz of all of these guys. He felt a bit nauseous.

Coyly, he raised his hand as well. He felt proud. For once, he was part of the group of guys. For once, he could clear a bar that all the other guys had cleared. His hand hovered only at his chest level while everyone else had raised their hand as high as they could to make a joke of it.

"Woohoo, weasel dick got some action," Jason slapped Jacinto’s dick with the end of Jason’s towel. Jacinto jerked back being hit son intimately. He dropped the soap. Jacinto felt angry. He felt angry for being helpless too these assaults.

Somewhere that anger let him to search out pound cake again. He wanted to dominate her again, pound away at her. He wanted the answer to a question that had formed in his head when she had asked him which hole. He searched all over campus until he finally found her putting up flyers for pet adoption in the biology building.

"I want your ass this time," he said biting his lip, struggling with the anger that he allowed to show.

She didn’t say anything. She grabbed his hand and pulled him in the men’s bathroom. She got on her knees in the grimy bathroom with papers strewn on the ground. She pulled her workout pants down to the knees.

"Don’t spit on it. I like it rough in the ass," she told him point blank.

He squatted low. He found that puckered asshole deep between her ass cheeks. He placed the penis head at her entrance. It felt surreal. He pushed in. His penis disappeared in her butt. He pulled a little back and pushed back in all the way. She shifted her weight on the left hand and started fingering her clit.

"It helps me relax my ass," she said matter of fact.

He kept ramming his dick into her ass without mercy. He rammed it hard. Any coyness was gone from him. He knew that she wouldn’t have an orgasm. So, he was completely using her for his own pleasure.

She cheered him on with "harder!"

He threw his weight deeper into the pounds to make her body shudder and the hanging tits dangle. It turned into athletic action that had him burst out in sweat.

"You like that, cunt," slipped out of his mouth.

She moaned, "Yeah, I like your dirty talk."

Then he bust his nut inside of her. The moment that the cum shot inside of her, the spell of arousal was lifted from him. He felt dirty. He felt dirty for abusing her. He felt dirty for putting his dick into her ass where her poop rested. He had always thought of himself as a gentleman. He had thought his number was five - five dates before kissing.

He pulled his dick, which was already deflating, out of her. There was a nugget of poop stuck right behind the head of his penis. It was pressed flat. It looked slimy and wet, as if it was really stuck to his skin. He shuddered in disgust.

She looked at him and said coldly, "I’ll clean that off for you." She took his half limp dick in her mouth. She sucked really hard on it. She was really working to get the shit off of his dick. Jacinto felt suction on his dick for the first time. The mouth was so much warmer and wetter. It felt delicious. He could feel that he couldn’t come again, yet it felt amazing. His face must have turned very dreamy.

"I can suck you off next time. All my holes are open for pounding," she educated him.

She played with his dick in her mouth a little more even though, he had gone completely limp and she knew that he couldn’t come again. After another minute of him docilely letting her have a go at his dick with her lips and tongue, she took his dick out of her mouth.

"I think you like it. Fuck my mouth next time," said pound cake. She got up, pulled her workout pants up, and left the toilet.

Word got out about pound cake. The college had about 1,200 students. She had office hours on the fourth floor biology men restroom. When Jacinto arrived, there was a line of five guys outside of the restroom. They were checking their smartphones for Facebook statuses and the like. The mood in line was pretentiously bored. Every guy had his own dreams of getting into the restroom, yet they didn’t like the company of the other guys. Herb walked out of the restroom with a big smile. The next guy walked in. The line shuffled a foot forward.

When it was Jacinto’s turn, he found pound cake on her back. Her legs were splayed wide open. Her clothes had been taken off completely. She looked very languid. She had a dreamy face. Even she couldn’t resist the joyful feelings of sex. Somewhere across the assembly line of guys fucking her, she was getting off with orgasms as well. It was pure biology that enough stimulation rang the orgasm bell in her head.

The last guy had tittie fucked her big tits. The cum was drizzling down her throat. Cum had dried on her cheek. She didn’t even bother clothing her mouth anymore. Com was running out of her pussy and ass hole. There was wetness on the ground. Her eyes were very dreamy.

Ernrest got down to the ground. He put his dick inside of her and started humping her hard. She took notice of him, when he rammed her hard on the pubic bone with his pubic bone.

"Hey, you look familiar. Don’t we have math class together? I think I might even remember your name! It was something with an E, something like a famous writer," mumbled pound cake. She was spaced out from all the sex and orgasms. Guys had been fucking her for about two hours. Her pussy was very slick. That meant that she had a lot of cum inside of her. He hated that. He used the anger to pound her harder.

"Ah, I remember you. You are that nerdy, shy guy who can’t get angry at anything. Though, when you fuck me, you get so angry. I’m the only thing that you have ever been angry at in your life. I love to feel that anger coming out and pounding me hard. Jacinto was your name. Yeah, that’s it!" murmured pound cake.

Jacinto felt the surrender rising inside his groin that made him let loose of the cum that shot into pound cake.

"Why do you let yourself be fucked?" asked Jacinto.

"There is an emotional hole inside of me. My parents never paid attention to me. I always wanted attention. I ate a lot of food. I got fat. Now, nobody paid attention to me. Then, Jason walked up one day and said point blank to fuck with him. He was so handsome. I did it. I really liked the attention. It made me feel something. I wanted more. It filled that hole. Now, it’s all gotten away from me. I know that once I stop, nobody will ever talk with me again. I’m trying to hold onto being somebody. I don’t want to go back to being invisible," explained pound cake.

Jacinto slid against the wall and sat down. "I’m stuck as well in my life. I’m afraid of everything. I should talk to a girl. I am so afraid of what they might do or say. I can’t see a girl reacting well to me. When I think of walking up to them, my mind shows me how it’ll fail. Then, I can’t walk up anymore. I should move out of my parent’s house. I’m too afraid to tell my mom because she’ll tell me that it is not a money smart idea. I’m stuck in fear. I’m stuck in taking the classes that the guidance counselor tells me to take. I’m stuck filling my afternoons with what my teacher tells me to study for homework. I want to break out. I don’t know how."

"At least, we are not doing drugs," smiled pound cake to cheer him up.

"I’ve never been on a date, my whole life," said Jacinto.

"Me neither," smiled pound cake.

"Do you want to go to Fat Burger?" asked Jacinto.

"Sure," said pound girl. She got up. The cum of a dozen guys ran out of her pussy and ass.

Irene big milking tits

Irene big milking tits
Irene’s tits had been huge ever since she could remember. As far as she could remember she used to be fat, so even back in the day it had looked like she had tits. When her tits started to grow there was no stopping in the first few years and she was glad she suddenly was attractive to boys. To lots of them...

When Irene had just turned 18 each of her tits was as huge as two heavy watermelons. They weighed around 50 lb each.

At school during sports lessons her class had to run a few rounds to warm up at the beginning of each lesson. Irene could not run very well, she was out of breath immediately. Even though her heavy wobbly tits were so huge she was not allowed to wear a bra. Her dad thought it was improper and would make her think she was a sexual being. He wanted her to remain an innocent girl. So her fat heavy tits hung down low in her wide t-shirts and bounced wildly during sports lessons. At first it was the gym teacher Mr. Humphreys holding her back after a lesson.

"Irene, come here, I need to talk to you."

Everybody else went to the changing room, she went to the little office at the back of the gym. Irene felt sweaty and out of breath. She panted heavily as her shirt stuck to her ample breasts. The teacher looked at her and his eyes stopped and rested on her voluptuous tits. Irene saw something moving in his jogging pants ? there was a slight bulge that grew minute by minute.

He extended his arm to her shoulder and said: "Sit down, girl. I just want to make a suggestion."

"What is it?"

"Have you been noticing all the boys looking at you during our sports lessons? Can you imagine why they are looking?"


"Irene, you must have noticed. How shall I put it...your big..cleavage is very revealing. Why don’t you start wearing a bra soon?"

Irene flushed bright red. "My dad won’t allow me to wear one."

"Oh..." Mr. Humphreys shifted in his seat, maybe to accomodate his now huge bulge. "You see, many men get aroused by...breasts or tits as big as yours. You are very attractive. I’ve noticed that for years now. Say, Irene, how old are you now?"

"I’m 18."

"That is a fine age." He seemed to be relieved somehow. "What does it feel like to be so..big? You can’t feel very relaxed, can you?"

"I’m okay i guess. I am used to it."

"You’re used to it..." He said to himself and still looked at her breasts. "Would you mind me showing you something?"

"No. What is it?" Irene was bewildered but curious, too, because her teacher had never paid close attention to her before.

Mr. Humphreys got up, took a glance outside to the deserted gym and then tightly locked the door with a key. His little office had no windows.

"Have you been with many boys already, Irene?" he asked, his voice suddenly husky and deep.

She felt herself blush again and something between her thighs twitched even though she felt awkward.

"I mean, have you exposed yourself to them..?"

"No, Mr. Humphreys. I have not. I am a virgin!"

"Then may I be the first to teach you about what your big tits do to us men? Give me your hand and feel this.."

He placed my hand on his jogging pants under which Irene could feel his erect penis. It felt huge and hard when she touched its outlines.

"When men see big tits like yours they become aroused. Their dicks become hard and semen is leaking out. ? Oh, Irene, you make me feel very good. So good..! Such a good girl you are!"

He opened his eyes and looked at her tits again. "Lift your shirt for me, Irene. Show me your big and heavy tits, show me your...udders!"

Udders, had he just said udders? Against her will Irene felt aroused.

"You like that girl, don’t you? Don’t you? Yes, you’ll be a fine woman soon, you will make your husband very happy. Let me show you what your husband will do to you..now, lift your shirt."

Irene lifted her shirt obediently. Her udders as the teacher had called them rested heavily on her thighs. Their huge dark nipples were erect, facing downwards. She felt the heavy weight of her breasts pull her down.

Mr. Humphreys pulled down his pants. "Look here girl, we’re two of a kind. You got those huge udders and I got this huge big member. Ever seen a man’s penis? No? Come on, touch it a little. You may even suck on it if you like..! Be a good girl!"

He got up and came over to Irene. His big hands tried to lift her breasts but they were heavier than he had expected them to be. He moaned.

"God, now I know why you can’t run in my lessons..! Your bust is gigantic, these breasts must weigh you down so much..You’re a real big cow, girl..."

His big hard penis was right in Irene’s face. It smelled sweaty. Underneath it she saw his large, heavy balls covered in dark hair.

"Now open your mouth wide, Irene. Be a good girl. A real good girl you are..."

The teacher’s eyes were closed now. Irene felt the wetness between her legs and even though his dick smelled nasty, it smelled exciting, too, and she was hungry somehow. Irene opened her mouth and closed her lips around his big veiny member with its large mushroomy head. She tasted salty liquid on her tongue. Lots of it.

"Good girl you are, Irene. Good girl! Atta girl..."

Mr. Humphreys stroked her hair, then started to hold her head firm and push slowly and gently in and out of her mouth.

"You like a good old-fashioned face-fuck, girl? With your big udders dangling? Oh, yeah, let me teach you..."

He had a smooth, slow rhythm and Irene dared not move or use her teeth.

After a while he stopped. He was covered in sweat.

"Now I’ll show you something else. Come on, turn around and bend over, Irene!"

Irene got up and did as he said. Her dad had given her many lessons in how to be an obedient girl in front of adults and now it paid off somehow.

"Good girl!"

Mr. Humphreys pulled down her sports pants slowly so that her fat belly and ass were exposed.

"What is your weight, Irene?", he asked in a husky voice.

"I weigh 300 pounds." Irene said "but 100 pounds is my tits only."

On hearing that, Mr. Humphreys moaned long and deep. He patted her ass so that the flesh started to wiggle, then touched her pussy between her fat thighs. No boy had ever ventured as far.

"Oh! Girl, you are so very wet! That means you like what we’re doing.. I will make you a real woman now, okay? I haven’t planned any of this, but you leave me no choice..with your big bust, your heavy udders. Us men we have needs and when you arouse a man you have to relieve him, too. That is your duty as a woman."

He placed the head of his thick cock at the entrance of Irene’s virgin pussy and started to push it in very slowly, inch by inch. It took a long time until he was even halfway inside her because her fat virgin pussy felt extremely tight although it was intensely lubricated. Irene gasped for air, her tits wobbled heavily. Mr. Humphreys grabbed her neck and held her firmly in place. Then he pushed in some more until he felt he had entered her completely. His balls were pressed against her pussy lips now. Slowly inch by inch he pulled his big member out of the fat girl’s pussy. Then in again slowly. His cock was just deflowering a big virgin.. Soon he worked the pace up to a faster rhythm with heavy thrusts until after what was close to an hour he finally came in Irene’s now stretched and widened vagina, filling it with twenty big spurts of very thick semen. He felt his big cock relaxing inside the girl’s vagina and pulled out slowly.

He gave her a loud slap on her ass-cheek.

"That was real good. Good girl. Now when you go to your next lesson, you don’t want to tell anyone. And I don’t want my sperm leaking out of you, so I’ll give you a plug..hold on--"

Mr. Humphries pulled a golf ball out of his bag and inserted it deeply and firmly into Irene’s vagina. The girl gasped loudly.

"Oh, sorry. You haven’t come, right? I’ll give you a little extra fun."

With those words, Mr. Humphreys stood behind her again and started to rub Irene’s clit. Her soft moans made his big cock erect soon again. Because her front opening was filled up already, he said:

"Don’t be shocked, I’ll be real slow now. I will deflower your ass, too. So you’ll be a real woman when you leave here. You will learn to like this and us men like it, too. He placed the head of his cock against her tight asshole.

Irene tightened and winced. "No---!"

"Just be a good girl. Relax. I won’t hurt you. It’ll feel real nice, you’ll see."

He gently widened her asshole with his index finger, then worked his member into her ass and Irene started to relax a little when he kept being gentle. Again, it took almot 15 minutes for him to fully enter her ass. But Mr. Humphreys kept grinding his way deep inside her anus. Inside, his cock swelled up a little more and soon he was back in his heavy, comforting rocking rhythm. Irene’s big heavy melons swung back and forth while he held her fat hips. She felt like being in trance by now. For a long time she had dreamt about sex. Now here it was..

"Oh girl, you’re 18 and full of my semen...we will do this quite often now, if you wish. Many times a week. God, you’re so hot...!"

Irene started to spread her legs wider, voluntarily now.

"Yeah, that’s it, girl. Now you really enjoy this, right? My thick sperm now being pumped into your big beautiful ass, right?" He rubbed her clit hard now and Irene thought she’d explode soon. "Oh, oh, Mr. Humphreys, what’s happening? I’m gonna..."

"Yes, girl, you gonna have an orgasm now. You are going to cum real good on my big cock full of sperm, girl. Right... now!"

And in a final spasm he came as intensely as the first time, giving Irene a full load of fertile semen up her fat ass. Irene felt an intense orgasm welling up inside her own body. Up to now she had only masturbated, but now her teacher made her cum which was much more intense. She moaned, gasped for air and slumped down over the table.

"Atta girl. Good girl! Don’t let it out! Hold on tight.", Mr. Humphreys said as he pulled out of her. "And now be a good girl and lick this cock of mine clean. A girl’s got to clean a man up every time after sex. Clean me up real good..yeah...there you go.. all the way, that’s it...."

Irene opened her mouth again and again and licked her teacher’s big cock clean of all their juices.

"Now you’re not a virgin anymore..remember, don’t tell anyone. And come back whenever you need to be filled."

Irene pulled her pants up while Mr. Humphreys got dressed, too.

"Actually, it’s good that your Dad doesn’t allow you to wear a bra. You look much nicer like this." Mr. Humphreys said.

Irene nodded and opened the door. The clock said that she had missed the last lesson, so she could go straight home now. She felt her teacher’s sperm up her ass and the plug in her pussy. She liked those feelings, she decided as she slowly waddled back to the girl’s dressing room. "See you soon, Mr. Humphreys.", she said shyly. "Thank you for the extra lesson."

"Welcome, Irene. We’ll do this very often from now on."

A few months later Irene wondered why she gained even more weight. Her belly had always been huge so at first she did not notice the changes. Her sex lessons with Mr. Humphries were frequent now, he took her at least four times a week without protection. Some of the other teachers and some boys reacted to Irene’s now heightened sex-appeal and made advances, too. So Irene ended up having sex most every day of the week, sometimes up to three or four times a day.

One day while Mr. Humphreys was mounting the girl again in his back-room, some milk trickled from her tits when she started to become aroused.

"Oh, Irene! Oh my, you are lactating..!" Mr. Humphreys said in great delight.

"Have you gotten...pregnant? In such a short time? Is that why you have become even bigger? You are so heavy now..! You need to see a gynecologist!"

So a few weeks later Irene went to see a gynecologist with her Dad. Her Dad was upset about the reason Irene had given him and he refused to leave the examination room. So he was present when Irene mounted the chair and placed her legs wide apart in the stirrups.

The doctor was an older man who tried to be nice to her.

"Don’t worry, Irene. Your Dad has already told me why you’re here. So you think you are not a virgin anymore..? I’ll examine you and we’ll see whether you are still a virgin. Oh, I see you are very wet...so your pussy reacts strongly to men being present. Do you enjoy that feeling?"

The doctor pushed a big plastic speculum inside Irene’s wet pussy and moved it a little. He dilated her pussy to see whether her hymen was still intact. Irene started to moan like she did when Mr. Humphreys or one of the boys at school or another teacher mounted her. Almost everyone at school had had sex with her by now at least once. That was why the doctor could not find a hymen. He pulled the speculum out and started to examine Irene’s fat vulva with his hands now, slowly inserting a finger, then two fingers. Irene noticed that her Dad had the same bulge in his pants now like Mr. Humphreys. Even the doctor behaved a little different now.

"It’s very hot in here. Why don’t I open my zipper...you may want to do that, too, Mr. Smith."

Irene’s Dad complied and opened up his zipper, too. Both men’s penises were visibly big and erect now. Irene couldn’t help herself, she looked at them and she got aroused.

"Irene, I think you have been a bad girl, haven’t you? You have been..messing around, haven’t you? Now, as your Dad I would never touch you. I just did what the doctor told me and unzipped my pants. But now you can suck me a little while he examines you further with his special instrument, right? Some sucking will soothe you good, you don’t need to be afraid of the doctor.."

Her Dad came up to Irene’s face and she opened her mouth to suck on his cock. It was short and thick, just like him. Her Dad started to move in and out gently, then chose to stay deep in her wide open mouth, his round belly in her face while she tried to look up on him. He kept her head firmly in place with his right hand. Irene had difficulty to swallow with his big cock pushed all the way in to her mouth but she managed somehow. All the while the doctor had replaced his metal instrument with his own withered but still large cock which he inserted skillfully into Irene’s vagina while holding her open with his hands, then massaging her big belly. When the doctor was deep inside her, he felt and massaged her belly all around.

"Oh, Irene. You are 8 months pregnant!" he said suddenly.

"Your belly is filled. There are twins inside! I feel it because your birth canal is very short now, my cock can’t go any deeper even though it’s old and short.."

Upon hearing this, Irene said "What?!" in surprise but nothing but a gurgle came out because of her dad’s huge cock in her mouth. The cock filling her mouth twitched because her dad moaned "What..?!"

"Yes, no doubt, Mr. Smith. Your heavy girl here is pregnant. Even lactating, look at her tits now..!"

Irene could feel a strain in her big tits as milk started to leak out like it had before when she became aroused. The doctor massaged her big tits now as well, and he did it so skillfully that the milk came out in big spurts. Her dad watched fascinated, then he started to moan deeply as he came in Irene’s mouth. She gulped down her Dad’s thick sperm while milk kept spurting from her udders that were still milked by the doctor. The doctor couldn’t hold his semen in any longer and ejaculatd deep into the girl’s pregnant belly.

"Ah, that’s it...you are not a virgin anymore, Irene. You are highly pregnant! But still you make men feel so good. Having sex is even healthy when you’re pregnant."

"So you’re pregnant, huh, Irene? So you’ve been a bad girl, really messing around with boys?", said her Dad. "You sucked their dicks and let them put their sperm inside your belly? And I haven’t noticed? So now you lick me clean real good to make amends!" her Dad said a little angry, starting to push his big limp cock down her throat now. Irene gagged loudly. The doctor now stroked her clit in a firm manner while gently pushing his fingers in and out of her vagina. It needed to be stretched real wide soon for the first of many multiple births...

Nicole, and Yvette, two chubby lesbians story

Nicole, and Yvette, two chubby lesbians story
Nicole moaned softly as she swam up out of the fog of sleep. She still felt the delicious tingles moving through her body from the delightful things the guy that had picked her up in the bar last night had done to her.

Stretching lazily, she let her hands run slowly up and down over her body, finally coming to rest cupping the full, fluffy mounds of her tits. She squeezed them gently, her thumbs brushing lightly over the spiky buds of her nipples.

Her mind filled with images of how he had taken her, just using her for his own pleasure from the moment they had left the dance floor. She had loved every second of every single thing he had done to her, and she smiled sleepily, arching her breasts up into her hands, opening her legs wider to the delightful sensations still spreading from between them.

’Wait a minute.’ She thought to herself. The feelings coming from between her legs felt like...it felt like someone was licking her pussy with lazy, lingering strokes of a very talented tongue. God, she loved this guy. First he had eaten her out in the club right at the table while her friends hid them from the crowd, then he had fucked her for hours when they got back to his place, and now he was...

"Mmmmmmm, that feels so good baby." She purred, lifting her hips and pushing her pussy down at his mouth. "God, if you keep that up, you’re gonna make me cum again."

"Good...go ahead and cum in my mouth. I want you to." A soft, distinctly feminine voice answered. "I thought you were close. I was hoping I could make you cum before you woke up..."

"Wha..." Nicole muttered, opening her eyes and raising up on her elbows.

She glanced over to one side and saw the guy she had met the night before sprawled out beside her, dead to the world as he snored softly. Looking down between her legs, she saw a pretty redhead grinning up at her.

"Relax, just lay back and let me finish...I want you to cum for me...cum in my mouth." The redhead purred as she moved her mouth back down over Nicole’s pussy. "I already sucked all his cum out of you, and now I want yours. And you’re going to give it to me..."

Nicole wanted to object, but the redhead started lashing her tongue up and down between the cream coated lips of her pussy, then slapped the tender bud of her clit with the tip, making Nicole groan and hump her pussy up at her mouth.

"You win." Nicole mumbled as she let herself drop back down onto the bed.

Her hands moved down, and she wrapped her fingers in the redhead’s soft, silky hair.

"I fout oodd fee ih muh waw." The redhead mumbled into the spit and juice slickened skin of her cunt slit. Spreading Nicole’s legs wider apart, she ate her eagerly, lapping up every droplet of juice, her tongue lashing madly up and down between the puffy lips of her pussy, then darting up into the tight clasping hole, her lips pressing into the musky scented flesh and sucking hungrily.

Even with her eyes closed, Nicole could feel them rolling up into her head as she felt the first delicious tremors of an orgasm building. Moaning softly, she writhed under the other girl’s oral caresses, letting her do anything she wanted to her.

Moments later, she shuddered, an animal grunt escaping her lips as the girl nipped at her clit with her teeth, then took it between her lips, sucking it, slashing at it with the tip of her tongue. Nicole felt like her head was going to explode as her orgasm surged through her.

Licking, sucking, kissing in a frenzy, the girl guided Nicole through the force of her orgasm, then a second, and a third. When she showed no signs of relenting, Nicole pushed her away gently, shaking her head as she muttered, "Please..." over and over.

"Had enough huh?" the redhead giggled as she crawled slowly up from between her legs and up over her body. She came to a stop propped up on her elbows over Nicole, her face inches from her. "That the first time a girl has gone down on you?" She asked.

Nicole nodded, staring up at her.

"Did you like it?" The redhead asked.

Still staring at her, Nicole nodded again.

"Wanna do it again?"

A giggle escaped Nicole’s mouth before she could stop it, and she blushed furiously.

"Yes." She said after a moment. "But not right now...I...I need to rest. You..."

"Yeah, I know. I’m the same way." The redhead laughed, letting her body come to rest on top of Nicole’s. "I’m Yvette by the way, what’s your name?"

"Nicole." She managed to whisper. The feel of the other girl’s body on her own was exciting her more than she would have imagined.

"I’m going to kiss you Nicole, is that okay?" Yvette asked.

"Uh huh...I guess." Nicole whispered.

"Good, I was gonna do it anyway." Yvette laughed as she brought her lips down on Nicole’s.

* * * * *

"God, I am starving." Yvette laughed as she scooped up a forkful of eggs and shoveled them into her mouth.

"Me too." Nicole giggled as she mopped up gravy with piece of bread then popped it in her mouth. "Aahhm ahyways hungwee aftaa sess."

"Me too, but you fed me such a delicious appetizer, I may not be able to eat as much as I usually do." Yvette said, grinning broadly. "That’s one tasty little Scoobie snack you got between your legs girlfriend."

"I uh...I’m glad you liked it." Nicole giggled, blushing furiously.

"Yeah, you were juicin’ somethin’ fierce, but I didn’t make you squirt." Yvette laughed, winking at her. "Guess that gives me somethin’ to shoot for next time, huh?"

"I uh...I guess so." Nicole whispered.

"Yeah, we can wake Miles up by lezzing out all over him, or we could suck his dick together while one if us rubs her pussy all over his face, or..."

"Oh my god! I don’t know if I could do that! I mean, I never had sex with guy I just met before...but he ate my pussy right there in the club with my friends standing right there..." Nicole said in a rush. "He...you said his name was Miles? I don’t remember if he ever told me. He walked by all the girls I was with and pulled me out onto the dance floor..."

"Fast forward to the he ate your pussy in the club part." Yvette giggled.

"Okay." Nicole giggled back. "We went back to the table my friends were at and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. I usually don’t let guys do that, but he was so hot...then he just dropped to his knees and pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties down and stuck his face right between my legs and started licking me!"

"Never stood a chance, did ya?" Yvette laughed. "Don’t take this the wrong way, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this story."

"So...so you two...do this alot?" Nicole asked.

"Us? Together? God no." Yvette laughed. "Me ’n Miles are just fuck buddies. I rent the basement from him. I was bored, so I came up to see if he wanted to bump uglies, and when I saw you layin’ there lookin’ all fresh fucked and all...well, I just couldn’t resist."

"So you...uh...like girls..."

"Sweetie, I love fuckin’ other girls, especially when they got a nice gooey creampie for me like you did." Yvette purred, leaning over the table toward Nicole. "How many loads did he dump in you anyway? That shit was all up in you girl. Good thing I came along and sucked it out, or you’d be preggers fer sure...uh huh..."

"I guess should say thank you...for making sure I didn’t get pregnant I mean." Nicole laughed. "But getting woken up like that was nice too."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...so how many time did he fuck you?" Yvette asked, her voice taking on a serious tone. "It’s been a couple months since Miles has brought anyone home. And let me tell ya sweetie, you’re a major improvement over the last skinny little bitch he fucked. It’s nice to see him coming to his senses and going back to big girls like us."

Nicole blushed at the reference to her size. She was more than a little self conscious about her weight. At five-ten, she weighed a hundred and eighty-five pounds. She wished she was thinner, like most of her friends, but couldn’t seem to drop the extra weight.

"I uh..." She began, but Yvette cut her off.

"Uh oh, you think I just said your were fat, don’t you?" She asked. Pushing back from the table, she got to her feet and took a step back, letting Nicole look at her. "I’m no ninety pound stick girl either love chunks. The guys may not want to be seen with us, but they love fuckin’ us. You know the old sayin’, more cushion, less pushin’."

Nicole relaxed as she looked at the other girl, realizing that she was built a lot like she was. Yvette was about the same height, her boobs were a little bigger, she looked to be an E cup, if not bigger. Her tummy was gently rounded, her hips full and wide, but she didn’t have any rolls of fat, she was just thick, and well fleshed. Just like Nicole.

"All my last boyfriend wanted to do was have sex, he never wanted to take me anywhere, or hang out with anyone we knew." Nicole sighed.

"Well, I’ve only known you an hour and that’s all I want to do with you." Yvette laughed, sitting back down at the table. "I mean damn, I even offered to share the best dick in town with you...and that’s after I made you cum God only knows how many times..."

"Three...you only made me cum three times." Nicole laughed.

"And how many times did that last loser boyfriend make you cum...with his mouth or his dick?" Yvette asked, leaning forward and raising her eyebrows. "Not just at one time, but ever."

"He almost made me cum once..."

"But I made you cum three times right off the bat. And Miles, I bet he made your pussy feel like the center of the universe, the only thing that existed for him while he was munchin’ on you. Right there with all your friends watching, he went muff divin’ on the fat chick and made you cum like nothin’ you ever felt in you life. Tell me that’s not true."

"It’s true." Nicole said slowly, not sure where Yvette was going with this.

"Then would you please tell me why we’re not in that bedroom getting some of that big dick, or down in my room in a sixty-nine eatin’ beaver like it’s an endangered species?"

"I uh..."

"Let me make it easy for you Nicole." Yvette said as she got up and came around the table. Reaching down, she grabbed Nicole’s hand and pulled her to her feet, holding her close. "You got three choices girlfriend. We can go in Miles room and fuck him till he can’t get it up anymore...which might take a while. Or you and me can go down to my room and get up close and personal with each other’s pussies, or I can give you carfair so you can go home and jill off thinkin’ about what you’re missin’."

Nicole looked at her, and after a moment, a smile spread across her face.

"Can we do option two...then option one...then maybe option two again before I do option three...while you watch me on my webcam?"

"Mmmmmmm, girlfriend! I think I’m gonna like hangin’ around with you..." Yvette laughed as she leaned in, her lips meeting Nicole’s as they both opened in a kiss.

Juicy Summer Night

Juicy Summer Night
t was hot. I was driving across the desert from New Mexico to California along some of the longest loneliest roads in the Southwest. Every hour or so we would see warning signs, ?No water or gas for the next 50 miles.? I had been sent on a rescue mission by my mother from our home in California to pick up my stranded sister Birdie in Alamogordo. She had run off with her boyfriend three months earlier but he dumped her in the middle of Texas with no money or way to get home. She managed to get part way home then swallowed her pride and called for help.

?Why couldn’t you have brought a fucking car that had good air conditioning?? my sister complained.

?You know damn well why, I wasn’t about to rent a luxury Cadillac just to haul your dumb ass around the desert.? I was a little annoyed myself because as mightily as the AC in my car strained, it wasn’t keeping the blistering August heat at bay. I was as irritable as my sister.

We rolled over the crest of a large hill and the entire western sky was black with storm clouds. We were headed directly into a summer desert storm. I welcomed the sight as it meant for a while the rain and clouds would reduce the heat. I also knew that if it rained and stormed violently enough we would have to be wary of flash flooding. I drove headlong into the driving rain and crashes of lightning.

As far as desert storms go this one lasted a long time, twenty minutes under the raging sky convinced me to pull off the road to high ground and wait it out. I stopped at a turnout that offered a view of an arroyo and the sand hills behind it. Birdie and I got out of the car and enjoyed the drenching rain and watched the gully fill rapidly with cascading muddy water. As we watched the torrent Birdie banged me on the back and yelled ?Look at that!? I twisted my head just in time to see the small road bridge over the gully warp and crack then the far end fell into the flood. In seconds it was torn in half and if my car had been on it my sister and I would be trying to float.

Two things flashed through my mind, I was glad I stopped when I did and it was going to be a long drive to detour around the fallen bridge. Birdie was caught up by the raw strength of the storm, awestruck and excited by the force of the tempest and water but also nervous. She squeezed close to me then clutched my arm tight while the world went nuts around us. In her eighteen and a half years she had never been this close the unleashed force of nature.

The clouds and rain moved east leaving us alone on the vast water-logged desert. The flash flood was rapidly flushing toward the Gulf of Mexico and in a half an hour all that was left were large pools of muddy water in the bends of the arroyo. The bridge had been the only way across the gap to the next town which was 20 miles further. I checked my gas gauge and saw that I didn’t have enough to drive to the town behind us. After a few aborted attempts to get a cell signal I threw my phone into the back seat in disgust and declared ?Shit! We can’t cross here, I don’t have enough gas to go back, and the fucking phone is useless.?

She looked around the desert then at me ?Maybe we should wait here. Somebody will be coming along this road and we can warn them about the bridge and get help.? I thought it over, she was right. If nothing else the state would be sending inspectors to check all the bridges. If we sat there, those inspectors would find us.

We sucked down a bottle of water and settled in to wait. For a while I ran the engine so we could use the worthless AC but the fuel needle wasn’t very encouraging so I shut down the car. In seconds the heat and humidity climbed into three digits. Birdie and I got out of the car and managed to find some shade at the bottom of the gully. Since the rain had moved on we weren’t worried about more flooding so we relaxed as much as possible. Gradually the sun dropped low to the west and the sky turned to reds and oranges. My sister retrieved two bags of chips and another bottle of water which was the entire menu for our dinner. As the sky filled with bright relief stars, I told my sister ?Nobody will be coming by here tonight. Inspectors can’t see in the dark and anybody else on this road would be as lost as we are.?

?We aren’t lost, we’re stuck.? Birdie reminded me.

?Yeah, but anybody else stupid enough to be out here tonight would be lost or somebody we don’t want to meet. I guess we’ll have to sleep in the car.?

?I have to go pee? my sister announced and slipped into the shadows away from me.

Teasingly I said, ?Watch out for snakes or tarantulas.?

In seconds she was back, eyes wide with insecurity ?Snakes??

?Yeah, that flood had to have washed away some snake dens, them critters will be slithering around looking for a hole to crawl into. If you drop your pants, that’s two holes a snake might find inviting.?

?Goddammit you cocksucker, why did you have to say that!?? She darted her eyes left and right then sat back down next to me. ?Sonofabitch motherfucking asshole? she muttered as she peered into the fading twilight.

After about five minutes of silent pouting my sister turned toward me ?You keep a look out, I really have to pee.? She stood next to me then opened and dropped her summer shorts and panties to her knees then squatted down and let loose a fast hard stream of piss. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I watched her squatting next to me, a minor flood of yellow fluid causing a crease in the sand; her eyes were closed and lines of relief showed on her brow.

When she was done she stood to pull up her clothing but I stopped her with ?What the hell is that, a tattoo??

She looked down at the inked picture of Tinkerbelle just below and to the right of her bellybutton. ?Yeah, and I have Peter Pan right here.? She turned to show me her ass where a tthree inch Peter was standing on the small of her back, his feet resting on the rise of her left butt cheek. Not only was I eyeballing the two tattoos, I was also scanning her bared body. She had a stubble of pubic hair which couldn’t hide the crack between her legs. I’d never paid much attention to her before but my sister’s body between the bottom of the shirt and the shorts on her ankles had a very appealing shape and form.

?You look like you need a shave? I told her.

?Yeah, I do, it’s beginning to itch but I’m not going too, I did that for Stan but he’s gone so I’m going back to natural.? Birdie didn’t seem at all embarrassed to let me look her over while we discussed her tats and grooming but she bent over, pulled up her shorts and returned to the rock beside me.

Because there was nothing else to do my sister and I talked. In the past few years she and I hadn’t been very close, she being 5 years younger, so we talked about who we are, our lives, our beliefs and stuff like that. I asked her why she had run off with a 34 year old guy and she explained that as soon as she finished high school, mom was ragging on her to get a job or get out so she got out. She met this wanderer at party and decided to wander with him. All was well for three months then he met another girl and suggested a threesome. Birdie refused so he left with his new girlfriend, leaving her in a shabby little motel in a shabby little Texas town. She managed to talk someone into giving her a bicycle so she tried to ride from Texas to home but the bike was shit and fell apart under her. ?I got so fucking hard up I had two choices, either give blow-jobs for $10 or call mom. I’m not so lost yet that I will suck cheap cock so I called and here you are.?

?Yeah, here I am, stuck in the middle of the biggest sand pit in America, sweating my ass off.? The sun had gone down but the humidity from the rain was still thick.

?I’m sweaty too; you think we could get in that pool over there?? Birdie was pointing at one of the bigger mud holes in the waddy.

?Not there but I bet there are a couple of rock basins around, you know, big shallow holes in the rocks that catch water when it rains. They would be clearer, not as muddy. Go up there and look around those rocks, I’ll check over there.?

I kept an eye on Birdie as she scrambled to the top of the rock pile. Her legs and butt muscles were working, flexing and enticing as she climbed the little hill. I caught a glimpse of Peter Pan when her shirt pulled up, baring her back. Once she made the top of the hill I went to the other. I found what I was looking for, runoff from the rain had filled a large rock basin; the slightly cloudy pool was well over 12 inches deep and maybe 6 feet across. It was big and inviting so I yelled at my sister that I’d found the perfect spot.

I was pulling off my pants when she got there then I stepped into the pool wearing my boxers. Birdie didn’t hesitate, she pulled her shirt over her head, dropped her shorts and panties then waded into the water and sat down naked. She looked up at me ?That’s stupid, your underwear will get wet.? Since I hadn’t sat down yet my boxers were still dry so I stepped out and pulled them off. What the hell, if she wanted to skinny dip that was okay with me, she had a nice tight body and I was enjoying the view even if she was my sister.

Birdie looked me up and down, checking me out as I stepped back into the pool and sat facing her. She slapped the surface of the little pond, splashing water in my face. In seconds I had her wrapped up in my arms and drug her under the surface. The water was cooling, refreshing and energizing. When I let go of her we laughed and splashed a little more then eased back and started talking again. I didn’t let on but that brief underwater tussle had an effect on my prick. It filled about half way so I sat away from her; not letting her see what was going on in my lap.

We started talking about her runaway experiences again. She told me where they had gone, what they had done and about the week it took her to ride from Texas to where she ran out of money.

?Do you miss any of that?? I wanted to know.

?What I miss is him. He was a womanizing bastard, I know he fucked at least two other girls while I sat in a room waiting for him but he was a good fucking stud. I would have stayed with him longer because of the great sex but I couldn’t do a threesome.?

?What did he do that was so fucking awesome? Tell me some secrets that I can use on my girlfriends.?

Birdie laid back, her head on a rock pillow, her body half floating in the shallow pool, her breasts were partially submerged in the clear water, she spread her legs to steady herself, looked up into the night and began ?He had a god gifted tongue.? She rolled her head to me ?Did you ever see pictures of Gene Simmons’ tongue??

?The guy from KISS yeah, women must love him.?

Birdie looked into the dark and told me how her boyfriend could wrap the end of his tongue around her nipples and how deep into her body he could penetrate with it. ?The best part was when he would lick me from ass to clit then get me off with just the tip of his tongue. God he could move it so fast! He could tickle my butt hole then my clit and never move his head then he would fuck me with his mouth. I could get off before he really poked me.?

?What all did you guys do??

?Besides straight fucking? Oh, cum swallowing oral, ass licking, fisting, tit and butt fucks, and a thousand different positions. Once he stuck his prick in me he was a little quick but by the time he emptied his nuts I’d already had one or two orgasms. I liked fucking him, hell, I liked everything we did.?

My prick was becoming an erection as I envisioned my young sister getting twisted, turned and hammered. That her nude body was beginning to glow from the rising moon only encouraged my libido. The idea of incest had never before entered my mind but she was looking and talking like a girl I wanted to try.

Just as she finished her story we heard a car coming up the road. I shifted around in the pool and peered over edge of the rock and looked across the 40 yards to where my ride was parked. Birdie rolled over beside me, looking down the hill ?I almost can’t see the car, it’s too dark.? she mumbled.

?Shhh, let’s see what’s going on, if they look okay we’ll go down there.?

A big 4 wheel drive pickup rolled up behind my car, it’s high beams flooded the inside of my Honda. A couple of seconds later a tall fat guy climbed from the driver’s side and walked to my car. A second man, fatter than the driver came around the front of the truck carrying a rifle and a beer then started talking to the first. I didn’t hear what they were saying but I felt Birdie go tense beside me while the two scanned the area. I knew without asking that we wouldn’t be marching up to them and asking for a ride to town.

The driver pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and the two walked to the bridge then looked up and down the gully. They looked at our footprints in the still wet sand, then went further up and down the sand bar looking for us. After a couple of minutes they gave up and returned to my car where the driver plunked his fat ass on the hood and pulled out a cigarette. They looked like they were going to be around a while so I rolled to my side ?We might be here for the night, want to get out of the water??

Birdie whispered back ?Not yet, I’m going to stay here and watch those gangsters.? She looked at me sharply, ?You don’t leave me!?

?My turn to pee, I’ll be right back.? I knew the men couldn’t see us so I got out of the pool and sprayed my initials on a rock, when I was done I went back to my sister. She was lying face down, chin resting on folded arms, legs spread wide, balanced in the water. As I came up behind her my cock sniffed the air and smelled the open pussy just in front of it and swelled up hard.

I didn’t go back to her side, I didn’t sit behind her and stare at her very shapely nudity, I eased to my knees between her open legs then put my hands on either side of her head. No part of me was touching her but my erection was just a fraction of an inch above Peter Pan. Birdie twisted her head, looked into my eyes then pushed her ass up until my cock was lodged firmly in the crack of her cheeks. I pulled my hips back, let my erection fall between her legs then pushed gently into her. Birdie rocked her hips to help me slide in then laid her head back on her arms as I started fucking her.

Maybe I don’t have a super talented tongue but I am blessed with stamina. I can give a good hot woman a couple of climaxes before losing my load then in short order be ready to screw her again. I’ve had more than one girlfriend push me off because she was completely worn out. We weren’t on a bed, my sister was lying face down on a rock so I didn’t hammer her hard, I slow fucked her while we waited for the two guys to finish their vigil. At first Birdie was quiet, still, but the longer I slid in and out of her pussy, the more active she got. After a few minutes she quit watching the men and closed her eyes, focusing on the action between her thighs. Her face became more animated, lips and mouth moving sensuously, eyebrows arching and bending as the feeling caused by my hard-on inside her got her hotter, turned her on. She was beginning to breathe through her mouth, the rush of air into her lungs in sync with the cock sliding in and out of her.

I’d never made a pass at my little sister before but what we were doing felt as normal and natural as any other woman I’d been with. Maybe it was the isolation in the desert, maybe it was the danger we felt from the two men waiting for us, or maybe we just got horny at the right moment, but whatever the reason, I was thoroughly enjoying fucking Birdie. As I felt the tension in my balls building I whispered in her ear ?Can you take it??

She opened her eyes, rolled her head toward me ?I’m safe.? Her permission triggered my release and hot jets of ball juice surged deep into her. Birdie rocked her hips, meeting my frantic thrusts; my groin slapped her ass swiftly as I climaxed. I pulled my stiff muscle out of her cunt then watched my discharge drip from her body into the pool. I moved from between her legs and laid on my stomach next to her ?If we do that again, you have to kiss me? were her first words.

Just as I was forming an answer the two guys at the car gave up their watch and returned to the truck. In just a few seconds they had turned around and retreated as quickly diminishing taillights. My sister sat up on the rock next to the clear water pool then snarled at me ?You incredible bastard, you took fucking advantage of me! How could you do something like that to your own sweet innocent sister??

I was surprised at her reaction ?Hey, you could have just closed your legs and told me to jerk off or something.?

Birdie smiled big enough to light up the dark sky, destroying the mock anger ?I’ll bet your balls are happy I didn’t.?

Reassured that she didn’t hate me I looked down on our car. ?You want to go down.?

My sister gave me another big smile ?Yeah, I’ll go down, but not to the car.? She pushed me to my back, lifted my cock then leaned over and started mouthing the end of it. She rolled her eyes to me and said around the end of my resurging erection, ?When this it big enough, I you have to fuck me again.? Birdie put a lip lock on my prick and sucked me into another monolithic erection. She held the shaft in tender fingers while teasing the head of it with her tongue. Her other hand migrated over my thigh to cradle my nuts while she worked me up for another round of sex. When I was long and thick enough for her pleasure, she abandoned me only to straddle my body, easing her steaming hot cunt down on her desire. I watched Tinkerbelle dancing in the moonlight while Birdie’s stomach rolled and flexed as she rocked on my lap.

I reached for my sister’s tits and molded my hands around them, her nipples stiffened in appreciation. Birdie leaned down, her face close enough I could feel her breath on my cheeks. ?Kiss me? she urged then put her lips on mine. We necked enthusiastically while our bodies melded, becoming one sexual creature as the heat of our lovemaking bonded us. Tongues danced, lips glued, hips flexed and bumped. We fucked each other with the urgency of newlyweds until she bolted upright on her seat and began to wail into the night air. She rolled her hips rapidly, sliding on my cock then began to shiver as the orgasm shattered her control. She put her hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes as her body convulsed. I humped my ass and let go the forces of my balls into her again as she bounced over me.

The fucking rock was hard on my back. I didn’t notice it while my sister sucked and screwed me but now that we were trying to relax, I couldn’t. Birdie and I got out of the pool to air dry but we didn’t talk about what we had just done. It was as if it didn’t happen, we talked about getting some sleep then finally decided it would be okay to go back to the car and crash.

We were naked, carrying our clothes as I followed her down the path and the swing of her hips, the slight bonce of her ass energized me again. When we got to the car Birdie opened the door to get in but I said to her ?lay over the seat girl, I’ve got something for you.? She took a long lusty look at my erection, smiled with delight then bent over the seat, her feet on the ground. She was still slick from my discharge so I pushed my hard muscle into her cunt easily then my sister and began to forge an even stronger sibling bond. I held her hips and slammed through the thick pouty lips of her cunt until she cried out with three successively stronger orgasms. She was collapsed to the seat of the car, totally relaxed when I fired my third round into the deep, hot cunt. After fifteen minutes of rest and recuperation, we got dressed then sat back in the car. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, my satisfied nuts lulled me to dreamland.

A tap on my window woke me up. I opened my eyes to see a state trooper looking down at me. I got out of the car, ?You two okay?? he asked.

?Barely, we stopped just before that bridge washed away. If I hadn’t of stopped, my sister and I would be swimming in the Gulf right now.?

?Why did you stay here??

That’s when I told the cop that I didn’t have enough gas to get back to the town behind us. As he listened Birdie got out and stood with me, he glanced at my alluring sister appreciatively while I said ?We were waiting for the state inspectors or somebody that might have a little gas, enough to get back to fill up.?

?Well, I don’t know when the inspectors will be here but I’ve got a spare can of gas in my cruiser. I’ll be right back?

Fifteen minutes later we were on our way back to the town behind us. My sister was feeling frisky, happy to be on the road again ?Hey, about last night.?

?What about it??

?I liked it. I liked what we did, it wasn’t totally awesome but it felt really fucking good.?

I glanced at Birdie, she was leaning on the door facing me, her legs folded up on the seat, ?If you want ?totally awesome’ we’d have to be more comfortable where I can do you right.?

?That’s what I’m thinking; we should be on a bed and take our time. How much money do you have??

?Right now? About $700. Why??

?If we go east, not back to California, we could go a long way on $700. What do you say, want to take a road trip with your baby sister? We can take in the sights, then suck, lick and fuck until we run out of money then call mom for more.?

She paused, impatient for me to say something then added with a seductive smile ?Maybe I can persuade you with a little sample of the fun we could have.? As her fingers pulled my pants open I ran a quick calculation in my head; I could be screwing Birdie in Grand Junction, Colorado that night.

Last day at school

Last day at school
The last day for school was always a bittersweet one for Earl Everett, and as he sat at his desk and looked out at the empty desks and chairs that would stay barren until fall when a whole new herd would come in, his mind was on the scented piece of paper in his hands.

As he stretched his lanky 6’5" frame his 54 year old bones creaked almost as much as the chair he was in, but he mused that the one thing that kept him young were the students that kept him on his toes. The wise guys trying to put one over on him were one thing but the girls flirting and showing him all he could want to see was what really kept his interest.

The teacher laughed aloud when he thought of the skinny girl in his third period class, a gal almost as tall as he himself was. Laurel was as unattractive as they come with a figure that seemed androgynous, but she did have a pussy, an incredibly hairy one that she showed him a couple of times from her front row desk after riding her skirt up.

"The girls," Earl said to himself as he looked again at the note that one of those other young ladies had left on his desk when she left for the day, and while it was far from the most graphic he had ever received, it still piqued his interest.

Dear Mr. Everett,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me this year. I never would have graduated without the extra help you gave me. Since I’ll probably never see you again I think I have to tell you now that I’m kinda in love with you, and I always fantasized that one of those days when I stayed late you would seduce me - wishing you would just put me on your desk and have had your way with me.

Wouldn’t have put up a fight either :) Oh well.

Love always,


Earl looked over at the desk Karen sat at just to his right, and he pictured the chubby brunette on the desk he was leaning on. It wouldn’t be the first time this desk was used improperly, and the more he thought about her, well maybe he would stick around for the commencement exercises that night after all.


The look on the face of Karen Schultz when she saw him was priceless as he stood in the corner while the students were getting themselves in alphabetical order in the gym.

First a grin of recognition that she always gave him appeared on her face, but then it seemed she then remembered what she had written on that note earlier that day and the joyous face turned to horror, her cherubic face turning red.

"Come here you pudgy princess," he mumbled while using his index finger to summon her to him, and although Karen looked like she wanted to run she came in a walk, her 5’2" and 160 or so pound frame hidden under the blue graduation gown.

"Hello Karen," Earl said jovially.

"Uh - Hello Mr. Everett," Karen said warily. "What are you doing here?"

"Just stuck around to wish my students well."

"Oh. Umm... I didn’t expect to ever see you again, Mr. Everett."

"Yes, I think you mentioned that in your note," he replied as he held up the pink square of paper that reeked of some inexpensive perfume.

"About that note. You aren’t going to show my mother that are you?" Karen asked.

"Why would I do that? As a matter of fact the note is why I’m here," Earl explained as he looked down at the senior. "I found your suggestion about my desk quite interesting."

"You did?"

"Yes indeed. Of course since you were a student it would not have been proper for me to do anything, and besides you were probably just teasing me and kidding," Earl opined.

"Yeah," Karen responded and then stopped and said, "No. I was serious. Hopeless romantic."

"As I was saying, you were my student when you left the note and you’re a student now, but after you get that diploma you’re just another soon-to-be college girl."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that if you’re interested I’ll be up in the classroom after the ceremony."


"Second thoughts dear?"

"No Mr. Everett. Just shocked."

"There’s just one caveat," Earl said softly. You see, I get little satisfaction from regular intercourse. It’s a question of girth on my part."

"I don’t care if you have a small dick Mr. Everett. I mean, I’m far from perfect. I’m fat. It’s you I love and I’ll do anything to prove it to you."

"Really Karen? Do you like it in the ass?" Earl said dryly.

"Ass? Uh - I don’t know."

"You a virgin dear?"

"No but..."

"I have a hunch you would like it, and after seeing your plump butt all year I’ve been thinking about it a lot."

"You have?"

"Like I said," Earl said as the students got ready to be seated. "If you are interested, come on up. If not, good luck to you."

With that Earl left, heading back up to the classroom to clear off his desk because unless he was wrong, it would be getting used tonight.


Earl Everett was sitting at his desk when the door of his classroom opened up and the cherubic face of Karen Schultz peeked into the dimly lit room.

"I’m here dear," Mr. Everett said. "Come in Karen, and turn the lock after you close it.

The girl looked back down the darkened hall before ducking in and following her former teacher’s instructions, and the teacher smiled when he saw that Karen had noticed the small rectangular window on the door had been covered up by a small picture that not coincidentally fit perfectly to cover the glass.

"I hurried the best I could," Karen apologized as she neared the teacher, tossing her cap on a desk and pulling the billowing gown over her head. "Had to tell Mom that I was going out with friends. Omigod, look at me."

"You look fine dear."

"I’m all sweaty. The gym was so hot and that gown..." she sputter as she looked at her sweat stained blouse.

"You’re fine honey. Now why don’t you come over her and relax," Earl directed as he patted his bony leg and told her to sit on it. "Besides, you’re going to get a whole lot sweatier before we get done."

"Don’t want to crush you," Karen told the older man as she sat gingerly on his thigh between his spread legs.

"Not a chance," the lean and lanky man said as he put his arm around her thick waist and drew her closer. "You have no idea how many times I’ve looked over at you and thought about doing this."

"You did?" Karen mumbled as the teacher’s large bony hand came up and cupped her breast through her blouse, kneading the grapefruit-sized globe though the layers of clothing.

"I sure did," the older man sighed as he felt the girl’s nipple swell before sliding his hand downward to grab the bottom of her blouse. "Why don’t we get rid of this?"

The older man lifted the sweaty top up and over Karen’s head, tossing it aside and deftly reached around the plump teen to unhook her bra.

"Nice," Mr. Everett sighed as he looked at the round globes with their plump pink nipples before leaning down to suck on the pegs.

"Oooh!" the girl sighed as she squirmed on her former teacher’s lap, grabbing his shoulder for support as Mr. Everett suckled on her teat.

Earl leaned over to give Karen’s other breast equal affection, and when he glanced up at the source of the lightly scented aroma he smiled as he looked at the girl’s exposed armpit, with the creamy crater coated with a faint but dense five o’clock shadow not usually seen when Karen would raise her hand to ask questions in class.

"Let’s get you up for a second honey," her old instructor told the flushed graduate as he helped her to her feet so he could undo the girl’s jeans which cut into her belly a bit, and as he tugged the snug garment down he could see the outline of what looked like a lush bush beneath the cotton of her panties.

The girl’s thighs were plump but somewhat firm and her calves fleshy but shapely in their way, the teacher noted as he helped Karen step out of her jeans before his attention went to those rather modest panties which dug into her pudgy stomach.

The aging man looked up and smiled at the obviously anxious teen as he reached under the elastic top to bring down those panties, and as the densely haired delta came into view the strong scent of her sex almost knocked him over.

"Love your pussy," Mr. Everett sighed as he sent the granny panties down to the girl’s thick ankles and looked at the dense triangle of dark brown curls which obviously had never been trimmed or thinned out, and as he leaned forward so his nose grazed the hair he add, "Didn’t think you were the type to garden much down here. Turn around for me dear."

Karen kicked her panties off from her feet and did what her teacher asked, and when Earl Everett saw the plump white buttocks his hands came right up to grab them, squeezing the very giving flesh and parting the cheeks a bit.

"Nice," the older man sighed when he saw that the darkness in the bottom of the crevice was not shadows but a continuation of Miss Schultz’s bush which grew up and around to her anus.

"Let me get comfortable too," Mr. Everett said as he stood up and loosened his tie, and after pulling it off unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his skinny upper torso with the mat of silver and black curls on his chest. "Excited Karen?"

"Yeah. Scared too," she replied as she crossed her arms across her breasts, and the teacher chuckled inside when he saw Karen preferred hiding her breasts over her belly or her profusely hairy delta.

"Nothing to be scared of honey," Earl Everett remarked as he took off his baggy trousers and set them aside while the graduate looked at his equally baggy boxers. "It’s what you wanted. What WE wanted, isn’t it?"

With that the teacher, who at 54 was precisely three times the age of his pupil, pulled down his boxer shorts while watching his chubby friend’s reaction, and while he got what he was expecting from Karen’s dumbstruck expression as seeing his dick, he never tired of it.

"Mr. Everett?" Karen mumbled with her jaw dropped. "You said - you told me you had a little dick."

"I’m afraid that if you were still my student I would have to take points off because you didn’t really listen to what I sad," Earl mused aloud while taking hold of his manhood and stretching the flaccid hose out. "I said I lacked girth child, which you can see is surely the case. As far as length goes, I’d say I measure up quite well, wouldn’t you?"

Indeed, Earl Everett’s penis was exactly like the rest of the man’s 6’5" and 170 pound body, very lean and incredibly long, and while it wouldn’t get much longer erect than it was now, he was well aware he was a bit of a freak of nature and it was something he had always taken advantage of.

"Have a seat," Mr. Everett offered as he motioned to the throne he had just vacated. "I seem to recall you saying you want to be a teacher."

Karen seemed hypnotized by the slender uncut cock that dangled down precariously close to the teacher’s bony knees, and as Earl Everett moved up close to the graduate it was clear what he was expecting.

"I suspect you know what to do with this," he told his former student as he offered his limp tool to her, and as her short stubby fingers grabbed the gelatinous tube she tried to lift the rubbery hose to her lips.

"That’s it honey," Mr. Everett said after the girl managed to wrap her lips around it, and as he stroked her curly hair he brought her other hand up to try and control the skinny snake. "Suck it good. Make me hard for us."

With his cock firmly clutched in Karen’s sweaty hands he looked down and watched the girl get busy, and as her nervousness ebbed she actually started to do a good job as her face moved up and down the half that wasn’t in her fists.

"You’re doing fine Karen," Mr Everett sighed. "I had a suspicion with those full lips of yours that you’d be a good cocksucker, and it’s obviously you’ve done this before."

"Never on a boy with a dick like this though," the flush-faced student said when she came up for air, and as she looked at her former teacher’s cock sparkling with her saliva she said, "Gotta be a foot long."

"Almost," Earl replied as he watched the teen retract his foreskin to look at the olive sized glans, the inch or so he was lacking in that guess not worth mentioning. "You like it?"

"Yeah," Karen mumbled as she looked at her fist wrapped around the skinny stump and partly hidden in the silver and black curls and how her spit had barely coated half of the vein covered prong which now throbbed in her hand. "You aren’t going to put it all in my bottom, are you Mr. Everett?"

"Your bottom? Call it what it is honey."

"My ass, she corrected. "You aren’t going to put all of your dick in my ass are you?"

"As much as you want honey. As much as it takes to get us both off," her mentor explained. "And speaking of your ass, I think it’s time for me to get to work myself."

With that Mr. Everett helped Karen to her feet and had her put her palms on the desk so she was looking out at the empty desks and chairs. Her attention was broken when Earl reached into a drawer of the desk and tossed a tube of lubricant onto the wooden surface, its appearance sending a noticeable shiver down the tubby girl’s spine.

"Let me get a good look here," the instructor told his student as he sat back down and rolled the chair up close while telling Karen to spread her legs, and as he squeezed the fleshy globes he softly sang, "Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round."


"Just singing honey, a song that came out before you were born. Bend over a bit for me," he replied and as she complied he whistled after pulling her buttocks apart and seeing the dark beige puckered ring surrounded by a circle of hairs. "You are a hairy one."

"I know. Sorry," came the voice from above the desk.

"That wasn’t a complaint Karen. Far from it," Mr. Everett assured the teen. "I love hair and have enjoyed ladies even more furry than you. Are you Italian by any chance?"

"No," Karen grunted when she felt a bony finger rubbing her anus. "Daddy - he’s German and Mommy - ohhhh! - she’s Greek."

"That explains it," Earl remarked as he probed the balloon knot up to the knuckle, and as he corkscrewed the digit in further a blast of ass hit his face while the girl scratched at the desk. "Sensitive, aren’t we? Doesn’t hurt though does it?"

"No. Not yet," Karen told him as the finger came out, and when she felt Mr. Everett’s face push into her crack she asked, "What are you doing?"

"Just relax," came the muffled voice as his long bony fingers spread her ass as far as he could while his tongue came out and found the prize, causing a yelp from the shocked student.

"OMIGOD!" Karen cried out as the tongue rubbed the ring and the surrounding area, the other other sound coming from the snorting coming from her former teacher who as was his custom got a little crazy when rimming, and when his serpent-like tongue dipped into the puckered ring he was rewarded for his efforts with another, even louder, "OMIGOD!"

Without stopping his oral onslaught the teacher reached up and grabbed the tube of lube, and after greasing his throbbing member with the gel he reluctantly pulled his aching tongue out of Karen’s ass crack and stood up.

"Try not to yell so loud," Mr. Everett asked as he prepared to lubricate the teen’s anus, because while the door was locked and the building supposedly deserted there was no sense in courting fate.

"I’ll try Mr. Everett oooh!" Karen cooed when the cool gel met her steaming rectum and as his long finger dipped in and out the instructor knew the time had come.

"Time to check your oil honey," the mentor chuckled as he peeled back his foreskin so that as he introduced the conical glans into Karen’s balloon knot he could savor the feeling better.

"OH geez!" Karen moaned as Mr. Everett guided the absurdly long prong into her steamy rectum, the probe gliding effortlessly like a hot knife through butter, and the teacher didn’t stop until he had impaled the plump pupil to the hilt.

"Didn’t hurt, did it Karen?" Earl asked as he leaned over the girl’s back while her hands gripped the edge of the table.

"No - feels like it’s going to poke out of my belly though. Is it really all in?"

"Ha ha ha," Mr. Everett chuckled as he enjoyed the teen’s anus sizing up around the bottom of the shaft, and as he slowly retracted his spear he said, "Yes, you took ever inch honey. Your ass was built for my cock."

"Ooh ooh ooh ooh!" Karen cried out as the slick prong was brought all the way out.

"Now that my cock and your ass have been properly introduced," the lean and lanky instructor declared, and without further adieu plunged his entire length back into the sprawled student with none of the tenderness of a few seconds earlier.

To his delight, although the girl cried out after the initial thrust, the thrusts that followed were met by grunts of pleasure along with Karen’s shockingly filthy commentary.

"OH! OH! YES!!" Karen squealed after Mr. Everett asked if she was okay, and even though her voice was louder than the teacher would have wished her vulgarity added to his passion.

"Fuck my ass. Fuck it!" Karen grunted as the force of Mr. Everett’s pounding actually started moving her and the desk towards the front row of student desks. "Fuck my fat ass Mr. Everett. Fuck it with your freaky dick."

"You like it huh? You like me drilling you asshole don’t you?" Earl growled as he reached down and clawed at her back, trying and succeeding in getting his bony hands under the girl between her and the desk so he could roughly squeeze her tits as his savage sodomizing continued.

"Oh! My’s cunt rubbing the edge of the desk!" Karen almost screamed. "Gonna cum!"

Desperately Mr. Everett reached up to try and cover her mouth to stifle Karen’s howling, and although he couldn’t shut her up completely he managed to make it less loud than it would have been.

"Sorry," the flushed teen mumbled after her orgasm ebbed, with her staring at the student desks that surrounded Mr. Everett’s desk which during the course of things had ended up halfway into the room like an out-of-control snow plow. "Never came like that before."

"It’s okay Karen," Earl Everett muttered as he decided it was time for him to end this before the cops came through the door. "Here I come."

With a couple of final thrusts Earl felt his orgasm rise from his nuts and through his cock, and as he spurted his seed into Karen’s bowels the pudgy teen squirmed and cooed in delight as the hot cum filled his cavity.

After her teacher pulled his deflating snake out of the girl he straightened up, his back reminding him of his age, and then his former student peeled her sweaty body off the wood. The two of them looked at each other, with Karen embarrassed while Mr. Everett just smiled, having been here and done this before.

"I can help you fix the room," Karen said as Mr. Everett pulled his own desk back where it belonged, and as she put the rows of student desks and chairs back in place the older man smiled when she referred to the students that were her classmates that usually sat there.

"Sorry Becky," Karen chirped as she worked while talking to the imaginary students. "Hope you enjoyed the show Chad. Bet you wish that was you, don’t you Faith?"

When the two finished the room was as good as new with only the aroma of the room changed, the chalk dust scent replaced by a heady mixture of sweat, ass and sex. Karen suddenly realized she was still naked, and after covering herself with her hands for a second started putting on her clothes.

"Gotta lose weight," Karen mumbled after she wiped her butt with her panties and jammed them in her jeans pocket before putting the rest of her things on, topping it off by putting on the graduates gown.

"It obviously didn’t damper my enthusiasm," Mr. Everett assured the teen. "I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"It was amazing. Never did anything like that before," Karen admitted, and then added, "You know, if you wanted to do it again some time? I don’t go off to college until last August."

Thank you. Maybe I’ll take you up on that kind offer," her former teacher replied, although he knew he would never see the girl again, at least like this.

One time and done was his motto. Anything more might involve emotional entanglements, and that wouldn’t work for anybody, Earl mused as he did a little mental math and realized that if he wanted to count the number of girls who had been sprawled over that trusty desk over the years he would have to take his socks off to count them all.

"Next fall old friend," Mr. Everett whispered as he tapped the surface of the desk while his former student waited for him at the door. "You get to see all the pussies, and I see the asses. We’re a team."

"What did you say Mr. Everett?" Karen asked.

"Just talking to myself," he chuckled as he put his arm around the graduate’s shoulder and unlocked the door, peeking out into the darkened and thankfully deserted hall before ushering her out.

The aging instructor gave a last look back to the classroom with the empty chairs that would be filled come September with new students eager to learn, and hopefully one of them a young woman eager and willing to take some extra instruction as well.

Fuck me hard - bbw and a nerd

Fuck me hard - bbw and a nerd
I am sitting in the library, waiting for my next student. I can’t even remember what it is I am supposed to be tutoring now. I look in my agenda. I note that I am meeting with a new student Chris at 3:30pm. It’s 4:00pm, and I am still waiting in the library. Although let’s face it, where else would a 4.0 GPA student with no social life be at 4:00pm on a Friday. It’s not like I have entered the student union pub during my two years at college. Chris is probably at the student union drinking right now.

I take another sip of the coffee in my thermos as I wait for Chris to not show up. I will certainly need all the caffeine I can get as I learn how to audit the payables account cycle. I hear footsteps, and I glance up. As I look up I see one of the most beautiful redheaded women I have ever l seen. She approaches the study room I am in.

Her wavy red hair extends to her shoulders. Her emerald green eyes are looking directly at me. She is wearing a black leather jacket, and matching leather pants, and boots. She is holding a motorcycle helmet in her left hand, and she is wearing a backpack. She has to be at least 5’10" and she is likely over 230lbs. Some guys like thin women, and good for them. Maybe I am just wired differently. I just prefer women who are bigger. As icing on the cake, she also has a pierced lip, and crimson lipstick. She is both fierce and beautiful at the same time.

"Excuse me!" she asks. "I am looking for my tutor."

I take my eyes off of her long and fiery red hair to look at my agenda. I sigh to myself and think why I am never lucky enough to tutor a really hot student like this.

"I doubt it. I am looking for someone named Chris, who is probably some dude who is already drunk off his ass. While I am here looking at sampling techniques to use when reviewing accounts payable. I admire Chris, he must know how to enjoy himself. He is smart enough not to be here."

A Cheshire cat grin comes across the red headed woman. She extends a hand. "Hi, I am Christina."

I turn a red color and stand up. "I am so sorry, I just assumed .... "

"Don’t be sorry. I am 30 minutes late. I forgot about our appointment until I was at an intersection and felt my cell phone buzz reminding me of my appointment. I got here as soon as I could," Christina explained. "I practically raced across the city to get here."

While Christina apologized I could not help but wondering if I was having a dream. "I am sorry, I just assumed that Chris was some dude wearing flip flops with a beer in one hand, and a bong in the other."

"No, but that sounds like my brother Nick." Christina replied with her eyebrows raised. "Or maybe my ex!"

"I am so sorry. I ..." stammer like an idiot.

"Are you trying to set a world record for the number of times apologizing to a woman in five minutes?" she asks with a glimmer in her eyes. I could literally stare into those eyes for eternity. "I think my ex already set that record when I found him screwing another girl in the parking lot behind his work."

"Did the apology work?" I asked.

"Sure, and then I apologized for letting the air out of his tires."

"It’s just that I didn’t want offend you."

"I am just messing with you," Christina chortles. "So I guess I only have thirty minutes left?"

"I really wasn’t doing anything important, and it’s not like I have anywhere else to be, so we might as well complete a one hour session," I answer, trying to appear smooth. This is a bit difficult considering that I am a huge nerd. I sense she can see right through me. "So let me guess, you’re a marketing student?"

Christina sits down and puts her backpack on the table. "Nope!" She replies.

"Sorry I am used to tutoring marketing students who begrudgingly have to take an accounting course. Are you in another business program?" I enquire.

"Nope, try again!" Christina replies.

"Are you an accounting student?" I ask.

"God no! I would never be able to stand the boredom. I am in the small engines program," Christina replies.

"Why are you taking accounting 101 then?" I ask.

"It is a long story," she answers.

"So what is it that you are having a problem with?" I ask.

"Let’s start with the concept of debit versus credit," she states.

"Think of debit as the greek word for left hand side, and credit as the greek word for right hand side." I remarked.

"Wait! Why don’t you just say left hand side and right hand side," she asks.

"Because it is more syllables than debit or credit." I answer, "as long as your left hand side equals the right hand side, all is okay."

She sits down and takes off her leather jacket, and her boots. The image of her unzipping her leather makes my heart palpitate.

"Mind if I take my boots off," she asks as she already has one boot off. "My feet are aching."

I am tempted to offer her a foot massage. However my brain immediately tells me that would not be a good idea considering I just met her. And she looks like she could easily kick my ass.

"Go ahead," I remark.

We sit for the next hour and go over her assignment. At the end she thanks me. I ask her for her number.

"Ohh!" she grins," are you going to ask me on a date?" she teases.

"Ah well, ahhh, I thought I should have your number, so we can set up another appointment." I stutter. I must have been blushing.

I see a smile on her face again. She laughs. "She writes her number on a piece of paper. Are you sure you don’t want to ask me anything else?"

As she is zipping up her leathers past her breast at this time, and I let out a shallow breath.

"Can I ask you something?" Christina asks.

"Sure." I say. I am still a beet red color.

"Do you ever leave here?" she asks.

"What do you mean?" I ask

"Everytime I am in the library, you are here," she states.

"Well I am in here quite a bit," I admit to her.

"What do you do for fun?" she inquires.

"Well I sit on the board as a secretary for an organization, and I take the minutes," I respond.

"No I mean fun," she responds.

"I like to dabble in Visual C#," I answer.

"Have you ever done anything reckless," she asks.

"I guess it depends on your definition of reckless," I stated.

She shakes her head. "Guess how fast I was travelling along the highway to get here," she gloats.

"Well the legal speed limit is 100km/h. So I am going to say 100km/h."

"Try 100mph!" she responds. She sighs. "Do you know how I found you as a tutor?" she enquired.

"I asked at the tutoring office for the guy that seems to live at the library. And the tutoring coordinator immediately thought of your name," she responded. "So I figured you must have known your stuff. And, you certainly know a lot. You are a walking encyclopedia." she said.

"Okay", I said.

"Take a risk once and a while," she advised, "you might get lucky. By the way your cheeks are as red as my Ducati." She then winked at me as she put on her riding gloves, and walked out of the door.

I walked home after that encounter. I wasn’t sure what to think, or feel. Take a risk? Is she wanting me to ask her out? Why would someone as hot as her want to be with someone like me? She could probably have any guy in a second. Is she just trying to just express some form of platitude like life is too short? Well I have another four sessions with her. Why on Earth did she ask me to tutor her? Why on Earth is she even studying accounting? It’s not even something that most mechanics study. What does she want?

I end up tossing and turning that night thinking about her. Thinking of her racing through the night at high speeds on her Ducati. I decided to have a few allergy pills to help put me to sleep.

The next day when I am walking back to college, I hear the sound of a motorcycle. I look over to my right and see her red Ducati as she speeds along to school. She briefly looks over at me as she races along.

I arrive at school and walk into my first class. The Canadian Income Tax Act is literally as thick as a major city phonebook. It is long and complicated. It is the product of 100 years of parliamentary debate, and reactions to court decisions. Yet I still find it simpler and more understandable than things like love, attraction, and sex. Using the Income Tax Act, I can calculate with absolute certainty of the value of the adjusted cost basis of a piece of real property, and the taxable capital gains on said property, as well as the marginal tax owing on the disposition of the property. I cannot with a high degree of certainty how a woman will react to my advances. It’s not calculable. So I retreat to the solitude of the library. Sex is another matter. I have read various biology books, so I understand academically the process involved with sex. I have read about various positions in the Karma Sutra. However I question how on Earth I would actually ... do it. I should likely be paying attention to the professor, but I am not.

I leave the class, and happen to walk through the tech section on my way to my Financial Administration course. I happen to see Christina in the hallway. She seemed to be wearing crimson lipstick.

"Hey!" she said.

"Hi!" I say, with a smile.

"Sorry I didn’t stop, but I didn’t have another helmet," she remarked.

"That is okay," I remarked.

Behind me I hear someone loudly proclaim, "Whoa, Christina’s getting laid."

Without missing a beat, Christina looks up and extends a middle finger. "Fuck off Jay!" she said. She motioned for me to walk with her down the hall.

"So I have a test next Tuesday, and I really need help." she said.

"Is it the second test?" I ask.

"Yes!" she remarks.

"So we need to cover trial balances, income statements, and balance sheets," I explain. "When would you like to meet in the library," I ask.

Christina looked at me and said, "how about we meet in the cafeteria at 3:00pm. I have a three hour class, and I am starving by the end."

"You don’t think it will be too distracting." I ask.

"I usually listen to AC/DC when studying," she remarks.

"I suppose you don’t need a quiet environment when studying." I remark.

"I am used to hearing engines, and air tools." She answered.

We meet at 3:00pm in the cafeteria. She gets a bacon double cheeseburger and fries. She asked me if I wanted anything, and I remarked that I had lunch before.

"So where should we begin?" she asks.

"I have to ask, what did you mean when you were talking about I might get lucky if I take a risk?" I inquired. I start blushing

Christina looks directly into my eyes, smiles, and says, "you will have to find that out for yourself. Do you play poker?"

"No, I have never played poker," I answer.

"Figures! You have a tendency to blush when you get flustered. It’s kind of cute. But it is a huge tell. I don’t think you could bluff me at all. You would lose your shirt to me," she remarks.

"Thanks! I think." I don’t know whether to take that as an insult, or compliment.

"I hope I don’t scare you off by asking, but do you have a crush on me." She asks.

I struggle to form words. How do I say this? Fuck yes absolutely, I was up dreaming about you last night. I open my mouth, "are you psychic?"

"You were sending out vibes the last time. I noticed your breathing when I zipped up my leather jacket," she says this with a smile on her face.

"Do you find me attractive?" she asks.

I have never had a conversation like this with a woman. Let alone a goddess like her. Why can’t I just get the words out?

I finally manage to blurt out a phrase, "You are extremely hot!" By this time, I am sweating.

"So ... Is there anything you would like to ask me?" Christina asks.

"Would you like to go out to dinner with me?" I ask quietly. Although she has been fishing for me to ask this question, part of me is afraid she will turn me down.

"When?" she asks.

"Tomorrow," I gulp.

"Do you have a car?" she asks.

"No," I answer.

"I will pick you up in my dad’s car, and then we will go from there." she remarks.

"Come walk with me," she instructs.

I walk with her to her locker, where she gets her leathers on, and she gets her helmet. She takes her long wavy hair, and puts it into a ponytail with a scrunchie. She closes her locker, and I follow her outside to her bike.

She straddles the 1200cc stallion, and starts the engine. The image of this gives me an instant erection. Her legs are straddling the mighty 1200cc beast. She puts her gloves on, and revs the powerful engine between her legs. I can imagine it throbbed against her pussy.

She smiles and says, "I will see you tomorrow night babe. I have to fly." She gives me a come closer gesture with her finger. I move closer to her and the beast of a machine. She pecks me on the lips, and then puts her helmet on, and does up the strap. I see her smile from behind the helmet. She then lets out the clutch, and proceeds to race out of the parking lot. The end of her ponytail sticks out of her helmet, and is held up by the flow of air created by her motorcycles high velocity. This is clearly someone who has no concept of what a posted speed limit is.

I walk home haunted by the image of her rocketing away. Holy Lady Godiva, I think to myself. For the life of me I can’t figure out what she sees in me. I think back to her remarks about her ex. I can’t help but wonder if he was mentally defective. Why would anyone blow a relationship with such an amazing woman?

I lay awake thinking of her long flowing hair, the shade of her crimson lipstick, and the smell of her leather jacket, and her emerald green eyes. I want to look into her eyes forever.

I wake up on Friday morning, and I walk downstairs. I am about to open up my Financial Administration textbook. Yet the image of her haunts me. I could stare for hours at her eyes. Not to mention her boldness. It is a quality I admire. She doesn’t seem to spend her life over analyzing the minutiae of life, or doing cost benefit analysis on what her next move should be.

I should be focusing on a bond yield question, yet I find myself fixated on the image of her racing out of the parking lot. I put down my textbook, and I head upstairs for a shower. I have a quick cold shower, and I head back downstairs.

I quickly complete the bond yield question. The rest of the day is inconsequential, until I get a call at 6:00pm. It’s her.

"Hey," I answer.

"Hi, I have a dumb question" she asks.

"Okay!" I answer.

"Where do you live?" she asks.

"500 Borden St, south of Tamworth." I respond.

"Shit that must be a hike back and forth? I’ll offer you a ride to school next time." she answers.

"I should be there in five minutes. So, where are we going on our date?" she questions.

Oh, fuck I completely have no Idea. "What is your favourite place?" I ask.

"Are you in the mood for a drive?" she asks.

"Okay. That sounds good." I respond. Actually it sounds like the highlight of my still young adult life, but I don’t want to sound too excited.

A few moments later, a red sports car pulls up. I walk out, and notice it is Christina behind the wheel. I can’t help but notice the vanity plate that reads "Hanan1." I get in what I determine to be a Ford Mustang.

"Wow, nice car!" I remark, as I sit in the leather seat.

"Hey babe," Christina says, "you ready for our date?"

"Sure, where are we going?" I ask.

Christina pulls out of the driveway, and starts heading south.

"Does it really matter where we go? It’s a surprise, and you’re along for the drive," she answers devilishly.

She then turns on the CD player, and AC/DC’s Thunder stuck is playing. She looks over at me, and there is a glimmer in her eyes.

We head south towards the freeway, and stop at a red light near the exit ramp. For some reason I feel emboldened. I lean over towards her, and peck her on the cheek. She smiles, and she returns my kiss. She moves her hand for the gear shifter to my left leg. Her hand moves up my left thigh towards my crotch. I feel a tingling sensation from her touch. I groan softly.

As the lights begin to change she moves her right hand back to the shifter.

She makes a right turn onto the freeway on ramp.

"Babe, you might want to hold on to something, and put your head against the headrest" she states. "The 4.6 litre engine in this car can get to 60 in 3 seconds flat.

I open my eyes wide, put my head back, and hold on. Her right foot pushes the accelerator. In a few heartbeats we speed past the 100km/h limit. I look over to her face, and I can tell that speed is her aphrodisiac. We change lanes over to the left. She pulls her foot back on the accelerator, and the car no longer feels like an F18 taking off from the flight deck of a carrier.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaim.

"I think that is the first time I heard you swear," she said with a smirk. She moved her right hand back over to my thighs, and continued to rub. I am not sure if it was the petting, or the fact I was sitting next to Christina racing down the highway, but I was definitely aroused.

Christina looked over and noticed the bulge in my shorts.

She giggled.

"My ex used to complain that I teased him too much," she said in a sultry voice. "I don’t play fair, and I love to tease."

Christina drives to the next exit. I swear we are travelling twice the speed of the suggested ramp speed. I feel the lateral G forces pull me towards Christina.

We travel a kilometer south. I notice a sign on the side of the road. "Hanan’s Toy World." Is there a family connection?

"Stop one on our tour." She declares.

We go around to the rear entrance. And she opens the rear door. She punches in a code on the alarm panel.

"Welcome to my family’s business," she welcomes. She motions for me to follow her to an office.

I enter the office with her, and I notice photos of a younger her wearing motocross gear. She is sitting on top of a dirt bike without a helmet.

"That was after I won the provincial youth motocross championship," she boasted. "There were a lot of guys that were disappointed they lost to a girl."

"I bet," I chortle. "You never cease to amaze me."

She sits on top of a desk near me.

"So has it become obvious why I would want to study accounting," she remarks.

"I am able to figure that out now," I answer.

"Someone has to maintain the books, and my brother is an idiot," she remarks.

"I will admit that I am a much better mechanic than an accountant. I have been working on cars and bikes since I was 15," she remarks. "When the Ducati came in, it would not start. I replaced the starter, and now it growls like a beast."

"It sounds like it is fun to ride," I remarks.

From Christina’s expression I can tell that I have made the understatement of this century.

"You don’t simply ride a Ducati, you become one with the machine. The seat is angled so your intimate parts are pressed into the gas tank. It has a 1200 cc v twin motor that throbs against you. It rides like an untamed stallion. It accelerates hard, and brakes hard. To get the most enjoyable ride you have to lean with the machine. And, if you are not careful it will throw you off. It is like having hard rough sex," she explains seductively.

Watching her give this explanation causes my dick to swell. Because I am wearing shorts she can see the effect that she is having on me. She smiles.

She motions for me to come closer. I happily oblige her. She then opens her legs and extends them around me. She then closes her legs around me, holding me in place. Once again I am amazed by her boldness. I have never been this close to a woman before. She is holding me against her. The only thing that separates my swollen penis from her vagina is 3 mm of clothing. She feels me against her. She smiles.

"It looks like someone is eager to play," she whispers, "maybe he can come out a bit later. We still have to go to dinner, and I know just the place. There is just one thing."

By this time I am willing to do anything she tells me to do. I am entranced by her.

"What’s that?" I ask.

"Do you trust me?" she asks.

"Without a doubt," I answer.

She releases me from her hold, and I step back. Her leather jacket and helmet are in a nearby chair. She puts on her jacket, and tells me to follow her out of the office.

We walk over to a nearby coat rack in the back. She pulls a jacket off the rack and hands it to me. On the shelf she finds some chaps.

"You’ll want to put these on babe," she suggests.

"Why?" I ask.

"We are going out to dinner on my latest project. And, I always believe in wearing the right gear for biking. Now put these on while I get you a helmet."

I put on the leathers and chaps as I am instructed. She returns with a helmet for me to wear.

"You look sexy in leather. Here is a helmet for you to wear. You might want to wait until we are outside before you put it on," Christina instructs.

She grabs her helmet and her gloves from the office.

"Ready?" she asks.

"I have no idea what I am getting into," I remark.

"Relax! It will be more fun than you ever had," she answers.

She takes my hand, and she leads me out the side door. It’s waiting there.

"The Ducati is being delivered on Tuesday to a customer. I just finished work on the Hayabusa today," she remarked. "It is even faster than the Ducati."

I start feeling weak in the knees. I have never been on a motorcycle before. I am extremely nervous, given Christina’s aversion to posted speed limits.

"I have never been on a motorcycle before." I remark.

"I promise not to ride like a maniac with you on the bike," she responds, "you just snuggle against my back, place one hand on the tank, and the other against my waist. Keep your feet on the pegs, and move with me like a human backpack. I can tell that your cock is hardening at the idea of spooning with me on my motorcycle."

Fuck she is right. I look as she straddles the bike, and turns the key. She pushes the starter and the machine roars to life. She puts her helmet on, and motions for me to put my helmet on. I am not able to fasten the strap on the bottom. Christina sees this, and reaches over, and fastens the strap. She turns on the intercom.

"Okay, now put your left foot on the peg, put your hand on my shoulder, swing your other foot around to the other peg, sit down, and hold on to me," she instructs.

I do as she instructs

"Babe, you need to hold on tighter or you will fall off," she states.

I am now leaning against her on the bike, and my engorged penis is pressed against her voluptuous ass. Since Christina loves to tease me, she wiggles her ass against me.

"Hold on babe, we are about to fly," she states.

We exit the parking lot of her family’s dealership, and then we are off. We lean into the turn to exit the dealership, and then she opens the throttle as we exit the turn. I close my eyes. I feel the acceleration, and hold her tighter. She shifts into second gear, and there is no indication that she plans on letting up on the throttle. I open my eyes for a moment, and I see the back of her helmet, and the bottom of her pony tail. I close my eyes again, and focus on breathing. She shifts into third, and she starts to let off the throttle.

She lets off the throttle, and she moves her left hand to my knee.

"Still back there?" she asks.

"Oh fuck, how fast are we going?" I ask.

"80mph," she answers.

"Promise me one thing," I ask.

"What?" she asks.

"Warn me when you do that again," I answer.

She laughs.

I open my eyes, and I see that we are approaching an intersection. Christina applies the brakes. I push against the gas tank to avoid knocking her helmet. In spite of my efforts I end up sliding forward, and I end up pressing up against her ass harder.

"Hmm that felt nice," she teases. "I will have to do that again."

"This is more intense than any thrill ride I have ever been on," I remark. "Now I know what it’s like to be on one of those Star Wars Landspeeders."

"Star Wars fan?" she asks "I will have to put on my R2-D2 nightgown on for you. I was thinking of wearing my Batgirl nightwear."

"Batgirl sounds sexier." I joke. "You even have the bike and leathers to match."

Christina laughs.

"When I first met you, you were nervous to ask my number. Now you want to see my Batgirl nightgown," she remarks.

"I am sitting on your bike, spooning you, and I am horny from the sensation of being pressed against your sexy body while riding your crotch rocket. What inhibitions would I have left," I explain.

"Babe, the Light is about to change, and I am about to open the throttle," Christina says.

I put my arms around Christina tightly below her voluptuous breast, and I move forward on the seat. I am firmly pressed against her leather clad ass. Christina wiggles her ass, and then revs the engine.

"Hmmmm," she groans. "Time to blast off."

She lets in the clutch, and once again we are speeding off into the horizon. This time I am more accustomed to the sudden jolt of speed, and I keep my eyes open. We are rocketing along the highway, yet I no longer feel anxious. I am holding on to her, and I feel safe, and that everything will be okay. I feel connected to her.

"Christina," I say softly.

"Yes," she answers.

"You were right about taking risks, you are the most amazing, and inspiring woman, I have ever met." I profess.

I feel her move her left hand move from the handlebar to my knee. After a spirited 20 minute ride we arrive at a barbecue restaurant on the North Shore of Lake Ontario

We sit on the patio facing the lake.

"So, how did you like riding on my motorcycle?" Christina asks.

"It was better than Disney World," I answer.

"So do you want to come to my place after, or should we go to your place?" she questions.

"It’s the weekend, so my roommates are likely going to be drunk and obnoxious," I answer.

We can go to my family’s cottage and study together," she responds. "I am currently living alone there."

"I left my finance textbook, and income tax act at home" I respond.

Christina laughs, and shakes her head.

"I wasn’t thinking of those two subjects," she responds.

"Do you want another tutoring session?" I ask.

"Umm, sort of" she responds.

"Is there another topic you were thinking of?" I enquire.

"Biology," she responded playfully.

"I am afraid I am not qualified to tutor you in that topic," I answer.

"I was actually thinking of tutoring you in that area," Christina remarked, "Do you understand now?"

I stop for a moment. Is it that obvious that I have never been intimate?

"I am quite knowledgeable in that area. What makes you sure I need a tutor in that area? "I ask. Please may I not be blushing, I think to myself. She can read me like a fucking book.

"Call it a hunch," she says suppressing a laugh, "I am sure you are quite knowledgeable from your readings. However half the fun with biology is applying it in the lab. And Batgirl has some experiments she wants to run with the test tube in your pocket."

"Well, who am I to stand in the way of science, Batgirl," I joke. She laughs, and puts her hand on my knee. The feeling of her hand on my knee bare knee causes a quivering.

After dinner, Christina and I walk briskly back to her bike. She pulls her hair into a ponytail. I can hardly wait to play with her hair later. I stare as she straddles the bike, turns the key, and presses the starter. The Hayabusa growls as it awakens. Before she has an opportunity to put on her helmet, I move in and lightly peck Christina on lips. Christina reaches her left arm out to pull me in closer. She tilts her head slightly to the right, while bringing my lips to hers. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss. She opened her lips and started to probe my lips with her tongue. I opened my mouth, and welcomed her sweet invasion. She kissed hungrily, and I use the opportunity to stroke her fiery red hair. She feels the bulge in my chaps, and gently strokes me.

"Babe get your helmet on, and let’s go," she commands.

I eagerly follow the command of my Goddess on a bike. I put on my helmet, and take my place on her pillion seat. She revs the engine, and I can feel it reverberate through the seat, against my hardening dick. I grind my loins against her ass, and place my hands greedily around her breast.

"Babe I love it when you grind against my ass. Are you ready to come home with me?" she asks in a sultry tone.

I moan in approval, and grind against her ample ass.

We exit the parking lot, and we waste very little time reaching her home. Thank god the OPP were not out patrolling that evening. Christina is living at her family’s cottage which is on a lake. The location is idyllic. I would take more time to appreciate the beauty of the location, but the ride has me in the mood for other activities.

She turns off the bike, and we both climb off. It’s the evening so it has cooled down considerably. We walk over to the front door. Christina opens the door, and then takes off her helmet. I love the way her hair tumbles out of her helmet. I take off my helmet too, and place it next to hers. She embraces me in her arms, and then moves her arm down to caress my ass.

"Mmmm, nice and firm," she comments. She then playfully gives my ass a light spank.

She then takes my hand and leads me to her room, and she stops at the bed.

"Babe, I will just be in the bathroom for a moment. I can tell it is your first time, and I want to make it special," Christina remarks.

"Who said it is my first time?" I asked incredulously. Fuck I am blushing again.

Christina smirked, and then proceeded to push me over on to her bed. She straddled me.

"I can read you like a book. You’re cute, sexy and smart. And, after my ex, I am happy to be with a virgin. I can tell that you desire me, and want to be with me." She lies across me to reach her nightstand. While I am enjoying the sensation of her silky red hair on my face, she is busy grabbing something from the nightstand. I then feel her move my right arm up. I hear a clicking sound around the bedpost, and feel something metallic on my wrists. Handcuffs? What the fuck?

"What are you doing?" I ask with a sense of panic.

"Making this a night you won’t forget." she answers. She reaches down, and unbuckles the chaps, and unzips my shorts. She smiles as she releases my dick from my underwear. It stands erect straight upwards

"Why someone is eager to play," she comments. She moves off the bed, and then bends over my penis. She gives it a slow lick from the base to the tip.

"Holy fuck!" I remark.

She smiles as she walks over to her dresser, and opens it. She retrieves the batgirl nightgown.

"Back for you in a second babe. Don’t go anywhere."

"I would not dream of leaving." I remark. Besides, I am handcuffed to her bed. Admittedly it feels exciting.

She carries herself to the bathroom with a noticeable spring in her step. I am lying in her bed excitedly awaiting her return. There is literally nothing I can do, other than to wait for my voluptuous goddess’s return. I find myself getting warm, so I use my left arm to unzip the leather jacket that I did not have time to remove.

"I’ll be there in a second," she remarks.

She comes back in the room wearing her Batgirl nightgown. The yellow bat is prominently showing across her bust. The night gown comes down to just below her waist. She bends slightly to plug a cd into the CD player, and I notice she isn’t wearing any underwear. Just her Batgirl nightgown and gloves

She looks over to me and smiles. She grabs something from her drawer, and takes it out of the wrapper. She straddles me on the bed, and places a purple condom on my swollen penis.

"It’s your first time, and I want you to last until I cum, on your throbbing, hard cock," she explains seductively. This will help reduce the sensation

Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love starts to play on the stereo. She takes my cock in her gloved hand, and opens up her labia with the other hand. She slowly descends on my cock. I moan in ecstasy. I’m penetrating the most seductive woman I have ever met. It feels incredible. Her vagina envelops my cock firmly, and warmly. I can feel her moisture against my cock.

"Ohhh Christina," I moan, "that feels amazing,"

"Our ride made me really horny," she explained, "my lips were spread along the inner seam of my chaps, and I pressed against the gas tank. Your rock hard cock was pressed against my ass. Every bump just made me hornier. I thought I was going to cum on the bike. Now I get to ride you."

She moves her hips in small circles, grinding my cock against her vagina. She leans back to stimulate her G spot, and puts her hands on my knees. I look at her, and I am treated to the sight of her breasts almost overflowing from her batgirl nightie. Her hair is dangling downwards. She grinds her g-spot against the tip of my penis.

"Hmmm, babe this feels so good," she remarks. "I could ride you all night long."

"Mmmm, I think I’d like that," I remark.

With my free hand I touch her breast. Her nipple is fully erect, and I tease it through her night gown. While holding her breast I use my thumb to rub her nipples.

She moans and smiles. She leans over me, and kisses me again. Her luxurious hair drapes around my head. "Can I tell you something?" she whispers.

"What?" I ask.

"For a geek, you are certainly more daring than I expected," she remarked.

I look at her quizzically.

"My ex freaked when I took him on the bike. He drove instead, and I had to wait for him. It took him 20 minutes to catch up." she said. "You loved the ride."

"I found the speed and holding on to you to be euphoric. For that moment in time I all my senses and thoughts were focused on the sensation. It was the most extreme experience I ever had. I would ride with you anytime."

"Was it better than sex?" she asked beaming.

"I don’t know. I was holding on tightly to the most sexy woman I ever met, traveling at extreme speeds, with my erection pressed against her ass, now I am in her room staring up at her breast, as she has her way." I replied.

She opens my mouth with her tongue, and I feel it enter my mouth. This time her emerald eyes are staring at me with an amorous hunger. I use my free hand to stroke her hair.

She straightened back up sitting upright; she started to grind her G-spot passionately against me. I thrust my pelvis upward.

With my free hand I grab her derri?re firmly and squeeze it confidently. I think back to minutes prior when my cock was pressed against her leather clad ass.

"I am going to cum all over your dick," she growls.

"Mmmm, I want you to cum all over my dick," I growl.

I feel her leg muscles contract as she grips my pelvis with her thighs. She lets out a moan. I see her eyes roll back.

She falls forward into me.

I hear her breathing heavily.

"Thanks for the ride baby," she jokes.

"Anytime," I respond. She lies on top of me for a few moments as she catches her breath. When she catches her breath I take the opportunity to steal a kiss. My free hand moves over to caress her beautiful red locks of hair. I have yet to cum, so I am still as hard as a rock.

"Mmmm, your dick is still rock hard," she observes. She takes the handcuffs off of me. She slowly backs herself off my rock hard penis, and lies down beside me. "It’s your turn to ride me babe." She opens her legs, and uses her fingers to spread open her lips.

I can’t possibly resist the invitation. I climb between her legs, and insert my dick into her moist and warm opening. I can feel the walls of her pussy firmly grip my cock. When I am fully in, she wraps her legs and feet firmly against me.

She smiles while she friskily clutches my ass.

"Fuck me hard!" she commands.

I grab a hold of curvy waste, and follow her instructions. I lean over her, and move my arm so it is under her neck. I begin to thrust my cock into her wet vagina. I use all of my enduring energy to have animalistic sex with her.

I lean over further and begin kissing her. I probe her mouth with my tongue until she opens it, welcoming my tongue into her mouth.

I recall the experiences I had with Christina for the past few hours. I think of holding on to her for life and limb while we rocketed down the road with my penis pressed against her ass.

I straighten up, and I grunt. The sexual energy that has built up in me for hours is finally released as I cum inside her. I collapse into her, and kiss her again.

"Oh wow!" I utter.

"So how was your first time?" she asked.

"That was better than a trip to Disneyland" I remarked. I had no idea what to compare it to at that moment.

She laughed. "I have never heard one of my boyfriend’s compare me to Disneyland. So are you in the mood for trip on Ms. Christina’s Wild Ride?"

Raped by invite - porn story

Raped by invite - porn story
Cold white wine, depression, loneliness, the internet, and the evil little spark inside myself that, after a storm of those three things sweeps over me, seeks reckless, heedless self-destruction.

So I invited a stranger to rape me. And he did.

Took the day off from work today. Probably inevitable when you watch the dawn leak up through your bedroom curtains with your wrists tied behind you, a cold, sopping gag in your mouth, some stranger’s come clammy and thick on your tits. Oh, and hungover, rope-burned, eyes red-rimmed and aching. Desperately needing to piss. Struggling to your feet, tottering to the toilet. Sitting awkward and painfully peeing with arms tied behind, urine dribbling down your thigh when you stand because you can’t wipe it away.

Walking to the knife where you’d told him to leave it online before he came to your house at 2 a.m. and gracelessly chopping yourself free, scraping your abused wrists as you do, drawing a little blood.

Yeah, probably a personal day.


I had fewer takers than I thought I would to a drunken, seemingly sincere calling all cars for freelance rapists on the "adult" site that’s my escape valve most nights. There always are?which isn’t a bad thing, in the long run. I try not to take it personally, anyway. I figure if there’s a rape enthusiast online at 1 a.m., he’s not going to be picky about belly rolls and wrinkles. Or so I tell myself. I weed out the newbies with hardly any information, and the illiterate?not looking to be murdered, or bored with some unimaginative sexual assault roleplaying. Nothing duller than a boring rape, am I right, ladies?

Also weed out the overly solicitous, and the concerned. And one judgmental bitch now on the blocked list?go join Christian Mingle, tight cunt. Why are you even here? I’m not looking to be analyzed?I have people for that, and pills. I know what I want.

In the end, he was not the result of some long vetting process though, but a war of booze and attrition. Nights, early mornings are a dangerous time for me these days. I’ve deliberately, or again heedlessly, thrown myself into some fucked up shit in the wine-soaked wee hours. And that’s what this was?I’ve teased up to the edge of this before, but there were some serious differences this time. For one thing, I actually did it. I?after we had a series of weirdly businesslike exchanges about my limits, backed with promises of copied emails and bullshit assurances that there was someone who knew what I was up to. (There wasn’t?I’m still pretty new to this city, and I have no one I could call at 2 and tell, "Hey, I’m leaving my door unlocked so some strange man can walk in and rape me.")

My limits are mine?obviously, no murder. I told him anal was out (it’s pretty rare I feel confident enough to allow that.) And that he couldn’t film me, or bring along friends. You know, and no robbery, no cuts, no murder (always good to stress that.) I got him to send me a series of pictures, which I saved on my computer?and printed out and saved and hid. I supposed he could force me to tell him where they were with torture, etc. But, in my whirling, drunken state of who gives a shit, I felt I’d gone far enough.

I almost backed out a hundred times?it’d be easy. Shut the computer, double lock the door. He’d be left alone and frustrated and furious and I could fall into bed and masturbate myself sore and be at work the next day.

Instead, almost as an afterthought, I sent him my address, and instructions to get in. I bought a condo last year, but I chocked open the door to the shared entryway after I hit send and finished, ridiculously, tidying up my bedroom. I caught myself in my dresser mirror, an armful of tossed clothes and underwear, and let out a laugh. I didn’t recognize it and dropped the dirty clothes in a heap.

How does this work? Why? What am I doing? I poured more wine and slugged it. I peed twice in rapid succession, and thought about showering?he’d told me he was at least 20 minutes away. But what if he’s lying? What if he going to surprise me and I’m in the shower? Jesus?more wine?I felt myself hyperventilating and forced myself to breathe. A half hour. A hundred times moving to lock the door. I drank, I held onto the door frame and watched my fingers turn white and start to shake. My body was shaking. I felt a screaming anxious moving knot in my stomach, in my womb. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. And then the sound at the door. Then the inner door opened. I closed my eyes and stood in the doorway, as if in terror. Which it was.

He grabbed me without a word and his hand was over my mouth before he stuffed the clean pair of black panties I’d left as a signal?as starting flag?over the front doorknob, into my mouth. He’d told me he’d bring what else he needed, but I was still shocked when the rasping of duct tape roared in my ears and he stuffed my mouth and wrapped it. I kept my eyes closed as I told him I would?if I were going to play this out, I would go all the way. You don’t let the rapist know you’ve seen his face. You see his face and he will have no choice but to kill you after. After he rapes you. This is what I’ve invited into my home, my little safe home. A rapist. A stranger. I think all this as I’m thrown onto my stomach onto my rumpled bed and I stop racing my mind only when I cry out when he?all according to my sloppily scribbled script?feel him wrench my arms behind me. He has rope?thick rope, it feels. He pins me and I struggle, because I want to feel that I fight, I’m a fighter. I don’t want this, I don’t want thi?

When he springs off me, he binds my eyes with a blue bandana. I can see the blue. I kick out, partly so he’ll tie my legs, partly because I want to kill him. It’s easy for him to do this then?I’ve lost, but, trussed hand and foot and mouth and eyes, I kick and scream and wriggle and shriek. I probably came, if I could separate the pain and fear and pleasure I was feeling in the brutal frenzy of it all.

He was nothing special to look at online. Big, a belly. A beard and glasses. In the flesh, he smelled like sweat lathered with a quick shower and cheap soap. His breath, when he leaned in to brutally kiss my taped mouth, tinged with toothpaste, and some sort of beer. I felt a rush of panic again?is he drunk? Oh God, what if he’s out of control? What if this is how I die, I thought, and felt cold sweat simply drench my armpits, my back under the plain old t-shirt I’d worn. My cunt felt icy, the wetness that had risen freezing suddenly in my oldest pair of panties. I needed him to cut them off me, of course. I’d even laid out a knife, a steak knife, wondering as I laid it on my night table, if this is what would be used to kill me. I just drank down my wine and put it aside anyway.

Now I was trussed up, gagged, blind. Helpless. I told him to do it. He did it. He cut off my clothes like a wild thing, leaving them tattered on me still in places, one half of my panties I felt looped around my thigh, the ragged ends tickling my crotch. He stood and was gone. I breathed and heard him undress.

Then he raped me. Hand in my cunt first and making me scream. A hand?strong, but soft?in my hair while he digitally raped me. Then his hands hauling my ass in the air and suddenly he was in me in one thrust and I screamed and screamed. Neighbors I know can’t hear much?and if they can, they’re used to me getting fucked (by someone else or myself). It hurts and I scream and he jams his hand over my gagged mouth and rides my ass, his other hand keeping me pressed back against him. He comes in a short time?I’d felt the condom I’d demanded?and I sunk the the bed when he let me go.

It was a little disappointing then. Lying in my ropes and ripped clothes, a pair of panties in my mouth, I felt... embarrassed? Frustrated? I breathed and wondered what now. Fear started to climb again. What comes now. I try not to betray my disappointment, thinking I’d make this stranger angry. Thinking about the knife, wondering where he put it. I breathed. I’d got what I wanted.

He hadn’t said a word. He still didn’t. He just hurled me on my back with effort?I’m a big girl. And thrust his fingers inside me again. I heard him breathe heavy, wheezing. I felt the rush of violation anew. He finger-raped me, made me come that way. Then he cut my ankle ropes, pried apart my kicking legs, went down on me while hurting my thighs with his hands. Slurping at me, groaning in something like rage as he did. I came for real then, letting my imagination make me scream in gagged humiliation Coming while being raped. Shame shame shame. Shame.

He raped me with me on my back, my bound hands hurting and numb under me. He lifted my thick thighs over his shoulders and it hurt and I felt my belly jammed up in triples and I cried then. When he was done again, he threw my legs down hard. It felt like disgust. I felt tears on my face.

He manhandled my cunt again for a long time. I had no idea, but I felt like he wanted to fuck me again, but couldn’t. So he went down on me again, brutally. Licking and sucking my clit while he thrust all his fingers into me, and twisted ’til I was grunting just trying to block out the pain and humiliation when I came again.

He spanked my ass. Again, maybe trying to get hard again?he was a little older than me. Maybe he couldn’t Longer pauses. Heavier breathing. He finally traced the knife over my breasts and tummy, then at my throat. I’d told him that was how this ended, but found myself terrified anyway. I heard him breathe harder, and worried further when I realized he was jacking himself off with the knife to my neck. His hot come finally spattered my chest.

But then he dressed, kissed my taped mouth again, very very hard. Then he was gone.

Now I am here. The night after the morning of. My doors locked. Double locked. There’s pain, and I find myself crying a few times. I checked?he wrote to make sure I had gotten free. I told him yes, but cut off when he seemed about to talk further. Not now Maybe not ever.

Now there’s wine. And I stray my hand to my cunt here in my bed. It hurts. I stroke myself anyway.

The black bisex bbw

The black bisex bbw
Upon my wife and I filing for divorce in the Autumn of 2010, when I was 39, I wanted to get married again, but not in the near future. After a 10 year marriage that was unhappy from the start, I wanted to play the field for at least a year or two before settling down again.

And I decided to start by searching for a black BBW. I dated several in my 20s and every romantic or sexual encounter I had with them was mind blowing. Every black BBW I was ever with was a sensational lover who gave 100% every time. And every one had a filthy mouth, no inhibition, and no ego. And to top it off, every one did weed.

I moved out of my wife’s and my house and into my new apartment on Saturday, October 2, 2010. I set my desk and computer right next to my bed and then began my quest.

I first opened my folder that contains every track from the explicit version of every album ever released by my favorite black BBW celebrity, Missy Elliott, who I’ve been obsessed with ever since I first heard "Get Ur Freak On" back in 2001. Her music makes me very horny and I regularly masturbate to it.

I selected shuffle because I enjoy her music even more when I don’t know which track is coming next. As soon as her music was going, I lit a joint and entered into a search page "black BBW." I was hoping to find some personal ads placed by such women.

Most of the first results I got were pornographic pages, but after going through several dozen matches, I finally found a personal ad, which I excitedly clicked on.

The first thing I noticed was her picture. It unfortunately didn’t show much below her shoulders, but I loved what was visible. She was young had a gorgeous round face, a very dark complexion, thick shoulder length hair, and a come closer smile. Right above the picture was the name Jenola. I’d never seen that name before and found it to be very sexy.

Beneath the picture was a paragraph that she wrote and a questionnaire that she filled out. I first started skimming through her answers and suddenly froze in shock when I saw the phrase "release date." Immediately, I looked to see what kind of site this was and realized that it was for women in prison.

But much to my surprise, that actually turned me on. I figured that a black BBW in prison would be even kinkier and more uninhibited than the ones I’d been with, and would have a massive sexual build up from having been without cock while in prison.

So I stayed on the page and read all the information on Jenola. The questionnaire read: Height - 5’9", Weight - 230 lbs., Date of birth - 1/14/84, Orientation - bisexual, Have children - yes, Drink alcohol - no, Smoke - yes, State of incarceration - Nebraska, Release date - 1/2013, Willing to relocate - Yes.

Her paragraph read:

"I am a very romantic and sexual black BBW who is searching for a long term, committed, relationship. I love basketball, rap/R&B, dancing, camping, horseback riding, and good conversation. I have a beautiful seven-year old daughter and she is my world. Age isn’t a big priority with me, but I demand honesty and respect and give the same. When I find the man or woman of my dreams, I want to stand strong with him/her and spend my days and nights showing him/her the depth of my love."

I was in awe of her ad. My heart almost melted because she seemed so sweet and loving. But at the same time, I wanted to start jacking off to the picture, because I was so turned on by her - especially since the THC was already hard at work on my brain. I have a huge sex drive to begin with, but even much more so when I’m fucked up on weed. It enhances my senses and causes me to focus even more intensely on things I’m passionate about.

I thought that she seemed like an optimal combination - very loving but also very sexual. To contact her, I had to buy her postal address for $3. I immediately did and then typed her an introductory letter on my computer, which I mailed the next Monday, along with a picture of myself and a money order for $10.

My letter read:

Dear Jenola:

I just saw your ad and, wow, it’s awesome! First of all, I’ll start off by saying that I’m white and I’m 13 years older than you are. I hope you’re okay with my race and our age difference. I’ve always been extremely attracted to black BBWs.

We have a lot in common. I’m also very romantic and sexual, and I go for the complete experience every time. And your mention of rap and R&B gives me high hopes that you’re a fan of my all time favorite artist, Missy Elliott, who I’m a huge mega die-hard fan of!

I love basketball, too, and particularly the WNBA. In fact, I’m a season ticket holder for the team here in Indianapolis, the Indiana Fever.

I can’t dance worth shit, except for slow dancing, which I love the closeness and intimacy of. Still, I love the thought of watching a black BBW dance. Seeing her shake her huge chocolate body all around would be an awesome turn on!

I’ve never camped but would love to. I’ve never been horseback riding, either, but would enjoy giving it a try.

And I absolutely love good conversation! I love it when another deep, thoughtful, open minded person and I share ourselves with each other. And if I ever have a girlfriend again, that will be one of the things I most want to have in common with her.

I recently divorced after a very unhappy 10 year marriage. It was hard to go through, but I learned a lot from the experience, which will help me make a much better decision before getting married or having a girlfriend again.

And one thing that impresses me so much about your ad is that you seem to have the right priorities in your search for that special someone. And I love that you’re bisexual! But anyway, things such as honesty and respect are absolute essentials, as is communication.

My marriage was so lacking in those areas and many others.

I’m very happy that you have a daughter and that she means so much to you. I look forward to having kids someday with the right woman, but my wife and I didn’t have any because our marriage was so troubled from the start.

I love that you, like me, don’t drink alcohol. That’s just about the worst drug of all. It destroys so many lives, and relationships. I smoke a hookah pipe, though not cigarettes, but I don’t make a big deal over that issue.

I hope so much that you write back, but no matter what, I wish you and your daughter all the best. And I’m giving you a little money so you’ll be able to send your daughter a lot of letters, and I’d love for you to send me a few as well!

Big hugs from Steven

I continued to think about Jenola constantly, and upon returning home from work on Friday, just four days after sending the letter, I checked my mailbox. I saw an envelope with handwriting, which by that time I rarely received anymore. I had long been communicating primarily by email and phone.

My heart instantly started racing, as I had a very strong idea, and hope, who the letter was from. My eyes made a mad dash for the return address, and much to my happiness, the name was Jenola Sue Brown.

I rushed into my apartment, sat down on the couch, and ripped open the envelope. Her letter read:

Steven, wow to you, too! Thank you so much for your awesome letter; it really brightened up my whole week! You seem like such an amazing person, and you’re very handsome, too! I’ve had that ad up for three months and was starting to think I’d never get a response! I’m so happy I was wrong!

First of all, I am totally cool with your race! I’ve always been very attracted to white guys! In fact, the only boyfriend I’ve ever had is white! We were a couple from ages 16-21 and lived together since we graduated from high school. He’s the father of my daughter. He dumped me when I got locked up, but we’re still friends. He now lives with another black BBW and they have a daughter together!

And I’m also cool with your age! I’ve always had a thing for older guys! Most guys my age are so immature, and I like it when a guy has a lot of experience!

OMG! A an older white guy who loves black BBWs and also loves the WNBA?! Oh fuck, this is too good to be true! And I am so fucking jealous of you for having Fever season tickets! I’ve never been to a WNBA game because there aren’t any teams around here, but I’m definitely going to a game after I get out! Maybe in Indiana!

I actually played basketball when I was a kid and was pretty good for a while. I dreamed of playing in the WNBA. It didn’t work out, but if it had, I wouldn’t have my daughter, and I wouldn’t give her up for anything. She’s the best thing that’s happened to me, or ever will happen to me. I’ve been locked up for five years now and I never would’ve survived without her.

And I fucking LOVE Missy Elliott! I have all her CDs and I’ve seen her in concert three times! She is the fucking bomb! Her music is fucking awesome and she’s an inspiration to all of us black BBWs! That bitch is one hot slab of chocolate!

Hey, I bet I could teach you to dance! Most people can learn to do it a lot better than they think! But I’m glad that at least you like the thought of me dancing! I used to go to raves almost every weekend. Another thing I really miss.

I’d love to teach you camping and horseback riding, too! Oh shit, writing this letter is making me think about everything I miss! But that’s okay! That reminds me of all the cool fucking shit I have to look forward to after I get out!

If you talk anything like you write, you must be one amazing conversationalist! You seem like the kind of guy who I could spend hours with just chilling and talking about anything.

I’m really sorry it didn’t work out for you and your wife, but I don’t think she was the right woman for you and I’m glad you’ve learned so much from your marriage. I’ve learned so much from my two relationships. Besides my boyfriend who I mentioned, I had a girlfriend here in prison for 3 1/2 years, and it ended very badly.

But I’ve gotten a lot of counseling here and that helped me realize that neither of those relationships were meant to be. My counselor also helped me understand why I committed my crime, and because of that, I know I’ll never make any mistakes like that again, and that I’ll have a much better life when I get out than I did before.

Thank you so much for your beautiful words about my daughter, Britney! They made me cry! She is so precious and wonderful. I feel just awful that I let her down so bad, and I hope when she’s old enough to understand what I did and why, she’ll forgive me.

And don’t feel bad about not having kids with your wife. It was for the best. You’ll have kids when the time is right with the right woman. One thing I want to do when I find the right man is have more children and this time get to be with them for their whole childhoods.

I do need to quit smoking. That’s my one bad habit. And I love to hookah! It’s yummier than the regular way!

So you like that I’m bi?! That’s good! I was uncomfortable being bi at first, but now I love it and would never change it. I’ve been totally out since I was 18 and it’s so cool to be attracted to both sexes. Each has something special and unique to offer.

And finally, a million thank yous for the money! I promise I’ll use it only to buy stamps! Almost all I do every day is write letters to three people - Britney, my mom, and my BFF, Kim. They’re the only three people who never turned their backs on me. I wouldn’t have blamed them if they did, but they still totally love and support me, and that shows what amazing people they are.

And now I’m also going to be writing letters to a fourth person, and in case you haven’t guessed, that person is YOU!

I got a big smile on my face when you told me that you hope I’ll send you a few letters! I’m going to send you a lot fucking more than a few! Like our girl Missy says, "I’d like to get to know you!"

I’m going to write to you very often and PLEASE do the same to me! That’ll help me so much get through my last two years until I FINALLY get the fuck out of here forever!

And then I hope we’ll meet in person! I know we’ll find lots of cool shit to do and talk about together!

Thank you again so very much for everything, Steven! You are a wonderful new light in my life and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

Hugs and kisses,


I was in awe of the letter and already felt like I was falling in love. Even much more than when I saw her picture and read her ad, I felt a rare connection to her. She and I had lots in common and seemed to be searching for a lot of the same things.

After sitting still for a few seconds with proverbial hearts flying out of my body, the proverbial lightbulb lit up right above my head. Since I knew her full name, I could probably find information about her online.

I went straight to the computer and entered her name into a search page. Most of the results were newspaper articles about the act that put her in prison.

In the Summer of 2005, she was arrested for a crime that took place the previous Autumn. She and two accomplices, one male and one female, broke into the house of an Omaha jewelry store owner. The three intruders each had a gun and was wearing a ski mask. They tied him up and demanded to know the code to deactivate his store’s security system. When he gave it to them, Jenola stayed at the house and pointed her gun at him while the other two looted the store.

She pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with the possibility of being paroled in half that time.

I also found a police log listed in a newspaper, dated three weeks before her arrest for the robbery, stating that she had been arrested for possession of marijuana. I was very turned on to learn that she was into weed. That log also showed a Kimberly Jo Blair as being arrested for the same crime, and I guessed that was the Kim who Jenola mentioned in her letter.

After reading many of the search results, I lit a joint and immediately started working on my response to her letter. I didn’t mention anything about weed, as I figured that the prison officials read all of her incoming and outgoing mail. I was concerned that they would confiscate my letters if they glorified any illegal activity.

My letter read:

Jenola, now it’s time for a super wow! I was awe struck by your ad and even much more so by your letter! And I’m very happy to see that all the feelings are completely mutual with us! We’ve both learned the importance of that because of our past failed relationships. I’m sorry we went through that pain, but at least now we know what to look for and what to stay away from in the future!

It’s cool that you played basketball. I’ve always been hot for black female basketball players! Were you ever on a school team? Anyway, I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I’m so thankful for your precious daughter, especially knowing how happy she makes you!

Hey, consider it a done deal! I’ll take you to as many Fever games as you want to go to! And besides going to the games, we can talk about which players are the hottest! I’ve had crushes on so many girls in the league and I bet you have, too!

I look forward to letting you teach me dancing, camping, horseback riding, and whatever the fuck else you want to teach me! And at the very least, I know you must look smoking hot when you do those things! And I especially love the thought of you at a rave, shaking your hot chocolate body all around!

Yes, Missy Elliott is one fucking hot slab of chocolate, and so are you! I hope we see her in concert together someday! She actually hasn’t released an album since the year you got locked up, but she has one coming out this year! Maybe she’s just waiting for you to get out! Anyway, I hope we’ll spend many hours hanging out and listening to her music while watching the WNBA!

Jenola, please don’t worry about your relationship with your daughter. I have no doubt that she’ll forgive you. And you’ll end up being a better mom because of all the lessons you’ve learned. She’ll be understanding of your past and respect that you’ve changed so much for the better. And being apart for so many years will make you two even more thankful for the time you’re together in the future.

And it’s awesome that you’ve come to understand why you committed your crime and will definitely never do anything like that again. Most people never learn from their mistakes, but you have. That’s why, as you said, your future will be much better than your past.

And Jenola, I want you to know that I already know why you’re locked up and it doesn’t change my feelings about you in any way. Out of curiosity, I typed your name into a search page and read all about the robbery. So you don’t have to explain it to me, and you can be 100% certain that I’m just as crazy about you now as I was before.

We’ll have to go to some hookah lounges when you get out! I’d love to smoke a few bowls with you! And I love the thought of watching you inhale and exhale all that smoke! So fucking sexy!

I’m glad that you like being bi and that you’re out. It’s so important to be comfortable with yourself, and when you’re out, there’s no worrying about losing friends if they learn of your sexual orientation. Of course, I’d be just as crazy about you if you were straight, but you being bi is an awesome bonus! So fucking sexy! Just out of curiosity, since you’re into white guys, I wonder if you’re into white girls, too?! Anyway, no matter what your answer is, I’m so glad that you’re into white guys and older guys!

I’m sorry that only three people have never turned their back on you, but it’s awesome that you’re so close to those people and realize how lucky you are to have them. Britney, Kim, and your mom all must be amazing people. I’m so thankful for their presence in your life. And you can also be 100% sure that I’ll never turn my back on you, either.

It’s also important to understand that many people who have a lot of casual friends don’t have any close friends at all. So what you lack in quantity, you much more than make up for in quality. And I hope you feel the same way about just one person - me - responding to your ad!

I promise that I’m as good a conversationalist in person as I am in writing, and I have no doubt that you are, too! And when we’re together, we’ll have to make sure that we have lots to drink - non-alcoholic, of course! All the talking and hookah smoking will dry our throats out, and we need to save some saliva for the kissing!

Thanks for the encouraging words about having kids in the future. And I know that you’ll have more kids someday, and get to be with them for their whole childhoods.

I have just one sibling, a sister named Melissa. I was 11 when she was born, and she was so much more than worth the wait. She’s my BFF. She moved to Arizona four years ago for a guy she met online. I miss her so much, but we call and text each other almost every day. Still, I hope that she and I will live together again someday.

I fucking loved your Missy Elliott quote and likewise, "I’d like to get to know you," too! And I hope that we’ll be quoting lots of her other lyrics to each other the years!

Jenola, thanks so much for coming into my life! I wish I knew what the future held for us, and even though I’m usually a patient person, it’s going to be so hard waiting to find out. But of course, it’ll be worth the wait!

I know that we still need to get to know each other a lot better, and especially spend a lot of time together in person. But whatever our potential is, I want to make sure that we reach it. And even if we decide in the end that we aren’t quite the right man and woman for each other, I hope we’ll at least always have a close and wonderful friendship.

Hugs and kisses to you, too.


I immediately sent the letter at a mailbox just a few hundred feet away, then returned home, stripped nude, sat in front of my computer, opened Jenola’s picture, put on Missy Elliott’s "Pass That Dutch," and finally I was ready to go. I took my cock in my left hand and my joint in my right, and jacked off to her picture while getting even more stoned that I already was.

As I slowly and meticulously stroked my extreme hard on, which was soaking wet from pre-come, and slowly inhaled the weed, I fantasized that Jenola was kneeling in front of my chair and giving me a massive blow job while I stared down at her soles.

I would’ve been extremely horny under any circumstances, but was even much more so because I was stoned. Weed increases my sense of touch and causes me to become even much more obsessed with things that I’m already obsessed with. In short, weed turns me into a sexual beast.

I was so consumed by lust that suddenly, without thinking about it, I began talking to her in a gasping voice, as if those things were actually happening. I said:

"Ooh yeah, Jenola, that’s it, honey. I wanna worship your big chocolate body forever. Will you let me do that, honey? I’ll do anything for you to be my chocolate whore. I’d be your slave forever if you’d just let me do whatever I want with that big, hot, black body of yours. I want us to get stoned out of our fucking minds together. I want to watch you suck in that weed and then see the big grin you get on your face when the THC starts to fuck up your brain and make you crave sex even more than you already do. We’re gonna have the best reverse interracial sex ever."

Suddenly, I realized that I was about to come. I continued to stroke in the exact same slow and meticulous style, as that gives me the best orgasms. And to avoid making a mess, I quickly set down the joint in the ash tray and grabbed what I call my come towel. I always keep a towel near my bed and computer that I use to shoot my loads on, so I don’t stain any of the furniture or end up with dried up come on my body, as I find it irritating to wash off. As I was shooting a gigantic load onto the towel, I gasped the following:

"Oh yeah, Jenola, that’s it, I’m gonna come, baby. Ooh yeah. I have chills through my whole body. I wanna shoot my come on your soles, and then I wanna lick it all off and have a deep kiss with you while we swish my come around our mouths. Please be my chocolate whore forever, honey."

At that, my orgasm ended. I squeezed the remaining come out of my fuckstick and onto the towel. Then, as i breathed heavily and calmed down, I wondered how I’d get through the two years and three months until I could have her.

Bbw Grandma Shares with a Friend

Bbw Grandma Shares with a Friend
When Lily Holder woke up on the first Sunday of May, he was startled at first when she realized that for the first time in many years there was a man next to her. As her head cleared and her eyes focused enough for her to see her grandson sleeping soundly under the sheet, the immoral events that occurred the night before to put little Preston there came back to her.

"What have I done?" Lily mouthed as she looked at the little fellow who looked even more innocent sleeping than he did awake, scolding herself. "First you start carrying on with Alice and that was bad enough, but now with Preston? And he’s your own flesh and blood. He’s a child."

Technically that wasn’t correct because while Preston would always be her little pride and joy, in reality the boy was a man, closer to 19 than 18, and after she reached over to lift the sheet and peek under the covering, she saw that she hadn’t been hallucinating last night.

Lily shivered as she stared at the flaccid organ resting on the lad’s hip, a penis that was anything but limp most of the evening as he had ravaged her over and over again, and the ache between her legs confirmed it all.

Lowering the sheet, Lily rolled over gently and got to her feet, and the moment she started to walk almost every bone in her body reminded her that she was no teenager but a 64 year old woman.

When she clicked on the bathroom light the mirror in the back of the door gave her another reminder of her age, and as she looked at the reflection of petite woman she wondered how anyone could get excited about having sex with her?

Always a tiny woman, she was now almost as child-like as her grandson. According to the scale at the doctor’s office she was only carrying 94 pounds on her barely five foot frame, and while she was assured she was in excellent health and in great shape for her age she longed for the days when she made heads turn.

Lily’s hands went to her breasts, still tender from the almost constant mauling they had gotten from Preston’s mouth and hands, and as her tiny hands managed to cup the once perky breasts she found herself wishing they still stuck straight out instead of pointing to her feet and there was more to the little hangers than areola and nipple.

They didn’t seem to mind though, they being her fellow widow and lover Alice and her grandson Preston, and as her hands went down her flat stomach to the mound that Alice had insisted on shaving she winced when her fingers grazed her labia.

Lily had always been self-conscious about the size of her labia because even when there was that faint wisp of hair around her sex the plump lips were still clear to see. Now denuded of the covering and swollen from having been used so hard and so often they looked even bigger, the redness much richer as well.

After Lily did her business she put on a robe and tiptoed into the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on, and as she waited for the perking to end she looked at the clock and the phone. Too early to call Alice, because she would be at the Y working out. Lily would have been with her friend but canceled out since she was taking care of her grandson this weekend.

"Taking care of Preston," Lily said to the empty kitchen, and even with the oppressive guilt she felt she had to laugh at that because the one that got taken care of here was her. "For a little guy who was always sickly he sure was..."

A man. Lily kept repeating that over and over again to herself because at least that made it - different? Better maybe from a moral standpoint, and the elderly woman shook her head when she looked at the old religious artifact on the wall and imagined herself at the pearly gates pleading her case for admittance.

"He wasn’t a boy - he was a man!" she imagined herself saying. "Almost 19 years old, and he wasn’t a virgin either! The home health aide that had taken care of him had been his first!"

"Yes, he was my grandson," Lily fantasized herself conceding. "My only grandson, and judging by the way I acted that’s probably a good thing, but it wasn’t my fault. Preston - he started it all. He looked down my top for whatever reason and then he exposed himself to me. Insisted he had to show me that he wasn’t a kid anymore."

It was at that point in her mental drama production that the last sputtering of the coffee pot brought her back to reality, sparing her the indignity of being sent to fantasy hell for her transgressions, and as she poured a cup and sat her weary bones down in the chair she tried not to look at the picture of her late husband on the wall facing her.

"Your fault too," Lily said with a shrug, because it was Henry that had made her a woman who loved sex and couldn’t get enough anymore than her dear husband could. This going cold turkey without sex had been tough, which is where Alice had come to the rescue.

After finishing her first cup Lily went to get a refill, and on the way back grabbed the phone and dialed Alice’s number. To Lily’s surprise Alice picked up on the second ring, her gravely voice matching her coarse manner.

"How’s my favorite piece of ass?" Alice cackled. "Horny I bet."

"No honey. Far from it."

"You losing your grandson today? Want me to come over and give you what you need after he’s gone?"

"No, Preston isn’t getting picked up until tomorrow," Lily explained.

"I do want to come over and meet him though."

"I don’t think that’s a good idea," Lily replied. "Things are a little strange around here right now."

"Be glad to help straighten it all out. Maybe we can sneak out to the garage for a quickie," Alice suggested. "Don’t want the little critter to find out how filthy his Grandma is."

"He knows," Lily said, and after her friend and lover let out a throaty laugh Lily admitted, "I told him about us."

"You did?" Alice replied, and after she got her answer she continued. "I mean, that’s fine by me. Proud of you as a matter-of-fact, but aren’t you afraid he’ll tell his mother?"

"I supposed he could but I don’t think so," Lily responded. "He’s not a child anymore. He’s nearly 19."

"What brought this on - you telling the boy about us?"

"He saw my - you know - privates? He got confused when he saw I didn’t have any hair down there so I told him that you shaved it for me," Lily admitted.

"How did he see your pussy?" Alice asked. "You two playing show and tell?"

"You can’t repeat this to anybody - ever," Lily cautioned.

"What the - wait a minute. I’m going to come over," Alice said but Lily said no.

"No. I don’t think I could tell you this face to face., I don’t even think I could admit what happened even at a confessional," Lily told her. "I do need to tell somebody though."

"Lay it on me sister, and let me warn you that you’ve got me horny already."

"We had sex."

The pregnant pause seemed to last forever, and after the silence became oppressive Lily had to ask her friend if she was still there.

"I’m here."

"Do you hate me? Lily asked. "Please don’t hate me. Without you I wouldn’t be able to make it anymore."

"Calm down Lily. I love you and ain’t judging, that’s for sure," Alice answered. "You do need to tell me all about it though. Every single detail. This is the little critter that’s always deathly sick?"

"He’s been getting better," Lily said of her grandson. "He just graduated high school - sort of. His mother home-schooled him and she must have done well because he’s going to attend college. On-line at first because he still doesn’t get around all that well. He’s not a kid anymore."

"I know. You keep telling me that. I get it. This is the boy in that picture on your dresser? The one that looks like that kid that kept getting left home alone in those movies?" Alice asked.

"The same. He hasn’t changed much though. Still an adorable baby-faced guy who melts my heart," Lily said. "Except in the obvious ways of course."

"I bet being stuck home alone Preston spends most of the time watching porn on the computer," Alice suggested. "Probably a horny little devil."

"No, his mother caught him looking at something naughty a while back and had a computer guy come and fix the thing so that sort of thing is blocked," Lily explained. "Besides, he doesn’t need pornography. He has Renata."

"Renata? What that?"

"Renata is his home health aide. She’s his... friend too."

"Damn. She broke him in?"



"Well, she spends half the day with him. Helps him bathe and all."

"I’ll bet."

"Do you want me to tell you what happened or not?"

"Go ahead."

"We had a very pleasant day, and after dinner we did the dishes together. I dropped the dish cloth and after I bent over to pick it up I saw that Preston was looking down the front of my top," Lily said. "I was embarrassed and said something about apologizing about not having anything good to look at and Preston said that was okay and that I was really pretty."

"The boy has good taste," Alice opined.

"Then he said that size doesn’t matter and blurts out that Renata has small breasts too. He called them titties instead of breasts. Preston says Renata’s got little titties too and he loves hers."

"The boy has good taste," Alice interjected.

"I was embarrassed about the way the conversation was going so I changed the subject, and after we watched TV for a while I said that I was going to turn in. I said that he could stay up if he wanted and then I went down to my room," Lily explained. "I went to my bedroom and started to undress and I guess I forgot to close the door."

"Forgot?" Alice mused, her mind working even through the phone.

"Well, why would I close the door these days? Nobody is ever here except for you, and I don’t close it on you."

"You wouldn’t dare because you know I’d knock it down to get at you."

"Besides, his bedroom is the guest room all the way at the other end of the house, so why would he come down there?"

"Okay. Keep going."

"I had gone to the bathroom and was undressing and getting ready for bed. I was naked except for my panties, and so after I slip them off I scoop them up and toss them over onto the chair. I looked up at the doorway and..."


"Exactly. I don’t know how long he had been there but there he was. Standing there wearing the baggy boxer shorts and nothing else, staring at me like I was someone worth..."

"Don’t start with the self-depreciation woman."

"Alright. He was looking at me with his eyes bugging out, and after I got out of my own deer-in-the-headlights trance I tried to cover myself up. I needed more hands," Lily went on. "I started to go grab something to cover up with while asking him what he was doing. He tells me not to - begs me to let him look at me because he’s always thought I was the most beautiful woman in the world."

"And you?"

"I didn’t know what to do so I stood there covering my breasts and he asks me how come I don’t have any hair down there. I don’t know what to say so he tells me... he says he saw his mother naked and she had hair down there and his health aide Renata has a whole lot of hair down there."


"Finally I tell him that some people like it when a lady doesn’t have hair down there," Lily resumed. "I rambled on and finally say that I know he wouldn’t understand but I have a lady friend - and he interrupts me and says "You’re bisexual Grandma?"


"I ask him how he knows that word and he tells me that Renata is bisexual too," Lily reveals. "Preston says that he thought that was great, and that a lot of times when he was hurting he was wanting somebody to hold him and touch him and he wouldn’t have cared if it was a male or a female, but then Renata became his special friend."

"We all need friends," Alice noted after taking a deep exhale. "This story is better than porn. you know."

"Please," Lily replied. "So Preston is still standing there in the doorway but takes a couple of steps closer and asks me to lower my hands so he can see me better. Says that he sees Renata all the time. I asked him how and why and he said that Renata is lonely and she know he’s lonely too, so she wanted to be his special friend when his mother isn’t around."

Lily paused for a minute to take a sip of coffee, and when she heard noises on the other end of the line she asked her friend, "Are you playing with yourself Alice?"

"Keep talking," the gruff voice responded.

"I lowered my hands and he takes another step closer while telling me he loves my ’little titties’ especially my big nipples," Lily said. "Preston then says that he wanted me to see him naked and I said no. He says that Renata thinks he’s really special but wants to know what I think so he unsnaps the boxers and they fall the carpet. He’s aroused."

"Damn. Preston’s little willy got stiff over his grandmother’s hot body?"

"No," Lily answered and then clarified. "Preston had an erection but there - there was nothing little about it," Lily explained. "His penis - it was gigantic. I mean, I haven’t seen as many as you but the thing was enormous. I mean, I know my Henry was well endowed but this? I thought it because Preston’s’s so short and skinny that it only looked big, but..."

"As big as the strap-on I use on you?..."

"Yes. In fact I thought it was some kind a joke at first - some toy Preston placed on himself but it wasn’t. It just swayed around in front of him, as stiff as a board."

"Fuck," Alice mumbled.

"The next thing I know he’s standing in front of me squeezing my breasts like they were bike horns and his penis is poking me in the belly button. Preston grans my wrist and pulls it down onto it. His penis is as hard as blue steel and..."

"Stop calling it a penis. It’s a fucking cock," Alice grunted. "You held his cock."

"Yes. I held it. It was hard and throbbing and so thick my hand couldn’t get around it," Lily sobbed. "Preston was easing me back onto the bed and I tried to - no, I didn’t try to stop him. He couldn’t overpower me if I resisted, but I didn’t resist. I let him, and then Preston was lowering his face between my legs to do something Renata said he was good at. I let him."

"He ate your pussy? Was he good?" Alice asked.

Yes. Not as good as you but good enough. I felt like a pig looking down and seeing most of Preston’s face burrowing into me with only his forehead and golden hair showing," Lily continued. "Then just before I came he straightens up and kneels there with that huge cock in his fist."

"Fuck. Are you playing with yourself too?" Alice asked.

"No. Too sore. I could have stopped him. Should have stopped him. Instead he just smiled with those dimples and said he loved me," Lily said. "Then I felt the head of his cock slide into me..."


"Yes. The head of it is as big as a plum, and then he eased into me. I was crying and begging him to be gentle because he was so big, and the rest was a blur," Lily said. "I came, the first of several orgasms, and Preston came soon after but was hard again in no time. The next couple of hours I was like a rag doll while he took me in every position imaginable, and a couple that were new to me."

"That Renata is a good teacher," Alice observed, her voice a bit calmer now. "Did he fuck you in the ass?"

"Omigod no. He wanted to though."

"You give him head?"

"My jaws are aching as bad as my pussy."

"And you don’t want me to meet this horse-cocked grandson of yours don’t you?" Alice asked. "Are you afraid I might..."

"I’m assuming you would. He’s a machine. I can’t handle him but I would feel horrible letting you at him. He’s still an innocent in so many ways."

"This is the usually bed-ridden sickly kid we’re talking about?" Alice asked, quickly adding, "I know I know. He’s not a kid."

"The same."

"How many times did he?"

"I lost track. At least three times in my pussy. Once in my mouth and once in my hand when I couldn’t take anymore," Lily related. "Oh yeah. The last time under my arm."

"In your armpit?"

"Sort of. He woke me up in the middle of the night, going down on me and trying to get me in the mood," Lily told her friend. "I told him I was too sore and tired for anything so he tells me to roll over a little on my side and he gets behind me and clamps his cock with my arm and starts humping with the head of his thing peeking in and out. Shoots a load all over my breasts and forearm and then spoons up with me and goes to sleep."

"Another Renata trick?"

"Yeah. He said it felt different with me because I don’t have hair under my arm like Renata."

"So how did I get into this drama, besides getting identified as as your pussy groomer?"

"In between getting impaled he asked me about you," Lily confided. "I showed him a picture I have of you - you know the one of us crammed into the photo booth?"

"Oh brother. He wanted to meet me, didn’t he?"

"Oh yes," Lily said of the picture that wasn’t very flattering of either of them, and with Alice’s silver hair practically a crew cut she looked, as Preston not-so delicately, "Your friend looks like a man."

"Well I am getting dykier as I get into my 60’s," Alice noted.

"And the picture showed just our faces," Lily reminded her friend. "I told Preston about you and gave him a general idea of what you look like and he was interested, especially about the parts I assured him were not at all manly."

"He a tit man?"

"I don’t know but when I told him how busty you are he seemed to get excited."

"You already made me cum once imagining what this little dynamo is like," Alice answered. "The only question is when you want me to come over."

"I can’t. At least yet me think about it some."

"You owe me woman," Alice told her friend. "Well, maybe you don’t owe me but give me a break. You’ve got me wanting cock for the first time in who knows how long."

"Let me think."

"How big is your grandson’s cock?" Alice asked. Seven inches? Eight inches? Bigger than that? And you said it was thick too?"

"Calm down Alice."

"Is he awake yet?"

"No. I’m tiptoeing around so I don’t wake up the beast," Lily explained. "Let me get back to you."

After hanging up, Lily finished the pot of coffee and went to her bedroom before hitting the shower, but after she washed the dried fluids off of her sore body he learned her attempts at being quiet had failed.

"Awake?" Lily said when she saw Preston was wide awake and watching her enter the bedroom. "I tried to be quiet."

"You were but it’s almost 11. I get up early but somebody wore me out last night."

"Oh," Lily said as she gathered some clothes up and prepared to go dress somewhere else, but he stopped her.

"I want to watch you get dressed Grandma," Preston replied, and before Lily could protest he added, "It’s not like I haven’t seen every inch of you already. Seen it. Kissed it."

"Guess you’re right," Lily answered as she shrugged off the robe, confident that in the light of day without his teenage hormones raging her aging body would look differently.

"You’re such a little doll. Like Peter Pan," Preston said as he observed the senior citizen waif. "Whenever I looked at your my dick would get hard."

"I think you’re..." Lily started to say but then did a double take when Preston threw off the sheet and exposed himself, the long arching prong very stiff and laying onto his stomach.

"I heard you talking about me to your friend. Is Mrs. Weber coming over?" Preston said as he lifted his penis upright and wiggled it around.

"I don’t think so honey."

"How about helping me get rid of this?" Preston suggested as his hand slid slowly down the length of his fully engorged organ.

"Honey, I’m so sore," Lily said.

"Did I do that? Making your - what did you call them?"


"Yeah. Making your labia all red like that?"

"Yes. Not used to anything like what we did last night."

"Is my dick too big?" Preston wondered, adding, "Mom thought there was something wrong with me when she saw me with a boner. She had the doctor look at me."

"You’re fine the way you are honey," Lily assured her grandson. "But you are very large down there."

"Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time pulling on it," Preston wondered aloud as he looked down at the over-sized monstrosity that he held at the base. "Never saw other guys so I didn’t really know. That’s what I get for being stuck at home with no friends."

"You have that lady Renata," Lily suggested as she knelt on the bed, her eyes fixed on her grandson’s swollen organ.

"And you Grandma," Preston reminded her. "You’re my friend aren’t you?"

"Of course honey."

"Well then?" Preston asked with his doe-like eyes looking melancholy, the innocence of his face not matching up with the crimson spear he was slowly stroking. " Can I meet your friend later?"

"We’ll see," Lily said with a sigh.

"I’ll be ready Grandma," Preston assured her before adding, "I’ve never seen a lady with big boobies before. Can I just put it in a little bit? It feels so tight in your cunny."


"That’s what Renata calls her you-know-what," Preston explained. "Hers feels really good but it isn’t as tight as your cunny. Please Grandma?"

"Here," Lily relented with a sigh as she knee-walked to Preston’s side and slid the sheet down his legs, which were as smooth as her own. "How about this instead?"

"Oh good," Preston said as she took her grandson’s erection in hand and leaned down, letting her lips slid over the taut knob. "You do that really good Grandma."

Lily’s head bobbed up and down as her mouth took in all of the massive organ as she could, her lips getting almost halfway down with each bob.

"Gonna shoot really soon Grandma," Preston said as he reached down and squeezed her hanging teat. "Here it comes."

Preston’s groan came as Lily felt the rush of semen surge through the organ, and as he spurted she blocked the spurts with her tongue and the roof of her mouth, letting most of the cum slide out of the corners of her mouth as she sucked and pumped the lad until he went limp.

"There!" Lily announced as she let go of his now-flaccid organ and climbed off the bed. "Now I have to get dressed and you need a shower."

"Thank you Grandma," the frail looking little guy said as he got up and hugged her before waddling out of the room, the dimples in his buttocks making her smile.

"Forgot my slippers," Preston declared as he ducked back into the room while Lily was putting the bra on, and despite herself her eyes went to the now flaccid penis which swayed like the trunk of an elephant as he walked, the way it looked out of place on his boyish body looking both absurd and erotic.

"I need help," Lily declared to no one, and she wondered whether involving her friend and lover who was even more depraved that she was would be the right kind of help.

"Maybe I should called Father Provost for guidance?" she said to herself as she looked at the phone. "Disguise my voice or something?"

She shook her head at that absurd notion, but she was still torn about picking up that phone and calling Alice.

"That would guarantee me a spot in hell," she mumbled as she went towards the kitchen to make Preston lunch.

The bathroom door was open as she passed and her grandson was just stepping behind the shower curtain, the dimples in his pale butt making her heart flutter.

"Get a grip," Lily told herself. "Get a grip."

Erotic story

Erotic story
His first solo run through the forest wasn’t anything like the calculated training exercises his parents or teachers at the packs school had taught him. Stealth and calculation were not at the forefront of his mind for this excursion. He ran through deep mud patches, slid over rotten foliage and careened through brush and bushes in his haste to try out his new form.

His parents called out to him through their family bond to come back immediately but he effectively dulled the link (not forgetting that particular lesson since it was interfering in his fun). Ryon had finally mastered phasing into and out of his wolf form and wanted to test out his other new skills and celebrate this news stage in his life.

Contrary to what his human mind believed the ’wolf’ he believed he was now, was still little more than a pup. As a natural born Lycan until they were able to phase successfully, into and out of their wolf form, they were frozen in their 8-year-old body. That included their mental capacity. Since their human minds would try to rush the process if it continued to mature it would cause their wolf form to mature too early and cause a mental retardation of their wolves’ mind. Once they had successfully learned to phase their bodies, both wolf and human, continued to develop until they reached their prime, around their late twenties. After that their physical aging slowed to an almost halt causing many to look 35 at 500 years old.

Having spent 10 years in his present 8-year-old body all that didn’t matter to Ryon. Right now all he was determined to do was stretch flat out into a sprint and test out his speed. Flying through the woods and up the mountain behind his parent’s home Ryon turned as gracefully as he could in his present state of mind towards the waterfall at the base of the mountain. They only visited it as a family when his father came home from his research and council trips, but he liked to sneak out the house or circle back from going to school to spend the day swimming or climbing up his favorite oak tree. He could smell the moisture in the air as he drew closer but stopped when his wolf felt something ominous in the vicinity.

Crouching down he pricked his ears forward and slunk through the shadows listening for any clues that might alert him to what his wolf was sensing. Clouds slid over the moon darkening the already dim forest lending a creepier aura to his surroundings. He’d never felt afraid in these woods before but something was off. The wind suddenly picked up and blew the clouds away illuminating the forest once more and with it, it seemed to have blown the dark aura and some of his uneasy feelings away. Tempted to turn back he remembered the hell he’d have to pay from his parents when he got back and that this could be his last thrill run for a while.

Once he weighed out the consequences of turning back his rest of his uneasy feelings disappeared and he decided to press on.

Slowly slipping out of the shadows he was about to resume his run when he heard a shrill cry. Faint and muffled by the falls he thought he was hearing things when it sounded again. Moving with caution, he once again crept through the shadows using more thoughtfulness, applying his teachings with not a little bit more attentiveness to his surroundings then he previously displayed. As he made his was closer to the falls he dove into some brush surrounding the break in the forest that encapsulated the little haven. Peering out of his hiding spot Ryon took in the clearing.

The wind had died down and had left the sky clear with the full spring moon lighting up the night like it was daytime. The falls looked like diamonds falling into the heavens as the crystal clear water of the smooth lake mirrored the sky full of sparkling stars and iridescent moon. The tall trees surrounding the lake seemed to wall off the world to this place, truly making it a haven for him. He looked off towards the right and saw the small river that bleed off towards the town and his tall oak tree he loved to climb. It had to be the tallest tree in the whole forest cause when he climbed to the top he could see the town from here and the lights of the highway, which was very far since the pack held a lot of land for its privacy.

Not seeing or hearing anything for the span of a few minutes, he had just stepped out into the clearing when he heard the loud cry again coming from his right. He noted it was coming from his oak tree so he cautiously stole over to it and as he got nearer he noticed a small borough at its base that wasn’t there before.

Sniffing the air, he whimpered and shook his head trying to alleviate the assailing odd smells and fear that stained the air. A high-pitched cry caused him to leap into the air and scurry back away from it. Calming slightly as it continued, it reminded him of his friend Annie’s new little brother when he got fussy. Peering back into the hole he saw a bundle of blankets and a tiny human leg sticking out and realized it was a baby.

He tried to nip the blanket and pull the bundle out but every time he tugged the shrill got louder causing him to become more distressed at the sound. Whimpering and beside himself with increasing anxiety he gave up and tried to shimmy into the hole and get behind it to wiggle it out. Once he had wormed his way in he paused to let his eyes adjust. He flattened his ears against his head as the crying seemed exceedingly loud in the tight space. Trying to calm it he snuggled next to the infant but the emotions rolling off it combined with his and overwhelmed his immature mind causing his mental block with his parents to dissipate and their bond to reform. Once the bond link reconnected he felt his parents respond to all the emotions coming through it from him and the infant. He felt the anger and protectiveness well up in his parents through their link from them thinking all those emotions were his and that he was in danger. They latched onto his location sent him hints that they were on their way and to stay put.

Hearing the infant still sobbing he nuzzled and licked at its crying face cleaning it of the tears and dirt. He paused think that she had a unique and delightful taste resuming his actions he couldn’t seem to stop himself from licking its whole face until he felt a hand in his fur. Pausing in his ministrations he peered down into a pair of eyes that snatched his breathe away with such force that it seemed his soul was tied to it and was ripped out along with it. He felt like he was falling, flying and drowning all at once and that he could live forever or die right there in that stare.

It seemed like it was both an eternity and a single moment that passed when he felt his parents enter the clearing growling and ready to attack what had frightened their only child. Howling out to him his parents broke the staring contest they seemed to have shared thus allowing him to reply back with a howl of his own. He heard them both bound up to the tree and saw their snouts as they both tried to squeeze their heads in at once. Their heads disappeared for a moment and was replaced by his father’s paws as he attempted to dig the hole wider. The added excitement was agitating the infant, causing it to resume its whimpering, and triggered him into lashing out at his father. Growling and biting at his father’s paws he went ballistic when the infant started crying louder.


Pausing at his son’s growling and the sharp cry of an infant Burim stood shocked and threw a bewildered look at his wife Wynnie.

’What was that?’ she asked through their bond link.

’It sounds like there is a baby in there with him!’ he said back. They both opened up their link to their son and pressed reassuring and soothing emotions through it to get him to calm down.

Once they felt the haze lift from his mind he stopped attacking and growling and started whimpering.

’Is there a baby in there with you Ryon?’ he asked.

’Yes’ was the faintly whispered through their link.

’You must try and stay calm Ryon your father and I are trying to get you out. If you don’t calm down, we won’t be able to help you both out of there and you’ll continue to scare the baby.’ Wynnie said.

At the mention of scaring the infant he quietened further not even whimpering anymore.

’I need you to answer my questions as best you can Ryon. Are you or the baby hurt? Can you crawl out?’ Burim said through the link.

Ryon whined softly and thought to them in a rush, ’I’m fine dad I can get out, I tried to pull it out but its stuck and I can’t get it out I don’t know what’s wrong with it, it keeps crying and I don’t wanna leave it please hurry up I don’t know what to do!’

’Ok, ok son calm down I understand but I need you to crawl out of there so I can have more room to get it out ok?’

There was a pause before Ryon replied, ’Ok...’

As soon as Burim removed his paws from the entrance of the hole Ryon crawled out and was snatched up by his mother who had phased back into her human form to assist me in retrieving the infant.

As he dug the holes’ entrance wider he could hear a combination of him whining, her telling him to phase back immediately, followed by her crying and reprimanding him with a loud kissing sounds as she showered him with all the emotions she’d felt for the last hour all at once.

He chuffed at his wife to come over and assist him and to leave Ryon be for the moment. They still had another child to concentrate on retrieving so he didn’t want any distractions for the choice words and lecture he was going to dole out for Ryon’s careless midnight romp. Ryon’s look of salvation left his face as he realized he’d rather be smothered with his mother’s sloppy kisses than deal with his dads scolding later on.

Wynnie sat our son down and knelt beside the hulking form of his wolf and reached into the gaping hole to disentangle the blanket from the roots that was stabbing through it. As she stood up, gently fixing the blankets around the quieting babe she gasped. All color drained from her already pale face turning her as white as the moon light, eyes widening where the whites of them matched her complexion and her mouth gaping like the hole in the ground.

"Burim she’s... she’s a... a..." Wynnie paused looking up at him.

He phased back to his human form and peered down at the child. He gasped, unbeknownst to him his reaction mirroring his wife’s. I felt wonder, amazement and a bone chilling fear as I stared down at the child in my wife’s trembling arms.

"She’s a what mama? What is she? Can I see her?" Ryon said pulling on her arm, "Give her here! I found her first! Let me see!"

With each question Ryon got louder and more aggressive.

Our heads snapped towards him then our eyes snapped back to each other. Wynnie looked back at Ryon and asked the question blaring in my mind.

"Was she alone?... Did anyone see you or her?!"


He looked between his parents getting more agitated.

’They want me to answer their questions but won’t answer mine! I’m a full fledge lycan changeling now!’ He thought in frustration and 8-year-old indignation.

He was about to voice his frustration but one look at his parent’s faces had him huffing and saying aloud instead," No... when I came to the clearing I used those techniques we learned in school and what you and mama taught me to scan for danger. No one was here when I found her, no one seen us... Can I see her now?! PLEEEASSE" He begged/whined the last part.

His parents shared a weird look between each other and immediately his father reached down and picked him up as his mother swaddled the baby.

"Hold on tight to me Ryon"

With that they took off sprinting back towards their house. They were moving much faster than his parents ever dared to run before with him in their arms. Looking up at his father he was ready to question their sudden haste to get home, when he noticed the cold seriousness and fear on his father’s face which caused him to think better of it.

He hunkered down further into his father’s arms watching the trees pass in a blur. They had just passed over the river that separated the mountains forest from the reservations forest when the air turned frigid and the wind kicked up so strong it sounded like the whole pack was howling in their ears. Sending every single hair on his body needle straight up. His father squeezed him tighter as he and mother sped up, if that was even possible. They didn’t slow until they’d reached the house and the door closed behind them and the dead bolts slid home on every entrance in the house.


After everyone had calmed down and the excitement of the run back died, they all started to get ready to turn in. While she was getting a meal ready Burim went up to the attic with Ryon to bring down some of Ryon’s old baby stuff down. She heard them digging around up there as Burim began lecturing Ryon about his foolish nighttime adventure. He went on about how he was now a new changeling and he had to start making better decisions. He said something to the effect of trying not to give his mother a heart attack again because he didn’t think he could take her haunting him from the grave with free rain at nagging him.

At that she sent him a sharp retort through their bond and turned her focus back onto making the meal. She turned it on low and sent Burim a mental message that the food was ready but that she was going to clean up the babe and herself first.

When she was done bathing and finding something to change the babe into she laid her on her bed and changed into her own pajamas. The infant had looked like she was almost one but was small for her age and slightly malnourished. She still had full cheeks and a little pot belly to match but her arms and legs were on the thin side.

Turning back towards the bed she picked up the gurgling baby that was trying to eat her own hand and walked out of her room and downstairs to feed herself and the little one. When they had finished with their meal Burim and Ryon had cleaned up and left her plate in the microwave and had returned upstairs, getting themselves ready to turn in. Heating up the plate and bottle Burim had made they ate until they both were full. Cleaning up their plates she picked up the infant and headed back upstairs, the child snuggling into her arms and yawning in exhaustion. She was unlike any baby she knew trusting her and her family readily and completely like she knew they were trying to help her. Coming down the hall she could hear Burim putting together Ryon’s old crib in Ryon’s room.

Turning around the corner she saw him finishing up the crib. As their eyes meet when he looked up at her he sighed and smirked, "I knew we were going to need this again, though I thought I would have a little more time to put it together and especially not at 1 in the morning" giving her a sly wink he laughed.

"Well Luna does as she wishes so deal with it" She retorted as she reclined back onto Ryon’s bed shifting the baby to lay on her chest, "Ryon honey come sit with me."

Ryon climbed in next to her and snuggled into her side laying his head next to the babies on her chest, he gently brushed his hand across her tiny cheek as she dozed off. She put her arm around him and pulled him closer. Her eyes looked up to meet her husband’s gaze and she sent all the sadness, regret and new found contentment through their mate bond, knowing that those emotions were blatant in her eyes, asking him with those feelings what she was too scared to voice aloud. He gave her a wane smile as he crawled in behind their son nodding his consent and holding her gaze as he threw his arm around them all pulling them close and furthering the bond through touching all of them.

"Ryon, how would you like to become a big brother?" he asked finally breaking eye contact to look at the top of his son’s head.

Ryon looked back at him then to her slightly confused and excited, "Are you gonna have a baby mama? My friend Bart’s mom is going to too and her stomach is so big! Is it in there right now? Will she crush it cause she’s laying on you? When-"

"Hold on, hold on" She laughed softly shaking her head, "No, no what your father means is how would you like for this little one to become a part of our family? We would adopt her as our daughter and she would become your foster sister."

His face scrunched up in thought for a moment before he said, "Will she have to leave if you don’t adopt her?"

She shot a look up at her husband before she said, "Yes I doubt the council would allow us to house a human child with no attachment to the pack. But-"

He interrupted her saying, "And if you did adopt her she’d be able to stay with me forever? And I would get to protect her like Annie does her baby brother?"

Her husband’s laugh shook the bed, "Well that’s what a family does! Besides you couldn’t get rid of us even if you tried." Burim replied as he tickled him.

She shushed them, "Don’t wake her up."

"Well starting now she is ours!" Ryon stated matter-of-factly.

Burim and her chuckled at that knowing that it wasn’t that simple and they would still need approval of their Alpha and the high council before they could let the infant officially stay. But seeing as Burim was a high ranking Beta, the head "Keeper" of the entire clan and he was an important advisor to the council their family held a high rank in the pack and it would help make it easier to get what they wanted.

Looking down at the softly snoring infant she suddenly remembered an important concern.

"Well if we are going to announce our new daughter to the public she must have a name first."

Gazing down at the tiny bundle she couldn’t help but remember how beautiful her eyes were as they’d peered at her in the moonlit forest and seemed to ensnare her soul. Hearing her thoughts her husband said, "Well how about Hazel, for her unique eye color? Or Ivy for them ensnaring our hearts?

"Hhmm... Hazel... Hazel Ivy Storozh," I repeat, "yes I love it Burim!"

"Yea me too!" Ryon said looking at me, to Hazel he whispered, "What about you Ivy do you like it?"

As if she heard him she gurgled in her sleep.

Smiling he leant over and kissed her cheek, "Well that’s what it is then."

Taking a moment to absorb the happiness filling her she gazed down at the little bundle capturing her family’s hearts. The dim light of the side table lamp made her almond colored skin glow with its own inner light. As she ran a hand over her soft curly brown hair the light reflected of the auburn colored highlights speckled throughout it. In the center of her small face between round rosy cheeks a cute little button nose and bee stung pink lips released an exhausted sigh as she slipped into a deeper sleep. She moved to get up and Burim slid the covers down as he got up too, making Ryon slide underneath. She placed Hazel into her new crib and tucked her in kissing the top of her head and moved to switch with Burim and do the same to Ryon. Before either of them made it out the room they heard Ryon snoring.

Moving back down the hall towards their bed room she made her way into the closet as Burim closed their door. When she returned he had stoked a fire in their fireplace and was turning down their bed and undressing, in her hands was a small box. As he pulled his shirt over his head she pulled out of the box the blanket hazel was wrapped in when they’d found her, a necklace and a piece of paper. The necklace and note had been hidden in Hazel’s swaddling when they’d found her, attached to the top blanket that was visible only when they had removed her from the hole.

Placing them on the bed she asked him, "So what are we going to tell the council about Hazel?" She paused before continuing, "What we supposed to do with these things? If anyone found this stuff they’d... we’d..." she sighed, "She was our friend and I don’t mind raising her daughter as our own but... won’t they suspect us first?

He sighed, "I know, I know... the council and many of my colleagues know we’ve been looking to adopt so it will be easy to get them to go along with this. They will help make this quick adoption look preplanned and help sell it to the rest of the clan on accepting her sudden appearance and also deter anyone else who might be inquisitive about Hazel."

He gathered Hazel’s blanket off of the bed and threw it back into the box along with the necklace, he picked up the piece of paper and threw it into the fire watching it catch and burn slowly.

"Tomorrow while I’m with the council and our Alpha I want you to take that box and some of your pricier jewelry and a few Ryon’s sentimental baby things downtown to the cities first federal bank," he said to her picking the stuff up and sitting it on the dresser, "get a safety deposit box with us having the only access to it. I will get another one later and place that key into the new box."

She sighed thinking of the circus she was about to perform to protect her daughter. But she would do that and more, already feeling a fierce protectiveness and loyalty to HER daughter who was sleeping in the other room.

As she slid into bed she had another niggling question that wouldn’t leave her be, "What if she asks questions or ever shows signs of-"

"Don’t worry" Burim said as he joined her turning off the light and pulling her close, "I have an associate whose research is in repression. He is working on a product meant to repress rogues of all the mythic species. I’ve seen the clinical trials in our rogues; as it is easier to see the physical outcome with our rouge wolves since they can’t phase back to their human form it is easier to study the effects of the drug. If it can repress that I’m sure it can repress anything she might display."

"Won’t that be dangerous I don’t want to hold her back or stunt growth" she stated.

"No I will make sure everything is perfect before we even attempt to give her it besides she won’t show major signs until reaches puberty. Meanwhile I will give her another product that will mask her smell to that of a human to help her blend into the story I will spin to the council."

He pulled her tighter as he sighed heavily into the top of her head mixing their smells and replacing his breath with the smell of her hair. They took the time enjoying having their scents mixed together welcoming the oneness they both felt.

They were both quiet for several moments.

"What if the Alpha suspects? It is hard to lie to him you know" She asked softly fighting sleep to ask this last question.

He shushed her softly, "Shhh... I will not lie to him; I will just elude to somethings... Besides he is a big picture kind of guy and will only require us to present her to him for his wolf to access her danger to the pack by then I will have administered the scent masker... Don’t worry love no one will ever suspect... I swear it."

Affair with a bbw

Affair with a bbw
Rylee always wore a baseball cap and this day was no exception. It was a standard part of his maintenance uniform and kept the sun out of his eyes as he traversed between buildings fixing everything from busted pipes to plaster dings. He was six feet tall, naturally tanned by his work outdoors, and had incredible green eyes the color of a pine tree in a rainstorm. Along with his baseball cap, he wore a tan polo shirt with the logo of the apartment building emblazoned on the left breast pocket, long Carhartt’s workpants, sturdy steel capped boots, and a belt much larger in circumference than his sinewy frame. He was one of those men who were not only naturally muscular for his small build but his muscles were also enhanced honest physical labor. Every time Moira saw him, she was mesmerized by the way he moved. He was tough and strong but also had a soft mouth and a fluid way of working with materials that suggested the care a lover would take in doing it right the first time.

The few times he had been in her apartment to work on fixing something, he looked at her with genuine interest and seemed lustful, not only of her sexy, large, curvy body necessarily, but of life in general and it carried over well into conversations. He was the kind of man who would tell you how he really was if you bothered to ask, who made a genuine attempt at conversation and truly engaging you. He did not seem like the gruff, goal-oriented, typical working-class men that had done maintenance in all of the other buildings Moira had lived in before. They were the kind that would grunt with the dissatisfaction of obligation of having to respond to you when you said good morning to them. Rylee was not like that, not in the slightest. Moira could sense that about him and felt drawn in by this aura of welcoming and interest. Whenever they would meet, her on her way to some gallery and Rylee on his way to some fix-it urgency, he would always take the time to ask her about her work as an artist and stop whatever he was doing to listen intently to her response. She loved that he understood art, not what she would expect from a maintenance man. In fact, nothing about him was what she expected. Especially after the conversation they had accidentally had a few months back.

Rylee had a habit of coming in the middle of the day to fix things, it seems, always when Moira was poised for a shower, unclothed, and then scrambling for clothing and running to the door. This particular day was no exception. It was hot and Moira had been painting all day with the heavy drapes closed so she could be naked and feel the fan blowing on her glistening skin. No matter what the weather, she preferred to be alone, nude, and cool (in no particular order) when she painted. Sometimes setting up lights on certain objects contributed a great deal of heat to the room so in the winter she would have to turn the heat off and in the summer, the fans on. Only this day it was so hot that she had all of the fans on full blast. Her husband had not mentioned that he had put in a work order in the office and she was not expecting anyone. Their kitchen sink had unexplainably lost water pressure, which was making rinsing the dishes and filling the water pitcher a wretched chore. And since Moira’s husband did both of these chores on a regular basis, it was not surprising that he had put in the work order before Moira even had time to be sufficiently annoyed by the problem.

The fans created a noise just loud enough to drown out the sound of Rylee’s knocking on the door. Moira had her long, naturally red hair pinned up in chopsticks as she moved about the living room, fans whispering on her freckled shoulders as she trained her cerulean blue eyes on a particularly pesky sunflower petal she was painting on a large canvas. Before she even knew he was there, Rylee had let himself in with the key, thinking no one home and had entered the long hallway to the living room. It was too late to cover up by the time she looked up and her blues met his greens. She threw down her paintbrush in haste and ran into the bedroom to wrap her nude body in a robe. Moira could not tell who was more shocked by the incident but when she came back out, Rylee had picked up her paint brush, mopped the azure paint off the beige carpet with his personal handkerchief, and was bashfully looking down at the detail of every last fiber of the carpet, his face the color of cherries in a still life. He was, after all, a full-blooded, first generation Irishman and he could grow a blush on his skin like a lake could grow sky on its shimmering surface. She was not sure what to say to him, they were both speechless, and she was wondering if they would never recover from the embarrassment.

They began feverishly at the same time.

"Look, I am really, really sorry about that ma’am. I knocked but..."

"It’s not your fault! I couldn’t hear the door..."

"I swear I knocked, I really did!" he blurted out.

"Honestly, Rylee, of course you did. I... I’m... so sorry."

"You aren’t going to complain or anything are you? I should have really knocked again," he seemed remorseful.

He stared at her manicured toes, painted the naturally achievable color of his Irish face, partially hidden by his grimy baseball cap.

"Of course not. It’s no one’s fault... look, let’s just forget it happened ok?"

She smiled at him genuinely and he allowed his gaze to drift up her body wrapped loosely in a pale pink kimono, accenting every enormous, round curve of her lush body. It was that look again, that earnest once over that told her exactly what he thought of her beauty, so unlike his own wife’s, waifish, mousy, plain, and petite. Moira was tall, strong, and self confident about her presentation. Her long red hair, pinned up in black, enameled chopsticks detailed with tiny cherry blossoms, and her in a Kimono made him think of an Irish Geisha, though such a thing did not really exist. When he met her eyes, he could not help but think he saw the same look of interest in her as she sculpted his muscles with her eyes under his short sleeves, picturing his hard abs, paid for with sweat and hard work. They were very different and she was nothing like anyone he had ever been attracted to before but he had always wondered what it would be like to be with a big woman, having her generous flesh yield under his touch, not meeting him with cold, flat hardness like his wife’s did. Moira looked warm and inviting and everything about her was attractive to him. Even the way she did her eye makeup was different and drew him in.

She was not sure what else to say so she plainly asked why he was there. What came out sounded a bit like a schoolboy caught with a dirty magazine and he mumbled under his breath something about a work order.

"Oh, right! This sink! Here, in the kitchen. It totally slipped my mind!"

He made his way to the dinky kitchen, familiar with the layout, as it was one of those complexes where each apartment was identical to the next. Without another word he began to fiddle with the sink, his experienced hands beginning that skilled dance of discovery on the knobs. Something about his mannerisms in this sent a jolt through her body as she imagined those calloused, expert hands on her pierced nipples, running down her ample curves, pushing their way through soft, pale thighs to find her wet. It was almost too much for her. She wanted to make small talk to ease the tension.

"So, thanks so much for coming, I am not sure what is going on with the sink"

Suddenly, she felt parched, a lump forming in her throat. "Do you mind?" She reached above him to get a pint glass out of the cupboard above where he was working his magic. Her arm brushed against his and the kimono sleeve slid up her arm to reveal a gorgeous, blood red rose on her inner left arm. The electricity, when softly she slipped her arm against his was almost too much for him to bear. He wanted desperately to rip the kimono right off her body and devour her then and there.

But just as quickly, she turned away and opened the refrigerator to get the water pitcher out. In her mind she went back to the last time he had been there, digging unmentionable guck out of their shower drain as he explained to her how, ever since the invention of shower gel, everyone got clogged shower drains now. Somehow he managed to transition from shower gel to discussing his wife’s semi-addiction to beauty products and eventually to his relationship with his wife in general and how much he struggled with monogamy. Maybe it was the easy way Moira had with her body that put him in a state of conversation but she had confessed at that moment that she had struggled with the monogamy too. They bonded over their inability to commit to monogamy in the past though he stated hat he had been faithful to his wife for the last eight years they had been together. Moira congratulated him and asked him how he had managed. He said he had been tempted once, when they had been having trouble and that he embossed on his wife’s heart that he loved her immensely but that if any beautiful woman had ever thrown herself at him, he could only resist so much. When he said that, suddenly, the institutionally white bathroom grew tiny and cramped with temptation. Moira had changed the subject before the conversation had become any more personal. The heat between them was speech and breath.

Moira was instantly snapped back from this daydream as the water pitcher sipped from her hands. She had not been paying attention. She had tuned out to her juicy daydream, that moment in time she had replayed in her head a million times as she fantasized a different outcome, one that had her in his arms that day in the bathroom. How ironic that she was about to be in his arms, but not of her own choosing. The water gushed out of the pitcher as it hit the floor, splashing back up on her kimono and leaving an ice-cold puddle of water all around her. There she was, an island in a storm and as she tried to step out of the water with her bare feet, she slipped and went flying backwards, her kimono flipping above her waist and falling open. She remembered only the wet thud of her body hitting the linoleum, the water soaking her entire naked back, and then quiet.

It was dark, cold, and breezy. She fluttered her eyes, coming to as Rylee leaned over her on the wet floor. He had dragged a fan over to where she was and was gently shaking her shoulders and telling her to wake up.

"Moira? Moira? Can you hear me?" he sounded distant at first.

She opened her eyes to see he had his face only inches from hers. He smelled of sweat, spackle, pine tar, and cheap paint. She focused in on his concerned expression and dignified lips, the kind she knew would only kiss with meaning.

"Moira? You took quite a spill there. Are you alright?" he was coming in clearly.

"Yes, I... I’m alright." She tried to sit up and noticed he had not closed her robe around her, which was thoroughly soaked and clinging to her skin like sweaty sheets after making love.

"Don’t try to sit up sweetie, just lay there."

His unintentional tenderness seemed at odds with the carnal admiration of her pale and fleshy position, which he displayed, it seemed, without remorse.

"What happened to you? One minute you were getting water and then you just kind of spaced out and then, wham!"

She weighed telling him the truth. She decided it was worth the risk and she was already in such a vulnerable position that surely, he would forgive her brazenness and contribute the whole mess to concussion if it was too much for him.

"Honestly?" he nodded to her in response, "I was thinking about how the last time you were here and how we were talking about monogamy and you said if a woman threw herself at you..." she could not go on as she realized that it must sound as though she might have interpreted his statement literally and had faked this spill to "throw" herself at him.

His loud chuckle assuaged her fears as he joked about it... "I didn’t mean if she ’literally’ threw herself at me!"

"Oh, that sounds terrible!" she was mortified. "I meant..."

He cut her off, "I know what you mean. Don’t worry. I played that moment over and over again in my own mind too, wishing I had not let you change the subject. You are just... so... Moira...just...delicious. Everything about you is sexy. You wouldn’t have had to do more than nod a yes to me in order for me to jump on the opportunity."

She was relieved that he felt the same way but also instantly wet and aroused, thinking about interpreting him literally again about him jumping on her. She wanted him. Bad. Maybe is was his daring revival of her, past conversations, or that fact that she had no idea how long she had been out that he had been fixedly watching her naked, wet body. She wanted to imagine it was a long time and that he has been thinking long and hard about just how to wake her up.

"I am so glad to hear you say that Rylee. The truth is, every time I see you, I relive that pulse of sexual energy I got when you said that. I knew you were attracted to me but until then we had really only discussed neutral topics. You are SO sexy, Rylee... Listen to me babbling on... I am wet, and naked and confessing my crush for you."

He silently watched her mouth form the words and just took her right hand, and placed it on the enormous bulge in his crotch, which was straining against the restrictive, canvassy material of his khaki Carhartt’s. As a unique person and artist, she had never before felt like such a cliché as she lusted after a sexy, muscular maintenance man and she knew this opportunity might not ever come along again. She said not another word as she sat up, her hand still on his bulging crotch, his huge package pushing against her with a vengeance, pulsing with his heartbeat. Her eyes did not leave his, water met trees, they were there own moving skyline as she undid his bulky tool belt and started on the button fly crotch of his work pants. He responded by tearing her kimono the rest of the way off, unable to control himself any longer, her kimono a drowning rose petal in an ocean of their desire. Such barriers could not bother them. He pushed her back and in a flash, had his polo shirt off, cast aside into the puddle, his farmer’s tan revealing his true skin color, his muscles rippling on his frame.

"I..." he stated slowly and deliberately like a parent telling a child like it is... "Am going to FUCK you, Moira. I have been waiting for that delicious body of yours for a long time."

She was beyond speechless and broke out into a fevered sweat, the kind that comes only with the madness of this particular brand of desire, the taboo, the fear of getting caught, the straight up animalistic passion of doing something so unplanned. He stood up, towering over her vulnerable and naked ample body and peeled his pants down. Seamlessly he knelt back down, worshipping her freckled, glowing skin and spread her big thighs apart with the same effortless skill with which he performed his job. Giving her time only to gasp in awe instead of rationalizing and objecting, he greedily advanced his fat nine-inch cock into the supple folds of her pink pussy. All the while, his eyes never left hers and she swallowed him into her, begging with each breathe for more, harder and he forced it up the hilt, grinding his pubic bone against her hidden clit, resigned to give her pleasure she had never before experienced.

Moira was drowning in him, her ass sliding around in the puddle as he ground his cock into her, unrelenting as she twitched against him and bucked her hips, crazy for more and wanting him to stay like this, deep inside her pussy. She clawed at his back, breathlessly and silently, her eyes pleading for him to keep going. He could see she was on the verge of cumming and her muscles milked at his thick, long cock. He wanted to pull out in time but as she could see he was close to cumming to she said authoritatively, "No. Cum with me. Cum inside me. No regrets."

Her demands made it impossible for him to not shoot his load inside her as rope after rope of hot cum filled her up and her pussy milked his cock for every last drop of it, her creamy tits bouncing with the rhythm of their fucking. She screamed in unison with his orgasm. He had fucked her, and hard and her mound had eaten up every last drop he had to give her.

They lay there, out of breath and aching from the intensity of it all, unsure of what to say, the sink still disassembled. She had no idea what to say or do. He pulled out, a last drop of cum clinging to the slit of his cock. She leaned over and licked it off, gently placing her hand on him as she did so. He began to grow hard again and she knew he wanted more. She had cum, hard and wasn’t sure if she could ride the second wave but he saw her reluctance and stated forcefully, "I am not done with you yet. And you, have not had nearly enough of me, I can tell."

He reached his hands out to her and gently slid her body away from him a bit, her legs falling back open in the process. It was too late to take it back now and she was aching to feel his gentle lips nursing her tits, sucking on them, licking the barbells in her piercings. Almost as though he could read her mind he lay her back down in the puddle and sucked on her nipples, his had sliding down to find her pussy drenched in his own cum. He rubbed a circle around her clit as he nursed her breasts then slid one finger inside her cunt, still throbbing from her last orgasm. He moved it around inside her until it was nice and wet and then pulled it out and slipped it unashamedly into her tight, resistant asshole, leaving the comfort of her bosom and bringing his face in down between her legs to taste her pussy and the mess he had made while fucking her ass.

Immediately, her body responded to his manipulations and he knew exactly what to do, pressing his tongue into her clit and that flat part of his clean-shaven chin into her pussy as he wrangled his finger into the forbidden abyss of her ass. Moira’s thighs began to tighten around his head and tremble. He felt their fullness swallowing him up, his strong hand lost inside her flesh. He felt her clenching down on his finger as wave after wave or the most intense body orgasm she had ever had washed over her and she undulated against him, taking in all that he gave her and fucking his face. She came again. Then, not to be outdone as a lover, she began excitedly sucking his hard cock, twisting her hand around it and rubbing the wetness on her nipples until he could hold back no longer and yelled loudly as his cock, ripe with spasms, sprayed hot cum all over her tits.

Time and space ceased to exist as he moved away from her body. She lay there limply, spent and satiated, fucked beyond repair. Then what she was waiting for came to her. He kissed her on the lips; she tasted her own pussy and his cum on his tongue. Without the right words for the situation, she refused to unlock her gaze from his until he finally spoke. "See, you threw yourself at me and look what happened."

She laughed and grabbed her soaked kimono, covering herself, appreciating the cool, wet silk and sitting up against the cupboards as he stood, dressed and told her he had to get a part for the sink from his workshop. As he walked out the door, she headed to the shower; convincing her self it was all a dream. She came out of the shower, clean of her desires, he was fixing the sink and he began asking about her painting as though nothing had happened.

Weeks later in the parking lot, Rylee, in his baseball cap, she almost relived the whole delicious dream as he was talking to her about how he had to replace a 70 pound support beam on one of the bridges between building and how sore it had made him. She started dreaming back to that incident and fantasized about ways to break her sink again.

My plumper bitch roommate

My plumper bitch roommate
Everyone in college knows the hot rich bitch whose dad bank rolls her four years of wild partying. That’s Jordan, and I’m the sucker dating her roommate. There’s nothing wrong with having money and a nice ass, especially for a blonde. Too bad Jordan is the biggest bitch to walk this planet since Yoko Ono.

I could tolerate her half-caf no foam latte lifestyle, except she loved to be a tease. She’d prance around her apartment in all different slutty outfits, and then giggle when she "noticed" I was there. I was constantly hiding a rage boner beneath the couch cushions.

Once when I went to take a leak I barged in on her in the bath. "What the fuck are you looking at," she snarled, "Use the fucking toilet and then leave." As I awkwardly dribbled piss, I could tell she was looking at my flaccid cock. "Not packing much, eh?" she teased, and I zipped up quickly and left.

But Queen of Demons aside, I still had access to the always fuckable body of my girlfriend Abi. Fun-loving and simple, Abi just wanted to have a good time. And lucky for me, a good time often consisted of her sitting on my face and then busting a nut on her famously large tan knockers.

Unlike prissy Jordan, who probably gave her first blowjob with a silver spoon in her mouth, my girlfriend got her sexual education on the street. This meant she was a nasty cum-loving slut, and we would drink the night away in a skanky house party and then fuck our brains out in the master bedroom

Bitchy Jordan loved my skanky girlfriend like a sister, and would egg her further just to press my buttons. One night after drinking , Jordan coyly convinced my trashed Abi to let a burly old pawn shop owner grope her tits in exchange for a cheap plastic ring.

"Abi, why don’t you show the Uber driver how big your tits are?" Jordan mischievously suggested. The prick of a driver took a bump on the curve just to watch my girlfriend laugh as she jiggled around in the back seat.

Despite hating her guts, I still found Jordan to be a prime A piece of ass. So when she suggested Abi and I come with her that weekend to the lake to swim and take in the sun, I immediately said yes. All I had to do is put up with her yapping and antics and I could spend the day watching her prance that toned body around in a bikini.

We managed to find a bikini that could fit in Abi’s impressive honkers, and the lake trip seemed ready to go. Except late Friday night when, at the library, I got an email from a professor giving me a 50 page paper due at 6pm. There was no way I could take the trip.

"How the fuck else are we going to get to the beach?" Jordan texted me, "We can’t take an Uber all the way there." I told her there was nothing I could do, we would have to reschedule. "I’m not rescheduling just for you," she typed back, "And neither is Abi."

10 minutes later she texted me back. "I found us a ride with some guys in Alpha Alpha Tau. They said they’d love to come to the lake." I didn’t like the idea of those rich douchebags. "And hurry up with your paper," Jordan added, "You better show up late, Abi deserves a boyfriend who keeps his promises."

I tried not to think about the frat guys and the lake, but Jordan wouldn’t let me. She texted me a video of one hugging her, and her tits looked great in her gold shining bikini. "Oops, wrong person," the bitch lied, "But btw, if I see one frown on Abi’s face because she’s sad you’re not here, I will make you regret your stupid paper."

I texted Abi, but even after an hour I didn’t get a response. Jordan buzzed me: "Abi’s phone fell in the water. She’s having so much fun with these guys, splashing around in the water with those big tits of hers. They said they’re inviting some more of the house brothers. Think you can make it here before they do?"

"This is unreal," I texted back, "You can’t expect me to just show up when I have a paper to write. And I don’t believe for a second that Abi is interested in two rich asshole frat guys." Jordan sent back two wink faces. "I can see two BIG reasons why you’re wrong ;) ;) "

Over the next hour, Jordan sent me a new picture every five minutes. They were all of enormous bulges. "I bet this one looks real nice," she added to a clip of a frat boy’s donkey sized dick flopping around in his boxers. I could picture her surreptitiously hiding the camera as she zoomed its lens on the man’s long heavy member.

I got a message from an unknown number. "Hey this is Matt, I’m with the girls at the lake and got your number from Jordan. She wants to know if you’re coming? She said if you’re busy, then I should at least let you know we’re going to take the girls to a private beach we know about, clothing optional."

Jordan texted. "Hey there, did you get Matt’s message? We’re on our way to the NUDE BEACH now. Matt seems to really like Abi, they spent a lot of time in the water together. But I got him alone for a moment to check inside his pants: he’s at least three times the size of that thing I saw you peeing with!"

"So you’re just going to IGNORE me? When I’m the only one here standing between your busty girlfriend and a line of twenty hung naked men? If you don’t respond, maybe I’ll go take a walk alone. Let’s see if these men can resist stuffing every last one of your girlfriend’s holes with cock!"

Fed up with the taunting, I called Jordan and demanded to speak to Abi. My girlfriend sounded surprised, said everything was fine and sure she was topless with some guys she met but they were nice and I had nothing to worry about. She handed the phone back to Jordan. "You lying bitch," I said to her, but I heard her laugh. "Fine, listen to her and not me. It’ll make it funnier when it all finally happens."

"If you think these guys don’t mean business," Jordan added, "You’re wrong. They keep coming up to me with their stiff cocks and rubbing up against me. It would be so easy for me to just grab them in my hands and give them release. But I want them nice and hard, yearning to fuck as they watch little Abi jiggle across the beach."

I finally finished my paper, and immediately called Jordan. No answer even after six tries. Reluctantly, I dialed the number of the frat bro Matt who had texted me earlier. "Oh yeah, hey dude," he greeted me after I explained who I was. "Yeah, makes sense Jordan didn’t pick up, we’re in the van and she’s kinda got her mouth full.."

I panicked as I heard the familiar moans of that bitch Jordan taking dick. "Where are you going? Where’s Abi?" He answered back, "Just this bar we know. I can text you the address. And she’s in the backseat, let me hand her the phone."

"Hey baby," Abi’s sweet voice answered, "No I’m doing just fine. We had a great time at the beach and I got such a good tan all around. Feeling the sun against my bare tits was so refreshing." I protested. "Oh babe, come on," she said, "They’re guys! Of course some of them stared, that’s natural when you’ve got the DDDs I have."

"Honestly, Matt and the guys are so sweet. I’m not even upset you didn’t come since they’re here. Matt just had a breakup so I’ve been talking him through it. Can you believe a girl left him because his dick was too big? I mean, I saw the thing today at the beach and it is very large, but who would leave a guy for something great like that?"

"Jordan’s really getting fucked good by these guys," Abi added absentmindedly, "I mean, she’s not normally such a slut, but these guys are so hot, I totally get why she’s letting three of them fuck her right now. Like after spending all day with these naked hung guys, I could really use a good screw too!"

As pissed as I was, nothing got me harder than Abi talking dirty. "What bar are you going to to?" I asked, breathing heavy. I needed to get to her. "Um, I think it’s more of a strip club," she answered, "The guys said girls get in free if they’re topless, Matt says with a pair my size they’ll probably let all us in free!" My cock stiffened as I imagined her shaking free of her top and exposing her great breasts.

I hung up, but Matt never texted the address. I called him and Jordan over and over, but no response. Finally I thought to track him down on Facebook. Right there on his timeline was a video of my Abi, buck naked with her big tits shaking as she brought that fucker a beer. There were 57 comments. "Damn you Matt," one read, "hope you gave those the tit fuckin they deserve!"

I sent Matt a friend request but instead of accepting, the dude blocked me! My heart began to beat intensely as my paranoia grew. I put my internet sleuthing to work, tracking down his instagram, twitter, snapchat. Blocked on all of them. In this time, I got a single text message from Jordan that just read "sexxxxxxxx~~~" Did she mean herself or Abi?

I tried not to picture Abi. I tried to not see Matt’s beefy hands groping her like a piece of meat, stuffing that piston of a cock inside her eager open hole. I didn’t want to think about it sliding around her insides, poking its big purple head in her supple young body. And I definitely didn’t want to see it erupt with cum, filling her insides with sticky warm goo.

This was all the bitch roommate Jordan’s fault. The blonde slut who threatened me and told me she would get miles of frat guy dick up inside my Abi’s snatch. Now that asshole Matt had already stripped her naked and was probably banging her right now. That’s when I finally decided to try Matt’s skype. He was logged in, I was unblocked, so I gave it a ring...

It answered, and there was Abi, alone, splayed naked on an unfamiliar bed like a common whore. "Baby!" she exclaimed, excited to see me. She asked why I didn’t come to the bar, and as I started to explain, I instead flipped it on her: why was she naked in this guy’s bed? "Oh I was already naked from the club, and it’s more comfortable," she answered naturally.

"Holy fuck you look good," I told her, a bit intoxicated by her jiggle. "Thanks baby." "Are you alright?" I asked, "Did you have a good day?" Abi bit her lip. "Yeah today was good." But there was a certain nervous look in her eye, as if there were some details she wasn’t sure how to put into words.

"Babe I want to tell you something. When we were at the strip club, Jordan dared me to go on stage. And then I was doing so good on the pole, Matt joined me. And he and I were both naked, and so at one point, his big thing, I mean, his penis, or his cock, it just kind of slipped into me. Like, just a couple of times."

"I was so embarrassed, I hopped off his dick after like only five minutes. But Matt kept saying that it got him so hard, that it wasn’t fair that I got him all riled up with my tits and my pussy and I didn’t let him cum. I told him that I had a boyfriend, but he said a blowjob wouldn’t even count. So I wanted to be fair and promised I would put it in my mouth."

"But then Jordan got involved and suddenly she was the one sucking his dick while he just groped my tits and ass. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get kind of wet as he touched me, and as I watched his big cock disappear down Jordan’s throat..."

"I was getting so turned on watching Jordan suck that dick, and Matt looked like he was really enjoying himself. I just sat back on the bed with my hand in my cunt and let Jordan do the work. But that’s when two of Matt’s friends walked in. Here I was, almost creaming my thighs, and now there were suddenly two new big cocks wagging in my face!"

"They told me that after a long day of staring at my tits at the beach and the club, I owed them a good suck and fuck. Boyfriend or not, I would have to get take their loads after being such a tease all day. So I did the best I could at taking their dicks in my mouth but it was really hard! I had two of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen trying to flood my body with cum. Finally I got them to erupt on my chest and they stumbled off without saying anything."

"I wiped myself down with a pillow, but I noticed Jordan still hadn’t finished. So I got down with her and we both sucked Matt’s cock together. Honestly, with one more tongue, taking that big thing was TONS easier. And Matt got a lot harder having all four of our big tits for him to play with."

"I could tell Matt was close to cumming because the veins on his shaft were pulsing on my tongue. But I saw him smile right before he grabbed my face and shoved the bulk of his dick down my throat. I felt his big balls smack my cheek but I just gulped his cock down with all the saliva drooling down my chin."

"After all that work, I expected to soon feel the hot gush of cum into my stomach. But instead, Matt popped his cock from my lips and sprayed Jordan down with his load. It was like watching a fire house pour yogurt onto her face, I was so impressed."

"Anyway, I thought that was it," Abi said, "But then Matt started playing with my tits, saying that since I hadn’t been the one to make him cum, I still owed him. He just went to the shower but when he comes back, I think I have to fuck him."

My head was spinning, but I got Abi to tell me the address. Just then, the largest cock I had ever seen entered the screen, pulsing and waving over Abi’s face. He couldn’t tell we were on Skype. As his dick got closer to my girlfriend’s face, I grabbed my laptop and raced to my car.

I almost crashed so many times on the way. I had one eye on the road, one eye on the screen where Matt’s fat prick plowed away at my girlfriend’s white pussy. I had one hand on the steering wheel, the other on my rock hard cock as I watched this asshole frat guy fuck my girlfriend in front of me.

When I got there, I barged in to see not Abi, but Jordan. "She’s behind three different locked doors," Jordan said mischievously, "You won’t get to her." And I fell down onto the couch exhausted. "Why don’t you put that laptop here," she said, "And we can together watch little Abi get fucked away on screen."

"Wow look at Abi take that dick," Jordan cooed as she fingered her cunt next to me. "I bet you never thought that pussy got take a cock so large. I knew Abi had it in her." Reluctantly, I pulled out my cock and began stroking next to Jordan. "I mean look at this!" Jordan said, touching me, "Did you really expect to compete with that baseball bat of a prick inside Abi right this moment?"

"I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me," Jordan said, stripping down completely and rubbing her naked body against my small prick, "And face it, your relationship is over. Why not just stick it inside of me?" I stared at her and reached for my dick, but she burst into laughter. "Holy shit, pea brain! I was just kidding! I am not fucking you." But she continued to wipe her ass against me, and it felt amazing.

Abi’s face contorted into orgasm over and over. She came more times on Matt’s dick than she did in our entire relationship. Finally, when Matt’s balls looked heavy, he flipped my girlfriend over and began fucking her mega juggs. As he began to spew a hot load onto my girlfriend’s chest, I felt Jordan’s legs tremble as she orgasmed in front of me.

After coating her entire tits in cum, Matt completed his domination of Abi by finishing the rest of his load on her face. Streams of sticky viscous cum floated around my girlfriend’s cheeks, and she opened her mouth to swallow as much as she could. I dribbled a small load onto the carpet in front of me as Abi drank down more and more from the frat guy’s balls.

In the next few weeks, I trusted Abi to stay faithful to me. But Jordan undermined me at every turn, and she sent dozens of guys to bed with my girlfriend. Eventually, though it was a hard decision to make, I had to let her go. My big boobed goddess would never be mine. I wish I could say I got over her, but sometimes at night I wake up cursing and screaming out the bitch roommate Jordan.

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