Bbw Nurses

Bbw Nurses
Underneath my silk scrubs was a hard throbbing brown cock known as ?Little Pat? which is a misnomer. Because it is 8″ inches long and 2 inches thick. I was as horny as I could be and my long day was finally coming to an end.

The women love my cock because it is so realistic with nice veins that massage their cunts and please their utmost desires. They scream loudly when I enter them for the first time. Well let me get on with the story.

I had purposely scheduled my next patient for 4:45 so that she would be my last patient of the day. Dawn, a dark chocolate Big Beautiful woman with birthing hips sensually walks into my office. Exuding her warm sensuality and smoldering light brown eyes that melt my heart each time I see her. She is casully dressed in a denim skirt with a slit up one leg that showcases her ample thighs but still leaves you wanting more?.and breathing heavily. Her ankle is adorned with a gold chain that shimmers against her silky smooth skin.

Once I see her my loins ache and my dick gets very hard with anticipation of what I want to do to her. My mind wanders for a second and this is my fantasy?.come true!

She smiles at me and I escort her into the exam room after she signs in. My BBB RN became sick an hour ago and we are alone in the office for the first time in years.

My heart beats faster and faster..I undress her briefly with my eyes and I pause long enough on her very ample tits and round ass that is made to fuck over and over? She knows that I like her very much, but I try to maintain my professional manner to no avail?I leave the room so that she can change into a gown that covers her back but leaves her front very exposed. My palms are sweating and my legs are becoming weak.

I give her time to change, and then I knock on the door to see if she is undressed and she says. ?Come in Dr. Pat I am ready for my exam, but for some reason I am a bit nervous today.? I respond by assuring her that she should not be nervous. Knowing all along I ?m nervous also. Kem soulful sounds about love, loss and letting go are playing faintly in the background on my Bose speakers. My thoughts race and I think about the beautiful woman with her legs hanging over the side of the bed waiting for me to touch and caress her breasts?searching for any lumps or unusual changes in her full chest. I want to rest my head on her breasts, but I feel around softly kneading her flesh then gradually intensifying my exam making sure that I don?t leave any area untouched. I linger longer than needed on her nipples that remind me of tart puckered California raisins. She moans quietly?she too is enjoying this exam more than usual.

So, I reach down and gently kiss her left nipple then start to suck and lick it as it becomes more and more?erect in my lustful mouth. Her moans continue this time they are louder than before..this is my cue to move to the other sweet nipple and suck , lick, and swallow it into my moist mouth. My right hand slips down to open her gown and feel the moist droplets of her juicy pussy. I move my hand around and massage her outer lips that are full and pouty like her sexy lips that I want to kiss over and over. My fingers are drenched in her moistness and my rhythm increases with an urgency to make her cum..I start with one finger fucking her then two?until only three fingers will do the job properly..she gasps?enjoying the moment as much as I do.

Her hand reaches inside of my scrubs and I look down and see her running her manicured fingers up and down my thick cock. I want to fuck her while caught up in the moment of passion..Instead I linger on her neck planting wet kisses close to her ear lobes until she starts to squirm to let me know she is ready for me?.I push her back onto the table and place her sexy legs in the stirrups. She opens up vey wide so that I can have full access and I pull out my cock and reach into my pocket to put on a glow- in-the-dark condom that is very thin and fits like a second skin on my bulging cock that stirs with excitement?I ease ?Lil Pat? in slowly and she grasps it with her muscles and it feels so good..I stroke her first in and out.. then I change the motion by going around the world..then I alternate again with the in and out movement. She is bucking up on my fat cock like it is the ride of her life. This continues for at least 15 minutes maybe more, but I am lost in my passion?then we both come violently. I shoot my hot cum and withdraw my member. Within minutes we are doing it again until I realize that I have been daydreaming once again.

But if I ever have the chance to make this fantasy a reality. I?m there..This is my first story so let me know what you think.

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